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Chapter Twenty: HH

Loren: “I’ll be back for the dinner.”

Loren got in the car and started to drive. Loren couldn’t think, the anger took control of her body. All she knew was that she had to get out of there. Loren didn’t know where she was going until she was parking the car. As she climbed to the top of the hill Loren thought about what the text said. For someone who never meant to hurt me, he did one hell of a job she thought. As her anger started to build more and more she reached to her and Eddie’s spot. Loren froze as the memories of the last time she was up here came flooding back to her.


Eddie: “I love you.”

Loren: “I love you too… Don’t ever leave me.”

Eddie: “Never babe.”


Loren’s anger began to drain from her body and she couldn’t help but to smile as she remembered. She sat down by the tree as she tried to process all of her memories, thoughts and feelings. A few minutes go by when she hears her mother’s voice in her head, ‘Don’t let Trent stop you from enjoying your life.’ She shook her head smiling thinking how her mother was right. Loren didn’t want this text message to ruin her night, so she got up and brushed off her pants. Loren took the view in one last time before heading to her car when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

Eddie: “Thought I might find you here.”

Loren: “What are you doing here? I was about to head home for the dinner.”

Eddie looked into her big brown eyes as he pondered her question. To be honest Eddie wasn’t sure why he was there, he just knew he had to go.

Eddie: “I guess… I’m here to see if my girl is okay.” He grabbed her hands.

Loren: “How’d you know I was up here?”

Eddie: “….Just a feeling.” He pulled her closer as she smiled remembering the same feeling that brought her up here the night after the MK concert.

Loren: “Ah, I think I know that feeling.” They both laughed a little. Loren looked away and Eddie knew something was wrong.

Eddie: “Why are you up here?” Eddie could tell something was bothering him.

Loren: “Just needed some time to think and clear my head.” She pulled away from Eddie and looked towards the view of the city.

Eddie: “About what?”

Loren: “It’s nothing. I don’t want to talk about it.” Loren just got done putting her anger aside, she wasn’t really wanting go through that again.

Eddie: “Loren, talk to me.” He grabbed her, making Loren face him.

Loren: “My dad texted me and I just needed time to think okay. I don’t want to talk about it though, so let’s head back.” She started walking to head for her car when Eddie grabbed her arm pulling her back.

Eddie: “Loren you need to stop doing this.” He was getting tired of her shutting down when the subject of her father came up.

Loren: “Stop doing what?” She knew exactly what he meant, Loren just didn’t want to admit it.

Eddie: “Stop bottling up your anger and pain.” His tone was a little more harsh then how he meant it to come out.

Loren: “Eddie I am fine.” Her voice was stern and cold reacting to his unkind tone.

Eddie: “No you’re not Loren. I can tell just by looking in your eyes that this is eating you up inside. You don’t have to keep up this façade.”

Loren: “Eddie–” He didn’t want to hear her protest again.

Eddie: “You always had to be strong for your mother, you never had anyone to lean on, but I am here. Let me be here for you like the way you are there for me and everyone else for that matter.”

Loren: “That’s not fair, I have told you things.” She could feel her anger build, this was exactly what she didn’t want to happen.

Eddie: “I know you have, but there is more. I can tell you are holding back and its killing me to see you in pain like this.”

Loren: “Eddie what do you want me to say?” She turned away from him as she tried to control her emotions.

Eddie: “How you feel, what you think. Anything Loren, just let me in. Loren I am not going anywhere.” He was pleading with her hoping he could get through to her.

