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Debbie Reynolds tells the story about how Fred Astaire encouraged her to keep working hard on the dance routines for Singin’ in the Rain. (x)

OK Piper McLean fans, listen up

I’m Cherokee. I’m a Cherokee girl. I’m a major Piper fan because she’s a Cherokee woman like myself. There’s been some Discourse© about her hair. Sit down, buckle up, because you guys are about to some knowledge dropped on you. 

So the issue is about her hair; people keep drawing my girl with undercuts. I don’t think she would have one, and if she did there’s only one good reason. 

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A group of Produce 101 trainees were accused of copying GOT7's Hard Carry, how serious it is?

When I watched their performance I noticed the similarities between ‘Welcome to my world let’s do this’ and ‘Welcome to my Hollywood’ , between ‘Hard Carry Hae!’
and ‘Who Am I!’ and ‘Let It Flow Let It Flow Now’ and ‘Imma Let You Know’ but when I saw that they copied choreography I realized that it had to be intentional.

Video for reference / Choreography / Video comparing both songs

Korean netizens also noticed the similarities. I’m not sure if JYPE is going to react to this though. On the show trainees introduced their song as their own composition.

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Another painful concept: being ex's with Harry and not seeing him for a while, and he's cursing when he learns that you're in town, cause he knows he'll run into you what with your circle of mutual friends and his only panic is his hair cause what if you don't like it?! The last time you dated his hair was to his shoulders and he just feels so insecure and so damn NOT himself and he's trying desperately to style his hair a certain way so he looks alright

You’d loved his hair.

You hadn’t said it in very many words – not all that often – but you’d loved it. Nobody had been more surprised than you had, because you’d proclaimed that men with long hair could look shaggy to you if they didn’t take care of it, but he did, he always had. You used to run your fingers through it from root to tip before shaking it out. You used to touch the ends of it gently – a habit he had picked up – and you used to rake your fingers through it when your fingers were cold and you’d and rest your hand against his head, absorbing the warmth he radiated. You’d played with it, braided it, put it in a bun, and you’d pulled it while he’d fucked you, made love to you, and had his mouth on your center. 

When he’d committed to cutting it, all that you used to do had been the first thought, but it isn’t because it’s been shorn short that you don’t touch it anymore. Relationships are hard. Hollywood is hard. Being Harry Styles’ girlfriend is… hard. 

He’d never tried harder to fight back the tears, and he’d never failed quicker. In true tragic form, it was nobody’s fault. it had just happened, with no hard feelings, but that had made it worse. He couldn’t place blame or shrug it off or get angry or feel anything but the pain. He’d retreated to Holmes Chapel for awhile to be absorbed by a place that didn’t care who he was because it had made him, and he’d licked his wounds and, eventually, gone about his business.

It doesn’t hurt even half as bad, as it once had – time does heal all wounds even when it doesn’t feel like it ever will – but the second he’d found out you were coming for a visit, his heart had started pounding like a battering-ram against his chest in its attempt to escape. This get-together tonight is supposed to be casual – whoever shows, shows – but he knows you’ll be there, and if he isn’t there, it will look weird.

And, truth be told… he wants to be there. 

The result, though, is him standing in front of his bathroom mirror trying to create that casual flop of his hair that you’d liked so much with what little hair he does have left atop his head. And then in his car mirror… and in the window of his mate’s house… and again in another mirror in the foyer…. 

If his heart has been thudding since he heard the news you were back in town, it stops cold when he spies you at last. He sees your shoulders rise with a quick, almost imperceptible inhale, and then you smile shyly, and when he kisses your cheek and squeezes your hand, you wrap your other arm around his back and hold him in a hug that lingers. 

“You cut your hair!” you murmur in awe while squeezing his back. 

“A bit,” he says, breathing in your shampoo and still gripping your hand. You scoff and he grins. “S’good to see you.”

“You, too,” you assure him quickly before you’re separated so he can say hello to the others. 

