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Eddie Duran and Loren Tate: Hollywood Heights

Eddie: She means a lot to me.

Loren: Don’t ever leave me.

Eddie: She’s probably staying at my place to feel closer to me and I know if the roles were reversed, I’d be doing the same thing.

Eddie: I needed someone to talk to and you came to my mind.

Eddie: Anybody who hurts Loren has to deal with me.

Loren: I love the way you believe in me.

Eddie: Back at ya beautiful.

Eddie: I love you.

Loren: I love you too.

'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Lin-Manuel Miranda ('Moana')

Poised to become, at 36, the youngest EGOT in history, the creator of ‘Hamilton’ reflects on that groundbreaking musical’s origins and success, realizing his lifelong dream of writing music for a Disney movie while at the center of his show’s “wonderful tsunami,” the roots of his love of music and theater and the ambitions he has not yet fulfilled.

This is a really wonderful 50 minute chat, owing to the interviewer actually doing research and not avoiding tough topics. Lin talks about the genesis of his career at Hunter and at Wesleyan, going from In the Heights to Hamilton, and what’s next. 


Ok guys. Tonight might be thing night. Tonight, Lin-Manuel Miranda might make history and become the third person to achieve the status of a PEGOT Winner.

The other two being Richard Rodgers and Marvin Hamlisch.


post oscars edit: guys, he still got nominated. he’s still a winner technically. he may not have the fancy little statue or envelope, but he’s got all of us behind him to support him! There’s always next year! at the speed he’s going, his possibilities are endless.

There’s nothing like the instant gratification of working with collaborators in theater. That sounds paradoxical because Hamilton took six years, and In the Heights took six years, but the process of getting in a room with people and making something is so immediate, as is the rush of when you perform it live. The audience reaction is instant. I don’t give a performance and then a year later hope people like the movie. There’s nothing like it, the honesty of that exchange. When you’re a performer, all you want to do is connect.
—  Lin-Manuel Miranda
The Hollywood Reporter
8/12/15 (x)