hollywood walk of fame stars


NEW VIDEO: “6 Hollywood Stars That Deserve To Be Cleaned More Than Trump’s- after that tweet about the girl cleaning Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame went viral, I thought there were so many other stars that would be more worthy of a good sweep - and so I went to the street and cleaned some of my favorites.


So I stopped by the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, and decided to scope out some Star Trek stars.

Sorry some of them might be hard to read, the lighting wasn’t always the best.

In order:
-Gene Roddenberry
-William Shatner
-DeForest Kelley
-Leonard Nimoy
-Nichelle Nichols
-Walter Koenig
-George Takei
-James Doohan
-Patrick Stewart


Went to see Chris Pratt get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. ⭐️🎬 

He and Anna Faris were funny, charming, sweet, cute, supportive, grateful, and awesome! I love their relationship! 💑 

Chris waved, winked, blew kisses as well as said hi and bye to us. So much love for this guy! 👋😉😘👍😻 
Wonderful recognition that is well deserved!
Congrats Chris ! 👏🙏🙌👍💕