hollywood undead 1

  • 1. Favorite member?
  • 2. Least favorite member?
  • 3. Opinion on Deuce?
  • 4. When did you start listening to HU?
  • 5. First song you listened to?
  • 6. Favorite song?
  • 7. Favorite lyrics?
  • 8. Have you listened to Lorene Drive? Opinion?
  • 9. OTP?
  • 10. Derillo or Joron?
  • 11. Charlie 3 Tears or Degan?
  • 12. Favorite album?
  • 13. Opinion on Vanessa?
  • 14. How was the wait for DOTD to you?
  • 15. Matt or Dylan?
  • 16. HU's music helps you to deal with your emotions?
  • 17. Do you have any album?
  • 18. Do you own any merch?
  • 19. Have you introduced HU to anyone?
  • 20. Do you like the name "HU crew" for the bandom?
  • 21. Favorite mask?
  • 22. Favorite official music video?
  • 23. Favorite interview?
  • 24. Have you seen them live?
  • 25. Will you see them live this year?
  • 26. If you could change the title of any album, which would it be and you would change it to what?
  • 27. If you could change the title of any song, which would it be and you would change it to what?
  • 28. Bottle And A Gun or No.5?
  • 29. S.C.A.V.A. or Outside?
  • 30. The Loss or The Diary?

Put your music on shuffle and write the first 10  songs that play

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1. Hollywood Undead - Undead
2. French Montana - Bad Bitch
3. Machine Gun Kelly - I Get It In
4. Halsey - Strange Love
5. Twenty One Pilots - Heathens
6. Burn Halo - Dirty Little Girl
7. Rise Against - Satellite
8. Melanie Martinez - Soap
9. Five Finger Death Punch - Remember Everything
10. Hinder - One Night Stand

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I always wanted to make these so here we are!
Let me know if you know the authors of those arts i used so can leave them a credic.

List of songs:

1. Hollywood Undead - Lion (used for mob because of that meaning of something wild inside of him)

2. Mindless Self Indulgence - Hey Tomorrow Fuck You And Your Friend Yesterday ( because Reigen is always positive, confident and easygoing but is also smart and responsible )

3. Marina and the Diamonds - Teen Idle ( it describes pretty well Ritsu’s inner conflict in adolescence, a conflict to being a perfect and good student or someone who want to make mistakes and sin a little )

4. Innerpartysystem - Don’t Stop ( this is just pretty much pre-mob Teru itself, no even need to explain this one )

5. Marina and the Diamonds - Family Jewels ( i think it fits Shou’s relationship with his father pretty well ) 

6. Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna Girl ( this song reminds me of Tome pretty much, this is just how she behave )

You got something to add? Go on! That’s only songs I found, there’s still lots of characters.

Let me know what do you think about it!

I was tagged by @thedevilcaller to do a thing..

Put your iPod/Phone/whatever on shuffle and post the first ten songs without skipping, then, tag ten people after. (If you can).

1. Hollywood Undead - Rain
2. Burzum - Moti Ragnorokum
3. Hollywood Undead - Dark Places
4. Avenged Sevenfold - Fiction
5. Michale Graves - Lucifer I Am
6. Nero - Doomsday
7. Michale Graves - Dig Up Her Bones
8. Burzum - Autumn Leaves
9. Avenged Sevenfold - Eternaal Rest
10. Hollywood Undead - Coming Back Down

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strange hollywood undead q’s

1. if you could choose one member to be a family member of yours, who would it be?

2. what’s your favorite track off of desperate measures?

3. if you had one day with a member of your choice, who would it be and what would you do?

4. would you go into their tour bus if the door was open and no guards were around?

5. what do you love about each of the members?

6. has hollywood undead helped you in any way? how?

7. if you saw your least favorite member in public, what would you do?

8. who is your favorite pet that any of the guys own?

9. what is something you dont like/hate about each of the members?

10. do you think charlie scene has actually sticked his dick in salsa?

11. do you think funny man has smoked weed out of a fruit?

12. would you buy matt’s hair if he sold it? how much would you pay?

13. which undead mom do you like the best?

14. bonez vs mingo?

15. louie vs annie?

16. what’s your opinion on daisy the chicken?

17. what’s your best memory including hollywood undead?

18. what is the best feeling hollywood undead has made you feel?

19. which member’s tattoos do you like the best?

20. what is your favorite tattoo out of all the member’s tattoos?

21. are you a top-down primadonna or a down low pro hoe fo’ sho’?

22. me freaky vs me was freaky?

23. what do you love about the undead army?

24. what do you dont like/hate about the undead army?

25. which one of the guys’ significant others do you like the best? 

26. if you could buy a gift to each one of the guys, what would you give them?

27. which hollywood undead song do you stan? 

28. what would your dream live tracklist be?

29. what is a piece of merchandise that you want them to sell?

30. what is your favorite live performance they have ever done?

31. what piece of clothing would you want all of the members to wear?

32. what’s your favorite hollywood undead era?

33. which member do you think would look the best with makeup on?

34. what’s your favorite hu interview?

35. do you read fanfiction about the guys? what are your favorites?

36. what’s your favorite outfit that your favorite member has wore?

37. which one would you babysit, ava or scarlett?

38. do you prefer upbeat or slow songs by hu?

39. what dare would you give to each of the guys?

40. have you ever got noticed by any of the members?

Hollywood Undead Q’s!

1. Favorite album?
2. Favorite singer?
3. What do you think about the album, Swan Songs?
4. Do you think Hollywood Undead is getting better as time goes on or worse?
5. Have you been to a live concert? If so: How was it? If not: Do you want to?
6. Who is the funnest member?
7. What aesthetic do you like about the band?
8. Who has the best tattoos?
9. What do you think about the album, Desperate Measures?
10. Do you like or dislike Deuce?
11. What do you think Danny brought to Hollywood Undead when he first joined?
12. Who is the most sensitive member?
13. Do you read fanfictions about the band?
14. Do you support the relationships the band members have with their significant others?
15. What do you think about the album, American Tragedy?
16. 2nd favorite singer?
17. What song do you turn on when its party time?
18. What song makes you feel all the feels?
19. Any bonus track favorites?
20. What do you think about the album, Notes from the underground?
21. Semi-favorite songs?
22. Which songs would you show someone who hasn’t heard HU before?
23. What kind of merchandise do you really want HU to sell?
24. Favorite HU blog on tumblr?
25. What do you think about the album, Day of the dead?
26. If you could tell HU something what would it be and why?
27. Favorite music video?
29. Do you follow any of the guys on social media?
30. Which genre would you describe HU as?
31. Anything you want to say about HU?

How to be popular Hollywood Undead instagrammer for dummies

1. Create profile

2. Post a shitload of old pictures that everybody has seen for years

3. Pretend they’re rare and shit

4. Cool! You’re awesome!

Like, seriously. Stop spamming #hollywoodundead hashtag. 

There are 2 types of Hollywood Undead songs:

1. Deep dramatic music about what life means and how people act that makes you think about the world and your place in it.

2. Alcohol drugs sex, alcohol drugs sex, alcohol drugs sex…..


Hollywood Undead Interview 2010


Straight to your headphones, here comes the Music of the Dark Hollywood. Hot off the press, debut EP of the Sonny Antares. He pays homage to the Hollywood Undead with this instrumental tribute. 

Welcome to the Hollywood, Undead Soldier!

Featuring hit single ‘Day of the Dead’, 'Gravity’, 'Usual Suspects’ and more! Exclusive premiere of 'Fuck the World’ in this EP!
Sonny Antares - Welcome to the Hollywood - Coming May 1!