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When you still hear hollywood liberals complaining about Trump but they are suppose to be in Canada by now. 

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Okay so my little sister is watching that Bratz movie (the one from early 2000′s I think?) 
Well one of the main characters is deaf which I was like “okay, awesome some representation in mainstream media” 
First of all, the character has absolutely no deaf accent (and keep in mind he is supposed to be totally deaf, not HOH)
Also, he is able to lipread without looking at people? 
I mean come on; I consider myself a pretty good lipreader, but I at least have to have the person facing me. 
Also he just walked in on one of the main characters singing and he’s like “omg you have an amazing voice” 
and she responds, “but you’re deaf how can you know?” 
Then he puts her hands on the speaker and was like “I can feel your voice, and it’s amazing” 
Okay, really? 
I cannot magically hear people’s voice through my hands because of bass vibrations. 
I get that it’s supposed to be cutesy and all that shit. 
but really? 
Did you do any research? 
That’s not how that works. 


Liberal establishment and Hollywood hypocrisy at it’s finest. They hounded and viciously attacked Donald Trump for his ‘locker room talk,’ and yet knew about Harvey Weinstein's raping Hollywood actresses and yet some of them knew about it and kept silence until Rose McGowen tweeted about it. Oh, and get this…. Twitter suspended McGowen’s Twitter account for exposing him, which lead the actresses to finally come out. How fucking incredible.

You Aren't Imagining It, 'Wonder Woman' Isn't Being Well Promoted
With only a month and change to go, Warner Bros. seems to have little interest in promoting 'Wonder Woman.'

People, I’m begging you–GO SEE THIS FILM. If you can find time and money for Avengers and Batman and friggin’ ANTMAN, surely you can do the same for Wonder Woman. Guaranteed if this one fails, Marvel is going to scrap Captain Marvel and any other female-led film they may have been contemplating, because they supposedly ‘don’t sell’, and therefore aren’t important. *cough*nevermindreyinstarwars*cough*

Selective Outrage (again)

Hollywood: “We’re remaking Total Recall, but without anything that made the original fun. Or memorable. Or good. And we’re replacing Arnold with some forgettable asshat who looks like every other C-list Hollywood actor.”

Internet: “…”

Hollywood: “We’re remaking Robocop, except he looks like the dude from Crysis and acts more like Robo-mall-Cop and has none of the wit, charm, or biting commentary that made the original so good in the first place.”

Internet: “…”

Hollywood: “We’re remaking Superman to be dark, brooding, and more like Batman because we’re still riding the ‘Christopher Nolan Dark Knight’ movie-high and we give so little a shit about Superman or his fans that we have the American icon played by someone from Britain and kill him off in two movies!”

Internet: “…”

Hollywood: “We’re remaking (-insert influential but otherwise culturally irrelevant movie, show, play, or book here-) but with an all-female cast!”


My personal bitterness aside, let’s cut the bullshit. None of you screaming about the all-female remake of “Lord of the Flies” gave two shits or even THOUGHT about “Lord of the Flies” until Hollywood announced that they were making a reboot starring an all-female cast.

Part of what really gets to me about the whole “Carrie Fisher didn’t age well” thing is that years ago I watched this one woman show she did, which was absolutely fantastic. 

But she spoke about the role of Leia and that gold bikini and the way people think of her, she joked about googling herself and seeing someone say “What the fuck happened to Carrie Fisher? She looks like Elton John!” 

She was light-hearted, but she also said that if she had realised at the age of 19 that she was agreeing to step into that bikini and never age for the sake of young men’s fantasies, that she would not have done it. She spoke candidly about her weight gain and self esteem and self image. 

So when I heard she was going to be in Star Wars I worried for her and about her, that people would be cruel about her weight. Then I saw she had lost a substantial amount of weight to reprise the role (because god forbid Leia gain WEIGHT!) and, like a fool, assumed that at least nerd boy jerks wouldn’t be critical of her looks.

Naturally I underestimated how shallow and ridiculous they are, never mind that she felt pressured to lose weight for them because they have gone in on her aging process now. 

And it saddens me because she clearly went to great effort to physically “fit” the idea of Leia and it doesn’t matter. And it angers me because she should be allowed to age. And it confuses me because she looks fantastic??

Anyway, here is to Carrie Fisher, who looks amazing at any age, any weight, who is criticised even though she has aged better than her male co-stars and will constantly call that shit out. 

Princess and General Leia are amazing, as is Carrie Fisher.