But later – when you’re a few laughs deep and half as many drinks – you confess, with your hand at his roots, that you like it, and he thanks you with his hand on your neck and his mouth on yours. 

Zendaya has her first Vogue cover so she is 100% on her way now!  I don’t personally know Zendaya from a can of paint but I feel so invested in her success.  Every time she does something I’m like, “oop, dass my baby, y'all!”

Please read this Vogue article.  It’s the best way to describe why Zendaya is pretty much the only person in Hollywood that I stan extra hard for when I don’t even like their artistic output.  Because I don’t.  I’ve never liked any of her lil’ songs and I’m too old for her lil’ Disney shows, but I feel like she is on the cusp of greatness.  I did watch her season of Dancing With The Stars (because I watch every season, leave me alone and find your own joy) and she is such a star.  She can do anything.  She WILL do everything.  

I knew she was That Girl when an interviewer asked her why she was still doing Disney shows at her age and level of visibility in the industry and she said Disney gives her the opportunity to do more than act.  She’s learning to be a producer, a director, a showrunner, a writer – she’s doing so much more than just acting and she can’t get that level of training anywhere else this early in her career.  She’s planning for the long haul, not the instant fame, and I'ma ride with her until the wheels fall off.

official ranking of every michael j fox character from his movies

A very small, albeit moody child. I will protect him with my life.

Kind of chubby with a bad haircut, but is cute nonetheless.

Hawaiian shirt isn’t very tasteful, but I’d trust this boy.

Looks pretty hunky, with a decent haircut.

A total hottie, with a little bit of adorable dork mixed in. 100/10

Is EXTREMELY ADORABLE AND DORKY, but looks extremely ugly with hair all over his body.

Is very well-dressed and a bit arrogant, but loves his family and is still adorable and small. 100/10

The mullet is a little too intimidating and doesn’t suit his sweet boyish nature and the earring screams george michael, but I’d totally want him by my side.

IS THE CUTEST FREAKING THING EVER. Is very charming and is a total babe. Is the very definition of boyishly handsome. 101/100

Is a very sad, lonely little boy with fluffy hair. He needs a hug really badly.

Damn this boy is tough. He has a cool haircut. Is the ultimate bodyguard.

Is still a total hottie and adorable dork. His hair seems to be fluffier than before so that’s a plus.

A little cowboy hottie. Is a total badass and like in the previous movies is still quick thinking and smart.

Hairs a bit messy and the five-o-clock shadow is a bit distracting, but seems to be an adorable dork nonetheless 

Hair is nice and fluffy and neat and the tie is kinda nice. He’s very good at saving lives which is nice.

Is a very cute puppy. Very playful and silly. Would love a dog like him.

Smokes so much that I’m worried he might get lung cancer, but he has nice hair most of the time and he’s cute with kids.

Has hair similarly styled like he did in the last movie, but is much more tasteful and tidy.

A bowling dork that does a good jimmy durante impression. He gets naked at some point and you see a lot of his butt which I guess is a bonus.

Another case of life-with-mikey hair, but with a nice speech thrown in for good measure.

Still a pretty adorable pup (even if he’s clearly portrayed by a different dog), but he matures slightly at the end of the film when he’s given a girlfriend that I’m still a little butthurt about (yes I’m butthurt that they gave a DOG an unnecessary girlfriend).

Very cool and can see and talk to ghosts, but HE GETS INTERROGATED and I’m not happy about that.

I like the slicked back hair. Looks kinda serious. I’d trust him.

Very cute and sweet and I love him. You can even see Michaels face in his face. 

Love his design. Is like michael but 10x dorkier. Also totally looks like mike too.

Still is pretty sweet and cute. The cgi appears to be better so he looks even more like michael now.

A bit weird to see michaels still distinctly boyish voice coming out of a robot dogs mouth, but I won’t complain this dogs still pretty cute.