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You Aren't Imagining It, 'Wonder Woman' Isn't Being Well Promoted
With only a month and change to go, Warner Bros. seems to have little interest in promoting 'Wonder Woman.'

People, I’m begging you–GO SEE THIS FILM. If you can find time and money for Avengers and Batman and friggin’ ANTMAN, surely you can do the same for Wonder Woman. Guaranteed if this one fails, Marvel is going to scrap Captain Marvel and any other female-led film they may have been contemplating, because they supposedly ‘don’t sell’, and therefore aren’t important. *cough*nevermindreyinstarwars*cough*

Okay so my little sister is watching that Bratz movie (the one from early 2000′s I think?) 
Well one of the main characters is deaf which I was like “okay, awesome some representation in mainstream media” 
First of all, the character has absolutely no deaf accent (and keep in mind he is supposed to be totally deaf, not HOH)
Also, he is able to lipread without looking at people? 
I mean come on; I consider myself a pretty good lipreader, but I at least have to have the person facing me. 
Also he just walked in on one of the main characters singing and he’s like “omg you have an amazing voice” 
and she responds, “but you’re deaf how can you know?” 
Then he puts her hands on the speaker and was like “I can feel your voice, and it’s amazing” 
Okay, really? 
I cannot magically hear people’s voice through my hands because of bass vibrations. 
I get that it’s supposed to be cutesy and all that shit. 
but really? 
Did you do any research? 
That’s not how that works. 

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Same experience here (some of the most humiliating experiences of my life, tbh). As you said, it’s a huge catalyst to make you even angrier and resentful, so that would totally fit into a villain-storyline and/or to explore the character, to show what they have to deal with emotionally.

Part of what really gets to me about the whole “Carrie Fisher didn’t age well” thing is that years ago I watched this one woman show she did, which was absolutely fantastic. 

But she spoke about the role of Leia and that gold bikini and the way people think of her, she joked about googling herself and seeing someone say “What the fuck happened to Carrie Fisher? She looks like Elton John!” 

She was light-hearted, but she also said that if she had realised at the age of 19 that she was agreeing to step into that bikini and never age for the sake of young men’s fantasies, that she would not have done it. She spoke candidly about her weight gain and self esteem and self image. 

So when I heard she was going to be in Star Wars I worried for her and about her, that people would be cruel about her weight. Then I saw she had lost a substantial amount of weight to reprise the role (because god forbid Leia gain WEIGHT!) and, like a fool, assumed that at least nerd boy jerks wouldn’t be critical of her looks.

Naturally I underestimated how shallow and ridiculous they are, never mind that she felt pressured to lose weight for them because they have gone in on her aging process now. 

And it saddens me because she clearly went to great effort to physically “fit” the idea of Leia and it doesn’t matter. And it angers me because she should be allowed to age. And it confuses me because she looks fantastic??

Anyway, here is to Carrie Fisher, who looks amazing at any age, any weight, who is criticised even though she has aged better than her male co-stars and will constantly call that shit out. 

Princess and General Leia are amazing, as is Carrie Fisher.

if i could get goyim to at least admit that whitewashing and erasure of Jewish people and Jewish characters are a thing in Hollywood that would be like a major step forward.

Like it so exhausting that whenever I try to talk about this issue I can’t even because I get barraged with a slew of denial that this is even a thing as well as that it can’t be possible because “jews are white” and “jews run/control hollywood” bullshit.

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Any chance in hell whoever is running this latest shit show will just cut their losses and drop all the freaks and geeks on payroll since this part of the fandom (and a lot of neutrals) have caught on and figured it out? What in the heck could still be gained at this point? Guess this is also a question for you, Sherri, cb4, acdoptis and the tpquill since you are the experts in the Hollywood-Business-PR-Fake Bullshit field. Would love to hear all of your opinions/expertise on this. Would you tag

I think it still provides an excellent, albeit messy, dumb AF smokescreen. Someone shows up to the BAFTAs or is seen on Sam’s arm at a fancy party and doubts rise about him and Cait. It may not be a cut and dried “Yo, they’re all buying it!” but it hasn’t outlived its usefulness in that it rocks confidence, causes second-guessing and sends a flurry of eyeballs running the opposite direction of our lovelies. There’s also the ship jumping. I haven’t seen one sighting or bit of innuendo that hasn’t caused at least one person to give up the belief that Sam and Cait are a couple. It’s a slippery slope but the shitshow is firmly planted, like those rock licking goats.