Loren: “Fine Eddie I am mad. Is that what you want to hear? That I so mad and so angry right now. Angry that he had the nerve to text me saying he wanted to meet up after what he did to me at MK. Mad that he had the nerve to come in the first place. I am so pissed that he abandoned me and my mother for fourteen years and decides to come back when I start getting my career off the ground. Because all I can think about is that he is looking for a hand out or his fifteen minutes of fame as Loren Tate’s long lost father.” Loren’s voice was full of anger. Eddie stepped a little closer as he saw tears begin to stream down her face. “I am angry with the fact I had to watch my mom get her heart broken over and over. Watching her go through that killed me. I’m mad that I grew up wondering what I did to make him leave, that I blamed myself for so long.” She took a deep breath. “I am mad at myself that I let him get to me. I never can fully enjoy things, because of the insecurities I have. I hate that he has this power over me. A simple text can make me feel like that shattered four year old girl.” Her voice became weak, no longer full of anger but hurt instead. She began to breakdown in tears and Eddie ran up and wrapped his arms around her. Loren collapsed in his arms barring her head in his chest. “I am mad, because after fourteen years I am still damaged.”

Eddie cringed at the word damaged and pulled her in tighter. They stood there for a few minutes as he let her cry.

Eddie: “It is okay babe I am here,” he whispered.

Loren: “I am so sorry.” She looked up at him.

Eddie: “For what?” He wiped the tears from her face.

Loren: “For shutting you out. It is nothing personal; I just don’t like talking about it. But I do feel better. As much as I hate to talk about it, it helped. I guess I just need to get it off my chest.”

Eddie: “I’m glad it helped you feel better. Remember I am always here, you don’t have to be strong for me.” Loren nodded as she turned around to face the view. Eddie wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her shoulder. After a few minutes Eddie decided to break the silence.

Eddie: “Do you know if you are going to meet up with him or not?” Loren sighed.

Loren: “I don’t know, maybe. Part of me wants to say no. Who knows maybe meeting with him will help repair the damage.” She chuckled softy looking down at the ground trying to laugh it off.

Eddie: “Loren we are all damaged.”

Loren: “What do you mean?” She turned around to face him.

Eddie: “Everyone endures something in their life that makes them damaged in a way. It’s how we deal with it that matters. For us that is what makes us great artists. Do you really think I could write a song like One Day At Time, or you could write a beautiful song like Mars? Yes we are damaged, but that doesn’t define who we are, never forget that Loren.”

Loren: “Wow, who knew Eddie Duran the rock star was so deep.” Eddie grabbed her hands.

Eddie: “Ha, ha very funny. But know that I am always here for you ok? I love you Loren Tate.”

Loren: “I love you too. Thank you Eddie.” She wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him into a long passionate kiss.

Things quickly became intense. He rested one hand on the small of her back pulling Loren closer as she arched her back. He put his other hand on her waist, slowly rubbing it up and down her side. Eddie loved the taste of her lips and didn’t want to stop. Loren let her lips linger before she pulled away.

Loren: “We have a dinner to get to,” she whispered as she patted his chest and pulled away. He groaned which made Loren blush. It still seemed surreal to Loren that Eddie wanted her that way. He tried to pull her back, but she resisted. “I will make it up to you later,” she whispered in his ear then nibbled on his ear making Eddie moan.

Eddie: “This is not fair. You are playing dirty Loren Tate. This is all I am going to be able to think about during dinner.”

Loren: “I know. That’s the point,” she said seductively giving him one more passionate kiss before continuing. “Let’s go we are going to be late.” She patted his chest and begin walk to their cars. Eddie groaned and hung his head as he followed her watching Loren’s whole body sway as she walked.

Eddie: “Fine, but I’m going to hold you to that promise.”

Loren: “I’m sure you will,” she laughed as they got into their cars and headed to Nora’s for dinner.


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Chapter Nineteen: HH

Loren’s phone went off with a text message and she smiled as she picked it up thinking it was Eddie. Realizing who it was really from Loren’s smile quickly faded and her stomach became knotted. Anger filled her body as she read the text message. Loren threw her phone and calmly walked out of her room. Loren was barely in the hall when the sound of something shattering filled the air. Nora and Mel jumped, but Loren didn’t even flinch. Her anger took control of her body. Loren grabbed her bag off the table and her mother’s car keys.

Loren: “I’ll be back for the dinner.”

