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3. My Chance

“Ainsley. You’re positive this will work?”

It’s Friday morning and Avery was given the day off for the first phase of Operation Max. Ainsley set Avery up with her own hair stylist. It was not starting off so well.

Why did Avery have to change everything about herself for this article?

“Oh yeah.” Ainsley sent Avery a link to Max’s latest photo op from a downtown club last night. “You got this Ace.”

Ainsley was the only person Avery allowed to use the nickname. Anyone else who tried it out for size was not met with warmth.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Sabrina has the acting chops for The Hate U Give. I don’t want it to be a thing where it’s only half good or just falls flat. And her stans, are a little annoying and I feel like somehow they’re going to change the focus of the movie into a praising of her. Don’t even get me started on the fact that the cover of the book shows a dark skinned girl and we have a biracial playing her....

I think Sabrina is a good actress so yes, I think she can pull it off. And omg I can’t stand her stans! And I am one of them! I have so many reasons why I don’t like them and that is one of them. And I really wish Hollywood would stop casting biracial people to play all black characters, but we never asked why the biracial people keep trying out for these roles. (I’m talking the ones that look lighter and loose curly hair, I understand many biracial people are dark skin)