So, I have a few questions:

1) How in the hell is this what passes for “ugly” and “fat” these days in Hollywood?

2) If she’s considered ugly and fat, am I skinny and gorgeous, or just villainously hideous and grotesquely obese?

3) I wonder how many aspiring actresses saw the script for this movie after being told that they were not pretty or skinny enough for other roles, thought “This is my chance!” or something along those lines, and are now resentful and / or seriously confused that the role went to a thinner than average and rather pretty girl?

4) How low has Mae Whitman’s self-esteem plummeted since being cast as the D.U.F.F., and is the money that she’s making off this movie ever going to be enough to compensate for that?

5) Why do people hate fat people, especially girls, so much?

6) Can someone who has seen this movie tell me if it ever addresses the detriment of such competition between women for the attention of men? Because that’s a central part of the fuckedupness involved here.

7) Why is it “too bad” that someone has a fat friend? Why is it “too bad” that they’re not as shallow, insensitive, and idiotic as you when it comes to friendship?

8) Can someone tell the guy who wrote the third definition that when girls cockblock for one another, it’s usually done as a well appreciated service because the cockblocker knows that their friend has no interest in going home with a nasty, horny, pathetic, little piece of shit like him? Please.

9) If you only hang out with someone because they make you look more attractive by comparison, do you really deserve to have friends?


Kids (1995) - Larry Clark

5 bullets on this film:

  • It’s really disturbing but it’s awesome because it’s realistic.. I can’t stop thinking about this damn movie. It shows the dark side of youth, not the usual hollywood bullshit (sorry hollywood, love you, call me!) 
  • The characters are assholes, but you end up loving them. They are kind of disgusting, but each one of them has a backstory and you can’t help feeling sympathetic towards them.
  • The actors are all inexperienced and their characters are based on their real selves, so the movie feels really authentic. And Chloe Sevigny <3
  • The themes of the film are important and it’s a wake-up call for HIV, diseases, drugs and basically life in general. 
  • It was written by Harmony Korine (the director of Gummo) who was only 19!!!! Larry Clark directed it almost perfectly and they managed to produce a cool-controversial-sickening-weird-amazing film. How can someone even do that?
  • Hollywood: Here's a Black character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think black people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's a Latino character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think Latino people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's an Asian character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think Asian people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's a foreign character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think foreign people should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's a female character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think females should be!
  • Hollywood: Here's an LGBT character.
  • Tumblr SJWs: No! You did it all wrong! That's not how we think LGBT people should be!
  • Tumblr SJWs: Why the hell aren't there more minorities, women, and LGBT in movies and TV?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

if i could get goyim to at least admit that whitewashing and erasure of Jewish people and Jewish characters are a thing in Hollywood that would be like a major step forward.

Like it so exhausting that whenever I try to talk about this issue I can’t even because I get barraged with a slew of denial that this is even a thing as well as that it can’t be possible because “jews are white” and “jews run/control hollywood” bullshit.

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Any chance in hell whoever is running this latest shit show will just cut their losses and drop all the freaks and geeks on payroll since this part of the fandom (and a lot of neutrals) have caught on and figured it out? What in the heck could still be gained at this point? Guess this is also a question for you, Sherri, cb4, acdoptis and the tpquill since you are the experts in the Hollywood-Business-PR-Fake Bullshit field. Would love to hear all of your opinions/expertise on this. Would you tag

I think it still provides an excellent, albeit messy, dumb AF smokescreen. Someone shows up to the BAFTAs or is seen on Sam’s arm at a fancy party and doubts rise about him and Cait. It may not be a cut and dried “Yo, they’re all buying it!” but it hasn’t outlived its usefulness in that it rocks confidence, causes second-guessing and sends a flurry of eyeballs running the opposite direction of our lovelies. There’s also the ship jumping. I haven’t seen one sighting or bit of innuendo that hasn’t caused at least one person to give up the belief that Sam and Cait are a couple. It’s a slippery slope but the shitshow is firmly planted, like those rock licking goats.

@sherrigamblin, @cb4tb, @acdoptis, @tpquill - Anything to add, loves?

Boy Meets Girl (Chapter 7)

Author: sumcp

Chapter Seven: The Interview of all Interviews

Characters: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Word Count: 5382

Warnings: swearing, terrible sentence structure/grammar – P.S. I take full responsibility for wrecking ya'lls hearts. 

The song that’s in italics is Whiskey- Jana Kramer

Note: This is based off the Disney Channel Movie Starstruck with a twist. I do not own the rights to the movie. 