The door slammed behind her before Mel and Nora could even react let alone stop her. Nora ran to the window and saw Loren buckle up and take off.  Nora sighed knowing she at least put her seat belt on.

Mel: “Wow what was that about? I have never seen that look on her face before.”

Nora: “I have.” Her anger already started to build.

Nora headed to Loren’s room knowing only one person could upset her that bad. When Nora got to the door way she saw the shattered mirror. She saw Loren’s phone in the middle of the broken pieces on the ground. Mel walked in as Nora knelt down to pick up the phone. The text was still on the phone. Nora read it to herself;

SocialBlue: Sorry about the other night. It was not how I planned for things to go. I will be in town this weekend on business. I would really like to get together with you and talk. I never meant to hurt you. Please just think about it.

Nora: “I cannot believe the nerve of him!” Nora could feel her face turn red as anger consumed her body.

Mel: “What, who?” Nora handed Mel the phone and read the text to herself. “Wait Loren saw him the other night?” Mel knew about him being her secret admirer, but had no clue that they met.

Nora: “Yeah the night of her concert at MK.” Nora told her the short version of what happened.

Mel: “Wow, I can’t believe Lo didn’t tell me.” Nora could see the hurt on Mel’s face.

Nora: “Don’t take it personal you know she doesn’t talk about it with anyone really.” Nora spoke in a soft tone as she tried to reassure Mel.

Mel: “I know.” Mel knew it was true, but it still hurt “I have never seen her that upset before,” she said trying to change the subject.

Nora: “Yeah he has a way of bringing that side out in Loren.” Mel could hear the anger in Nora voice.

Mel: “I hope she is okay. Should we go after her?”

Nora: “No, let’s give her time to think. Loren hasn’t even had time to deal with seeing him again considering everything that has gone on since then. Loren said she would be home for the dinner, if she is not back by then we will go look for her.”

Mel: “Yeah okay.”

Nora: “I am on the other hand going to give Trent a piece of my mind. I told him to stay away from her.” Nora grabs the phone to reply, but Mel takes it out her hand. “Mel what are you doing?”

Mel: “You cannot text him Mama Tate.” Mel never had Nora mad at her, but after battling with Lisa for years she knew she could handle her.

Nora: “What? Why not?” Nora became more irritated.

Mel: “Calm down okay,” she pleaded before continuing.

Nora: “I’m fine Mel. Just give me the phone.” Nora put her hand out and Mel took a step back from her.

Mel: “No, this is Loren’s battle to fight not yours.”

Nora: “What? She is my daughter.” Her irritation grew.

Mel: “I know that. And did you raise your daughter to be strong?”

Nora: “Yes,” she said annoyed.

Mel: “Did you raise your daughter to make smart decisions?”

Nora: “Yes.”

Mel: “Did you raise your daughter to stand up for herself?”

Nora: “Yes,” she answered in a gentler tone which made Mel more confident with what she was about to say.

Mel: “Then let her fight this battle herself. He left and she had no say. If you text him it would be like you were keep him away from her. This way she’ll have control of her the situation for once. She deserves that much. I know you want to protect her, but this is something she needs to do on her own. Let her have this closure.” Mel took a step closer hoping to get through to Nora. Nora sighed and shook her head in defeat.

Nora: “Your right, I know you are right it is just so aggravating some times. Thank you Melissa.”

Mel: “Anytime. Plus you are always there for me when I am having Lisa drama I owed you.” They both laugh which lightened the mood.  

Nora: “You owe me nothing. Thank you again.” She hugged Mel.

Mel: “You know how you can really thank me?”

Nora: “How?” Nora braced herself, not sure what would come out of Mel’s mouth.

Mel: “By getting in that kitchen and start cooking.” Mel pointed to the door with a serious face.

Nora: “Ha, ha fine. Let’s go I’ll clean this up later.”


Eddie hangs up from Loren and couldn’t help but to smile. He knew that he just saw her but still couldn’t wait to see her again. Eddie was lost in his thoughts of Loren until his dad interrupted them.