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The one thing I love about John Wick, is that there is no romance plot. There is no woman that’s gonna come in and caress his cheek, and help him realize that there is more to life. Typical Hollywood bullshit NO. There is just this bad ass fucked up character, that wears tailored suits and shoots people in the face and the knee caps while doing rhythmic gymnastics. I FUCKING LOVE IT.


Kids (1995) - Larry Clark

5 bullets on this film:

  • It’s really disturbing but it’s awesome because it’s realistic.. I can’t stop thinking about this damn movie. It shows the dark side of youth, not the usual hollywood bullshit (sorry hollywood, love you, call me!) 
  • The characters are assholes, but you end up loving them. They are kind of disgusting, but each one of them has a backstory and you can’t help feeling sympathetic towards them.
  • The actors are all inexperienced and their characters are based on their real selves, so the movie feels really authentic. And Chloe Sevigny <3
  • The themes of the film are important and it’s a wake-up call for HIV, diseases, drugs and basically life in general. 
  • It was written by Harmony Korine (the director of Gummo) who was only 19!!!! Larry Clark directed it almost perfectly and they managed to produce a cool-controversial-sickening-weird-amazing film. How can someone even do that?
  • Hollywood: Here's a Black character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think black people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's a Latino character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think Latino people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's an Asian character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think Asian people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's a foreign character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think foreign people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's a female character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think females should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's an LGBT character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think LGBT people should be!
  • Tumblr SJWs: Why the hell aren't there more minorities, women, and LGBT in movies and TV?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

This is the Ghost in the Shell we need.

I don’t dislike ScarJo

I dislike the white washing

I dislike the message saying: Japanese material is good enough but not a Japanese face

I dislike that Hollywood continues to say there aren’t enough Asian actresses, there are. They just won’t cast them in main roles.

I dislike that people are saying Motoko Kusanagi is not human so she can be any race, wrong. Kusanagi is made of mass produced parts so she doesn’t stand out, she also lives in a fictional Japanese city, you know what doesn’t stand out in a Japanese city? Someone who looks Japanese.

You know who does stand out? Someone who doesn’t look Japanese. Yes it’s a fictional city but it’s a Fictional city in Future Japan, a country where less than. 3% percent of their population is not Japanese (as in they can be any race, including other Asians who aren’t Japanese).

I dislike that there are so people coming out to defend this casting choice as if race doesn’t matter, or as if Caucasian actors are some how being unfairly treated by this… Are you kidding me?! white actors are not in danger of losing roles… If anything Asian actresses can’t even get a role where the protagonist is supposed to look Japanese…

How many Caucasians do you know named Motoko or have a surname remotely close to Kusanagi?!

I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

I love Ghost in the Shell. I love how it is most certainly a story resembling a part of Japanese culture and society and has commentary on very Japanese values.

I am just very disappointed by the continual Hollywood bullshit answers.

I can’t even be excited because it definitely feels like one giant slap in the face to Asians, especially Asian women.

The Doe, The Bitch and The Wardrobe

Victoria Chase was great at many things, leading the pathetic little sheep that needed guidance, getting what she wanted, making sure everyone knew that and of course, putting losers in their place. However making up and trying to be friends with someone.. Different, She hated Max upon first encounter, Max the shy and quiet new girl, what Hollywood movie bullshit, she was such a poser and everyone knew it yet she somehow always made friends, it drove Victoria insane, why did Mark love that hipster, everyone took her side and even her own vortex minions started to enjoy Max’s presence.

Of course, the queen hated this new competition but after all the shenanigans that had happened and than that act of god hurricane tornado lovechild, so much had happened, Victoria lost over tens of thousands of dollars in camera equipment, all her work destroyed and her favorite crush/teacher was going all American Psycho on his students! Even her!  And she and max were saved by the crazy security asshole no less, safe to say that after that, Victoria had to make up for her evil bitchiness, she wouldn’t assume direct control and try to initiate Max into minion school but she would be her friend. Blackwell had been rebuilt, all the teachers (Except psycho Jefferson) started resuming classes and her and Maxes class was now being led by Andreas Gursky if you could believe that. the bell hang rang and Victoria was spacing out texting Taylor and Courtney about the newest chase space party they had planned. 

Victoria sighed thinking about the “Chase space” she and all the former vortex members started with her at the head, keeping the vortex club was just too hard on everyone after Nathan died, it just reminded them of their old friend and it was too taxing, Victoria snapped back to reality looking around to see the empty class, she grabbed her phone placing in her new Gucci bag biting her thumb “God damn it!” She said walking out of the classroom and looking around grabbing Brooke by the arm as she happened to pass by which made Brooke flinch in response “Ow! What’s your problem victoria.” which Victoria only responded in a glare 

“Where’s Caulfield.” 

