hollywood rip ride rocket

Jimmy and Kevin Ride a Roller Coaster

      When Kevin visited Jimmy… Jimmy thought it would be a good idea to take Kevin on a roller coaster. But Kevin is afraid of roller coasters.

K: I’m not gonna lie to you Jimmy… I’m nervous. I’m nervous man.

Jimmy: I mean I like roller coasters I don’t like the ones that go fast.

K: Now I can’t turn back cause now I look like a… I look like a bitch if I turn back.

Worker: Excuse me sir.

K: Sir what?

J: Oh No.

K: Are you serious right now?

Worker: Yes! I am serious look at it.

K: I’m a grown man.

K: Lock me in. Lock me in. Lock me in man. Come on before… No push it further.

K: I’m freaking out man! Wait. WAit. WAIt. WAIT! Nooooo. Oh no. Oh god no.

J: (Laughing)

K: Oh god. Oh god!

J: Oh oh no. A bug a bug hit me.

K: You look like Doc from Back To the Future.

J: Haha

K: You look like ha you look like Marty just came back from 1976 and you’re mad about what you saw.

Both Laugh

J: We’re gonna go again.

K: We’re gonna what?

J: One more time here we go!

K: NO! Stop playing Jimmy. NO! I can’t I can’t no I can’t.

K: I got tears. Oh my god.