Chapters: 123456 – 8

Dylan was stuck in place staring at the door Britt just closed shut. He couldn’t wrap his head around what just happened. He was free. He was free to be with Y/N for one glorious minute, and then she said that. He was left wondering what the hell he is supposed to do now when Tyler came into the room.

“All clear?” Tyler hesitantly asked, peaking around the corner into the living room looking for Britt.

“Yeah,“ he turned to his best friend, confusion written all over his face, "she’s gone.”

“Thank god,” Tyler let out a sigh as he made his way into the living room, “she scares me.”

He let out a small laugh, knowing exactly what he ment. Britt was the definition of intense. She had this commanding presence about her, and it was one of the reason’s he fell for her. He thought back to the first day he met her and how she took his breath away with how she commanded the script reading for The First Time, and he was instantly attracted to her. He wished he knew then what he did in that moment, that she used fear and intimidation to get exactly what she wanted. He was tired of it though, he was tired of everything.

He took one last look at the door before coming to sit on the couch with Tyler. He plopped down on the couch, running his hands over his face. “I broke up with her… I think.” Tyler spit out the coffee he had in his mouth all over the table, which caused him to jump in surprise.

“You what?” Tyler practically screamed, ignoring the fact that coffee was all over his furniture. 

“She asked if I was willing to sacrifice everything for Y/N, and I said yes." 

"Dude.” He turned to look at his best friend and he looked so proud. Tyler’s eyes were practically glowing, and a huge smile was plastered on his face.


"You’re free,” Tyler slapped Dylan’s back grabbing his shoulders shaking them excitedly, “You’re fucking free man. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment? 4 years bro. 4 long ass years.” He laughed at his best friends excitement, he knew he hated his girlfriend and always asked when they would break-up.

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The one where he falls for a sassy girl part 2!

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Part 2:

You stormed into Marie’s apartment. “Woah there!” Marie exclaimed. “Sorry, some asshole popstar spilled our coffees all over me.” You retorted. “I’m sorry..who?!” “Fucking Harry Styles. He must be blind because he literally ran into me. Typical Hollywood bullshit.” You fumed. Marie stared at you stunned. She couldn’t believe you met Harry Styles. “So, did he apologize? Did you get his number?!” Marie wanted all the details. “Yes and no. I’m going to shower now that I’m all wet.” You walked away and stripped yourself free of the wet coffee stained clothing.


Harry was besotted. For him, it was love at first sight or maybe more like first fight. But it didn’t matter. You were different. You were confident and strong. You didn’t put on a show and he was drawn to you like a magnet. He needed to find you. He needed to see you again. But how?!

“Dude! Check out this bird I matched with on tinder!” Mitch mentioned. Harry’s train of thought of completely interrupted. “Why are you on that fucking app? It just objectifies women.” Harry stated completely unamused. “I get your point but seriously look at this girl. She’s gorgeous!” Mitch handed Harry his phone. Harry begin looking at the girl’s profile. She seemed like a nice girl and her profile said she was a uni student. As Harry got through the pictures he immediately stopped when he saw the girl with a group of friends. “Holy shit!” Harry’s eyes grew wide. “What?” “Mitch, that’s the girl I spilled coffee on this morning. You need to message this girl right now and get her friend’s name. I need to properly apologize.” Harry’s heart was racing. “Well Harold my girl has a name and it’s Marie. But sure I’ll message her and see what I can do.” Mitch began typing a message on his phone. Now all Harry could do was wait.


It was 10:30pm and Marie was dragging you out. You were always one to say yes to a good time but for you, 10:30 pm was a bit early to be at a bar. Nothing fun ever happened until closer to midnight. Still, you went along.

You two made your way to the bar to order your drinks. “What can I get you?” the bartender asked. “One Dirty Shirley and One Tequila on the rocks with a splash of Sprite.” you shouted since the music was way too loud for the lack of a crowd in this bar. The bartender handed you the drinks and you made your way to a booth in the corner. “I can’t believe you basically drink tequila straight.” Marie looked at you disgusted as she began sipping her dirty shirley. “All good nights have been sponsored by tequila. Don’t knock it til you try it!” You smirked.“So I met someone.” Marie spoke shyly. “WHAT?! WHO?! What’s he look like?!” You were thrilled! Marie deserved every bit of happiness and you hoped this guy would be her forever. “Well, we kind of met on Tinder…but we’ve talked all day long and he is such a gentleman. He’s actually going to meet us here and bring a friend so you don’t have to be a third wheel.” You were shocked. Instantly you grabbed her phone and began looking for her Tinder app. Marie grabbed the phone out of your hands and pulled up the app. She was careful to only show you the pictures of her match. “Damn. You did good! I’ll get us some shots to celebrate! Wait here!” You practically ran to the bar and ordered shots of tequila.

