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Julian Wasser     Participants in the Riot on the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood     1966

The riot in question happened when young people who were happily congregating at the rock club Pandora’s Box got sick of being harassed by the cops and subjected to the absurd 10 PM curfew.  Needless to say, the cops won, Pandora’s Box was closed and the 60s went merrily on its way.


This day i felt like a homeless just sitting in front of the theater for 12 hrs waiting for Bake & Destroy premier haha I tripped out seeing all the people getting out of the Scientology buses at around 8am buses came and went dropping off 20 people at a time they were all in there formal attire. They looked like soldiers. Seeing a bunch of weird drugged out people. Seeing the line forming and getting bigger. By 5pm the line curled up onto the other side of vine st. Next thing i hear everyone start yelling out pros name. “Reynolds!!!!” I remember Heath Kirchart passing by and not a single person yelled his name out. Him just walking along the sidewalk to the theater. Then everything just happened so fast. I remembered being pushed and thinking i cant breathe. Surrounded only by tall dudes. Then szafranski tried to calm everyone down so it wont get shut but it was useless. I remember trying to make my way out. Pretty difficult. Next thing i hear are bottles being thrown and i guess after that it became The Hollywood riot of 2012. Choppers flying over from the local news stations, police lining up, crazy traffic building up with kids skating in the middle of the street yelling “fuck the police” and “baker! baker! baker!”

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Hello, sorry about this, but I have a (white, cis, gay) friend who doesn't understand why Stonewall is problematic and frankly I haven't let myself look far enough into it to explain to him since what I've heard bothers me a lot- could someone explain briefly why it's bad? Thank you so much!!

The film Stonewall is based on the actual Stonewall riots, an actual event that actually happened where queer and trans people (primarily trans women of color) started a riot as a response to the unjust treatment of queer and trans people. Real people witnessed these actual events and took part in them as they unfolded in real life. For some reason, the Stonewall film tells the story of a fictional cis white gay man who is written as being the protagonist and the one to throw the first brick and start the riots, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera were actual real life people who existed in real life and they were the ones responsible for throwing bricks and bottles at cops which is what actually started the Stonewall riots. Hollywood created a fictional cis white man to erase the actual history and actions of several trans women of color, that is why it is bad.

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