She deadpanned not wanting to deal with anything to which Brooke responded with pointing down the hallway, Max was digging through her locker with her favorite fanboy Warren “Puppy Dog” Graham, she sighed letting Brooke go and walked over to the pair stepping in between them and facing Max leaning on the locker with her shoulder about to speak before she heard Graham’s complaining, she turned around and grossed her arms cutting off Warren “Listen warren, Max isn’t interested in any of your 70s Sci-Fi bullshit, why don’t you go play “Notice me senpai” somewhere else.” She said waving him off with her hand to which he crossed his arms silently and her waving became more aggressive “Go little boy! Go!”  to which Warren conceded to Victoria’s bullying and walked off, she turned over to Max and smiled pointing at her 

“You Maxine Caulfield are coming to the first Chase-space party we’re throwing in our new studio, though I love you Max, I really do, we have to do something about that wardrobe, that’s why you, Taylor, Courtney and I are going shopping later to update you, my treat and before you ask.. Yes you can bring your ‘Girlfriend’ with you.” She said with a smile as if Max would leap at the offer, Victoria crossed her arms and with her shit eating grin facing Caulfield. 


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He [River] tried to brush off people who spotted him, insisting that his name was actually Rio. That wasn’t sufficient at one party, when a gang of racist skinheads tried to pick a fight with him.
River smiled sweetly at his tormentors and told them, ‘If you want to kick my ass, go ahead. Just explain to me why you’re doing it.’
After a confused pause, one of the skinheads said, ‘Ah, you wouldn’t be worth it.’
‘We’re all worth it, man,’ River said with a beatific smile. ‘We’re all worth millions of planets and stars and galaxies and universes.’
—  Gavin Edwards, Last Night At The Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind

This kid said I shouldn’t see Wonder Woman cause ‘there’s feminism in it’ and I’m like????? oh no??? feminism??? how dare they put feminism into a movie???

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Steve discovering that Bucky is a vampire, and Bucky has to either erase Steves memory or turn him. Please?

Steve turned his hand over, watching the sun glint off the blond hairs on his arm.  It was warm and bright and-

I can give you twenty-four hours, Stevie.  But after that, you gotta make a decision.” 

“Why does it have to change? I won’t tell anyone.  I’ll keep it secret.”

“Doesn’t work that way.” Bucky sighed.  “And don’t go runnin’.  Won’t do you no good.” 

“How will you know where I am?”

Bucky smirked.  “I’ll know.”


Steve spent the first three hours wishing he could take it back. If vampires were real it seemed impossible that time travel didn’t also exist.  He hadn’t meant to find Bucky, he was just taking a shortcut back to his apartment when he saw a couple necking in an alley.  Except they weren’t necking, and it wasn’t a couple, and there was so much blood.  

It was hour ten, now; Steve had stayed up all night thinking and watching the sunrise.  He assumed he wouldn’t be able to feel the heat of the sun on his skin, even if he could walk around in it after all (that’s Hollywood bullshit, Stevie.  You think we’d give ourselves away that easily?)

He had fourteen more hours to decide if he wanted Bucky to turn him, or if he wanted to forget about Bucky forever.  He’d known Bucky ten years, now and while he remembered life before they met, that was sort of the problem.  It had been gray and dull and not unhappy, but nothing that left him feeling particularly alive.

Which, Steve would admit, was a little ironic, now.  


At hour twenty, he was wandering around his apartment slowly, looking carefully at all of his possessions as if they had the right answer.

It was in his spare room – his art studio- that he found it.  The year before, Bucky had found and hung one of the small canvases Steve had kept from college, (he had stopped painting when bills and a nine-to-five came calling, when his mother died, when he found excuses to look away from the paints and brushes that reminded him of the things he missed).  Bucky stuck a nail in the wall, hung the canvas, and told Steve If you stop doing the things you love because you’re scared, you’ll be dead long before you’re in the ground.

And a set of paints and canvases had shown up at his door two days later in an Amazon Prime box and Steve started painting again.

He thumbed his way through his phone.

“You really should take the full day, Stevie.”  Bucky’s tone would have been teasing, but Steve could hear the tension in spaces between the words.  

“If you don’t do the things you love because you’re scared, you’ll be dead before you’re in the ground.”

A bark of delighted laughter escaped on the other end of the line. “You’re sure?  You can’t go back.”

“I’m sure.”  Steve paused a moment, gathering his courage.  “Hey, Buck?  Does it –does it hurt?”

“Like falling in love.  A little, then all at once, and then it’s all you know.”

“Sap. How d’you know what that feels like?”

Steve could practically hear Bucky shrug.  “’Cause I met you.”