With shots in hand you walked back to the booth. You saw two guys by Marie and you were so excited to meet her match made in Tinder heaven. As you approached the booth Marie began to introduce you to the boys. “Y/N, this is Mitch and Harry.” You froze. Harry looked at you and smiled. You immediately decided you were not drunk enough to deal with this so you quickly threw back both shots. “Woah killer, slow down!” Marie laughed. “Mitch and I will go grab some drinks. You and Harry can wait here.” Marie quickly grabbed Mitch’s hand and they walked away laughing. You were now stuck in a booth with Harry and no more alcohol to consume. Worst night ever.

Harry nervously played the the rings on his fingers. He looked at you with big puppy dog eyes. You were annoyed. Marie set you up and the night was ruined. “Listen, I know we kind of got off to a bad start this morning but I am really sorry I spilled your coffee. I know you’re probably annoyed to see me but I needed to see you again.” Harry spoke quickly and quietly. From your years of tv watching, you immediately knew this was probably the fastest this boy had ever spoke. “Why?” you questioned. “Because you’re beautiful and you didn’t try to suck up to me. You were unapologetically yourself and it was intimidating but refreshing. Because I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind all day and you’re driving me mad.” He looked at you with his green eyes sparkling in the dimly lit bar. You didn’t know how to feel but you could tell he was being genuine. You wanted to be annoyed, to shoot back with a sassy remark and play it cool. But the way he was looking at you changed your mind. “Okay lover boy, you can make it up to me. But no coffee shops please.” You joked. Harry immediately smiled. “Of course, love. No coffee.”

dreams, daises, and sunlight

these fists
more than blood
the backs of
these knuckles
are masoleium doors
if I uncurl my fingers
you can see the stories
buried underneath each
one, the flowers laid out
behind the barred gates
of dreams buried by time
or mistake

grave one
the orange bmx bike
never by the tree

grave two
air force
apparently colors
are needed to fire missiles

grave three
heather glen choir
I cried in third grade
my crush made it, I didn’t

grave four
dallas cowboys
middle school football
and high school are different games

grave five
hollywood seems like bullshit
I can’t play past barre chords

grave six
my grandpa never got
to read my poetry

grave seven
we can’t go in this one
it’s just boxes of unanswered prayers

grave eight
I exist outside boundaries
decent society believes redeemable

grave nine
little Ollie
this is where I keep his first words
his first steps and every year
I don’t see him
this is one I visit every day

grave ten
em (every day)
before I changed, before I lost
my fucking mind I had
a chance to do the right thing

I didn’t

there are more tombstones
scattered from the backs of
my hands, that dive into
my veins and line ventricles
that feed memories in my
frontal lobe
giving me every fucking reason
to quit because I’ve psalm
twenty three’d every thing
or everyone I’ve ever known

all these ghosts walk hallways
climb from tombstones
begging me to give up
to quit dreaming

but I can’t
I move forward
there isn’t any space left
for failure

America fucking sucks at Physial action movies and that is emphasized in the Superhero movies. Y’all sitting getting impressed by the choreography of Wonder Woman and Daredevil, and I am over here in awe with the likes of Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Jeeja Yanin. 

“Atomic Bomb has the best choreography of all time.”

Y’all are fucking bugging if you think that. You do not give Asian actors their fucking due because what Charlize Theron did in that film was kindergarden. I remember when people were in awe of Donnie Yen in Star Wars Rogue One as if what he was doing needed so much practice, but even he said that his work in Rogue One was basic to him. 

Or Fury Road was the greatest action movie? Watch the Raid 2 with subtitles because teh dub fucking sucks. Then say Fury Road was a better action movie with a straight face. You are being dishonest.

And Hollywood is on some bullshit when it pertains to these martial artists. You want the art but not the people who created the culture of the art. Ong Bak came out in 2003. Tony Jaa is just now getting Hollywood roles. Donnie Yen has been making movies since before 1990. And you just now get him in movies like XXX or Star Wars. Sure, you got Iko Uwais for Star Wars Episode VII, but you have him as a fucking background character. 

Asia has been doing action movies 100x better and the only reason they aren’t getting the acclaim is because they aren’t white.