hollywood walk of fame


So I stopped by the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, and decided to scope out some Star Trek stars.

Sorry some of them might be hard to read, the lighting wasn’t always the best.

In order:
-Gene Roddenberry
-William Shatner
-DeForest Kelley
-Leonard Nimoy
-Nichelle Nichols
-Walter Koenig
-George Takei
-James Doohan
-Patrick Stewart


Fans pay tribute to Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds

Fans place tributes at Debbie Reynolds’ star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and lightsabers, votive candles and messages at an impromptu memorial for Carrie Fisher on a sidewalk one block away. Fisher, 60, and Reynolds, 84, died a day apart, on Dec. 27, and Dec. 28, respectively. Fisher does not have an official Hollywood Walk of Fame star. (AP/Reuters)

Photos: (from top) AP Photo/Reed Saxon, Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images, Greg Doherty/Getty Images, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images (3)

See more images of tributes to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds on Yahoo News

I have a daughter, I have the most beautiful wife in the entire world… I am one of the luckiest people who’s ever lived and it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with the people who love me the most and so, I thank all of those people. I can’t do it individually, but I thank you all.
—  Adam Levine during his Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony.