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If Young Hollywood was a high school, here’s what the cafeteria situation would look like.

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DUUDE, Obama follows you on twitter? That's so cool!

Yes, Barry follows me and 630,000 more of his closest friends. I guess it’s cool but it would be cooler if he answered my DMs asking for him and Joe to jump in Biden’s Camaro so we can go out for ice cream – or snow cones and shaved ice, which Obama prefers according to noted Presidential Ice Cream Historian @gohst-prncss-awez.


The Hollywood Vampires meet super fan Amanda Currie who, after buying her ticket to meet the Hollywood Vampires a year in advance, was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. In an effort to fulfill Amanda’s lifelong dream of meeting her hero Johnny Depp, her family and friends spoke with a local ambulance company that volunteered two medics and an ambulance to transport her to the show. Meanwhile, Amanda’s uncle got in contact with the Hollywood Vampires who were more than happy to meet and hang out with Amanda both before and after the show. After giving her a guitar signed by the three of them, the group invited Amanda to watch the show backstage. They even dedicated their set to “their friend Amanda”.


Hollywood Vampires at TEC awards celebrating Joe Perry’s Les Paul award (HQ)

09/11/1977:  “Burgess Meredith cradles his Emmy which he won for outstanding performance by a supporting actor in a comedy or drama special for his part as Tail Gunner Joe in the Big Event, at the Twenty-Third Annual Emmy Awards 9/11 .”

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.