hollywood undead art

You better run, better run, better run, yeah I’m coming after you
When you’re sleeping at night, yeah there’s nothing you can do
There’s no place you can hide ‘cause I’m coming after you ~


Okay let me explain. First off, new favorite song, I am going to draw so many things to this so watch out.

Second, AU where Travis is a serial killer who hides his actual face with a gasmask.

and MM belongs to @vindell-lledniv ~

Notes From The Underground is my favorite Hollywood Undead record. It just perfectly balances all the things I love about the band.

Dead Bite connects the band members.

We Are connects the band with the fans.

Lion, Rain, Outside, Believe, and Medicine make you empathize with the members.

Another Way Out, From The Ground, and Kill Everyone take you into the story they are telling.

Pigskin, Up In Smoke, One More Bottle, and Delish are the more lets fuck shit up to party songs.

I can’t pick a favorite from this album because all the songs together make something so beautiful and uniquely Hollywood Undead. I don’t know if they can strike this type of perfection again but regardless I’ll stay with em.’ I’m undead until I die.

so yeah, i don’t know how well you can see the detail but this is my Hollywood Undead page :) It’s filled with lyrics from every song off Notes From The Underground and has the doodles that came into my head when i was listening to the songs. My way of making something to say thanks to my fucking awesome favourite band for a fucking awesome album :)