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Celeb Quote of the Week #1

“With Think Like a Man, we gotta act like a man. We manned up!”

Jimmy Fallon, referring to Kevin Hart’s new movie and challenging the actor to conquer his fear of roller coasters by riding the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Orlando Resort, on The Tonight Show

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Exciting Dates + What You Wear + Small Imagine

This took me hours! Hope you enjoy :)


Go Karting. Link to Outfit

Imagine Cam took you here to see the competitive side of you come out. He doesn’t let you win because told him not to and you still beat him. You jump out your cart and straddle your legs over Cam in his kart. “Told you I would slay you” you say with a smirk on your face. “I’ll slay you later on, don’t you worry” he replies, going in for a kiss. (Having major Cam feels today)


 Universal Studios. Link to outfit

Imagine Carter takes you to a theme park because you two love the adrenaline of the rides. You are waiting in line for the Hollywood Rip-ride Rockit. Its your turn to take your seats, but Carter see’s you are nervous. He takes the seat next to you and holds your hand the whole way up until you feel better. You watch back the recorded video and you see the way Carter looks at you with pure love while he held your hand.

Nash (+ Skylynn):

Disneyworld. Link to outfit 

Imagine this date was to see if Skylynn approved of you. You would take her on all the rides she wanted to go on and go with her to meet the characters. Both of you returned from the castle with your hair and makeup done. Nash picked up Skylynn and kissed you both on the cheek. “My two princesses” he says admiring you.

Taylor Caniff:

Lakers Game. Link to outfit

Imagine Taylor took you to the game. After a while he rests his hand on your lap. He starts playing with the rips in your jeans, moving his hand further and further up your leg, making you want him. You quickly slap it away just as the kiss cam lands on both of you.

Jack G:

Beach. Link to outfit

Imagine this was the place you and Jack met. You had returned because Jack loved it so much. “Last one to the ocean has to buy the ice cream!” you said getting a head start. Jack caught up to, puling you back by the waist and making it to the ocean first. You ran to him and and splashed him with water. He loved it when you acted mad. “You’re so cute Y/N” he said grabbing your waist gently and kissing you on the lips. 


Rock climbing. Link to outfit

Imagine you are scared of heights. Matt knows, but he wanted you to get over your fear. “Matt, I’m scared” you said looking down at the ground below you. “Don’t worry I’m here, i won’t let you go” he replied softly. He assisted you all the way to the top and kept a tight hold of you as you bounced back down the wall. He knew you wouldn’t fall but he wanted to assure you nothing would happen. “I love you Matt” you said as you landed on the ground.


Carnival. Link to outfit (this is my favourite outfit- i tried to make this more my style bc I’m in love with Aaron)

Imagine Aaron wanted to go back to his childhood, so he took you to the carnival he always went to. You admired him as his eyes lit up when he recognised all the rides and stalls. “Aaron, look at that big pig toy!” you said pointing to a prize. “You want me to win that for you babe? I was at pro at this game” he said handing the guy a dollar. You stood with a grin as he threw the rings round the bottles. He really was a pro! “I’ll have the big pig please” he said pointing to it. Aaron handed you the pig and you gave it a big snuggle. “Thankyou baby, I love it” you said, trying to hold in your excitement.

Jack J:

Picnic at the park. Link to outfit

Imagine it was a summers day at Jack had arranged for you to meet him at a secret location in the park. You followed the notes that were attached to the trees throughout the park. You reached the last note and brushed your way through some dangling branches to see Jack laying on a blanket with a picnic and a docking station playing music. 


The Zoo. Link to outfit

Imagine Shawn had been planning this date for months. There was finally nice weather so he took you to the zoo. You loved animals, so this was the perfect date for you. You went on a romantic safari ride, watched the sea life shows and had lunch at the jungle cafe. You held hands the whole time because Shawn was scared of the underwater tank you walk through as sharks swim past. You placed kisses you his hand every so often to show him how much he means to you.


Skyzone. Link to outfit

Imagine you and Hayes were fooling around in the foam pit. He searches for your waist through the foam. He pulls you against his body, moving the foam out the way and pecks your lips. You lose your balance and tip over on top of him. He grins and kisses you more passionately than before.