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Queen Sugar (2016 – ∞ )

We want to win for all those who lost. For all the people who came before us who struggled and strained so we could be here right now making this decision, making it better. It’s our turn to try. They risked for us, why can’t we do the same?

I hope the kids are alright.

McKenna Grace

Jacob Tremblay

Finn Wolfhard

Millie Bobby Brown

Those kids from “It”

The rest of the kids from “Stranger Things”

And all the child actors under eighteen are ok and safe and protected from gross adults who want to hurt them.

Child Actors have always made me uncomfortable but part of me sees a dark cloud above them and I can’t help but wonder if they’re ok. Sometimes they’re not. It sickens me to think about Hollywoods pedophilia rings.

I hope these kids are safe now. That’s all I want.


“My goal is to break through Hollywood, with a different image of Asian actors and Asian faces, and to break through that stereotype of ‘little Asians’. I definitely want to make that connection — something hopefully bold and loud — between Hollywood and Asia. I hope we will see Asian men in lead roles, instead of small parts.” – Godfrey Gao

Old Hollywood Ask Meme
  • Audrey Hepburn: What do you do to get through a bad day?
  • Boris Karloff: What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
  • Carole Lombard: What makes you laugh?
  • Dean Martin: Who is someone you wish was your best friend?
  • Esther Williams: Do you prefer the land or the sea?
  • Fred Astaire: Are you a good dancer?
  • Grace Kelly: If you could rule one country, which would it be?
  • Humphrey Bogart: Which star would be your onscreen lover?
  • Ida Lupino: What's a hobby of yours that others say is odd?
  • James Dean: What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
  • Katharine Hepburn: Are you more feminine or masculine?
  • Laurence Olivier: What's your favorite stage production?
  • Marilyn Monroe: What do you like to do to feel glamourous?
  • Nelson Eddy: Can you sing?
  • Olivia de Havilland: What's your proudest achievement?
  • Paul Newman: What's your most noticeable physical feature?
  • Anthony Quinn: If you were in a movie, would you be the hero?
  • Rock Hudson: Have there been any misconceptions about you?
  • Shirley Temple: What was your favorite toy as a child?
  • Tyrone Power: What was the best prank that you've witnessed?
  • Ursula Andress: Have you met anyone famous in person?
  • Van Johnson: What's something that you had to grow to love?
  • William Holden: Who is your favorite offscreen couple?
  • Xavier Cugat: If you could only own one album, what would it be?
  • Yvonne De Carlo: What is the most thrilling film you've seen?
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor: If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?

mnemehoshiko  asked:

I'm still waiting for Hollywood to make an Octavia Spencer and Chris Evans romcom that the universe desperately needs.


Although to be fair mine is not a romcom but more a fantasy adventure where Esterlynne (played by Octavia Spencer), a divorced mother of two, is ACCOSTED BY RUFFIANS while coming home from work; they start shouting and calling her Hope (and like, trying to super murder her to death). And at first she’s like “??????????” along with “!!!!!!” but the first once comes at her and she

kills him dead.

Which is a MAJOR SURPRISE TO HER because she took some tai chi classes at the Y a few years ago and her daughter is a green belt in karate but like, she does not know how to Fight, much less Kill People Dead. But the dude is at her feet with a broken neck and then ANOTHER one of the ruffians comes at her and she

kills HER dead

So there’s a lot of “??????????” and “!!!!!!” as she continues to fight these ruffians, and in fact after the first two she manages not to kill anyone else  (like this scene features her saying things like “no let’s not break his – well, okay, break his knee that’s fine” because life is about loving what your body is and what it can do, right, that’s what all those magazines say, and if your body can be a Death Machine Of Fightiness then like, maybe you just need to accept that??)

Eventually there’s only one ruffian left standing and she kind of sneers at Esterlynne and says “You thought you could hide forever, Hope. But the stars will always find you.“ And she disappears in a puff of fucking smoke and Esterlynne doesn’t have much energy to do more than mutter, "What the fuuuuuuuuuck, also hi my name isn’t fucking Hope jackass.”

She’s all set to call 911 even though like, she’s got some Reservations about the wisdom of doing that, and in fact she’s debating it when a car comes screeching down the alley, conveniently hitting a ruffian who was trying to get a shot off at Esterlynne. And she promptly runs the fuck away because like, helpfully murderous vehicles aside, she has already had a tough night and she doesn’t need to get involved in a hit and run on top of everything else. Only the car stops and out steps a tall dude who looks like every lantern-jawed nightmare Esterlynne’s ever met. 

And he looks around at the carnage and then at her and he smiles, which is probably the freakiest thing that’s happened so far. “Hello, Hope.”

So there’s a chase scene which should last about 3 seconds only it turns out Esterlynne is running? Really?? Fast??? And like this is also the 8 square blocks she knows best in the world so she can dodge and weave etc (especially humorous since her neighbors are gonna be like “when did you take up jogging — no okay that’s sprinting, what the hell,” as she bolts past) and the thing is that none of her neighbors seem to see Lantern-Jawed Nightmare Dude; like he slips past them and he’s a VERY CONSPICUOUS WHITE MAN IN A TRENCH COAT, OKAY, but they’re all just “Oh Esterlynne, probably forgot to pick up her kids from soccer” while she’s running for her life.

And she gets to her apartment complex and thinks she’s gotten away and she’s seriously out of breath and doing that thing you do (or at least I do) when you fantasize about the sweet release of death after you’ve gone running and she pushes the elevator button because you know what, yes she only lives on the third floor but she has EARNED the elevator today goddammit, and the doors open and

there’s Lantern-Jawed Nightmare, smiling at her.

So she goes, “Okay, you know what, FINE, whatever,” and gets in the elevator and glares at him. “I take it you know what button to push,” she says. “Even if you don’t know that my name isn’t goddamn Hope.”

“I know a lot of things,” LJN says, still smiling as he presses a button - okay, a button that definitely wasn’t there the last time she rode the elevator. “Including the fact that you are, in fact, our last hope.”

And when the elevator doors open - well, it’s definitely not the third floor.