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So I met Darren Criss (for the first time!!) at stage door on Friday after Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We waited for 2 hours because he was so busy after show but he STILL came out and treated everyone with excessive kindness and love. I brought my AVPM t-shirt to have him sign and he cracked up when he saw it :) He then told me a fun fact about how they wrote a lot of the songs for AVPM, AVPS, etc. at a small apartment just up the street from Pantages! 

He was absolutely as sweet as he seems–even after an exhausting performance and needing to be up in 12 hours to perform again. What an indescribable pleasure. Lots of love for that one <3 <3 

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Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage by Kaitlyn

I was incredibly blessed to have the honor of experiencing the genius that is Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Having been a fan of the production/movie I’m so very happy I got to finally see it in the flesh.
And also getting to finally meet Darren Criss.
He was super nice and incredible; but we already knew that.
I got him to sign both of my playbills (Hedwig/Hurt Locker), my ticket stub, and a sugar daddy I happened to buy at The Grove earlier that day, he loved it.
I asked him if he had any lines or songs that he loves about Hedwig and/or the show. He said he loves all the stupid jokes and told us his favorite (which is one where he can only use with Rebecca)

This being the first time meeting him, after so long of wanting to and wishing and missed opportunity, it finally happened and he did not disappoint. He is a true talent and I genuinely love and admire his work. He’s good people 😉


Costumes worn by Katharine Hepburn in the movies Stage Door and Adam’s Rib and in the theater production of The Lake - Photos via (CT Historical Society)