hollywood undead city


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Rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten mutuals

1) Not Today- BTS

2) Sweet Child o’ Mine- Guns and Roses

3) Rolling in the Deep- Adele

4) Kids in the Dark- All Time Low

5) Weak- AJR

6) Drown- Bring me the Horizon

7) Angel- The Digital Daggers

8) Colors- Halsey

9) City- Hollywood Undead

10) Drones- Muse

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Some of my favorite Hollywood Undead lyrics cx If anyone was wondering, here’s the names of the songs: The first one is called ‘City’, the second one is called 'Knife Called Lust’, the third is called 'Bullet’, the fourth is called 'Young’, the fifth is called 'Outside’, the sixth is called 'Believe’ and the seventh is called 'Sell Your Soul’. 😆💜