Max: “So how’s Loren?” Eddie snapped back into reality and Max gave him a look.

Eddie: “How’d you know it was her on the phone?”

Max: “That smile on your face.” They both laugh knowing it was the truth.

Eddie: “Well you’re right it was her.”

Max: “And how is she?”

Eddie: “She is good. She was inviting me to Nora’s for a home cook meal, and pie.”

Max: “Oh really?” Max looked confused thinking they were supposed to have a date tonight.

Eddie: “Yeah, Loren also mentioned that we might be crashing a romantic dinner for two? You don’t mind do you?” Eddie glared at Max raising his eyebrow at him.

Max: “Are you kidding, of course not. The more the merrier.” He shook his head no laughing.

Eddie: “Wow what has Nora Tate done to you? I have not seen you this happy in a long time.”

Max: “I could say the same about you.” This time Max glared at Eddie raising his eyebrow.

Eddie: “The Tate women are incredible,” he said sincerely.

Eddie knew how amazing Loren is, but Nora impressed Eddie. Nora brought a spark back in Max, something Eddie hadn’t seen in his dad since Katy died. Eddie would always be grateful of Nora for what she did for Max. She brought his dad back to him.

Max: “Yeah they are.” They both smiled at each other. “So, do you want to stick around here until it’s time to go? We can head over there together.”

Eddie thought about it for a second when all of the sudden he realized there was somewhere else he needed to be first.

Eddie: “Na pops I got to go somewhere first. Thanks anyway.”

Max: “Okay? I’ll see you there?” He was clearly confused.

Eddie: “Yeah definitely pops. I’m going to get going though.” He started heading towards the door.

Max: “Alright love ya son,” he yelled.

Eddie: “Love ya too pops.”

Eddie was heading to his and Loren’s spot. Eddie wasn’t sure why, but he felt like he need to be there. He was at the bottom of the hill when he saw what looked like Nora’s car. As he parked his car it became clear to him why he was there.


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Chapter Twelve: HH

Eddie and Loren spent the rest of the day laughing and talking on the bed. They turned their phones off and just enjoyed the day with each other without having to worry about the media or work. In the afternoon they watched a couple of movies and then a special on Max and Katy that aired on VH1. It was filmed a couple years before Katy’s death so there was no mention of the accident which was a relief to Loren. She didn’t want to upset Eddie by watching him. She glanced over at him a couple times and each time he was grinning from ear to ear. Loren laughed when it showed footage from a home video of Eddie who was maybe four or five, dancing backstage at one of their concerts. Eddie threw a pillow at her.

Loren: “I’m sorry, but that is funny. Who knew that Eddie Duran the rock star was such a spaz when it came to dancing?”

Eddie: “I was like four, give me a break.”

Loren: “I’m kidding!”

Eddie: “Mhmm.” They both laugh. Loren looks at the clock and sighs.

Loren: “It’s getting late, I better get home.”

Eddie: “You are home.” He pulled Loren close to him. Eddie wasn’t ready to let her go yet. Loren gave Eddie a shy smile.

Loren: “As much as I like the sound of that, I still have two weeks of school left. Not to mention a ton of work to catch up on.”

Eddie: “So, do it here. You don’t need to leave.”

Loren: “First off, my stuff for school is at my place”

Eddie: “Your mom’s place.”

Loren: “No our parents place.”

Eddie: “Oh yeah.” They both made a face at each other. The idea was still a little strange to them.

Loren: “Secondly I don’t think I will get much work done with, so many distractions.” Eddie laughed knowing she meant him.

Eddie: “Thirdly?” He said as he began kissing her neck. Loren started to lose her train of thought. Oh he was good she thought.

Loren: “Thirdly, I have to meet Mel at my pl—our parents place for breakfast.”

Eddie: “So, have her meet you here.” He was still kissing her neck.

Loren: “I have been kind of MIA since you have been back and even to a point before you came back. We need to catch up just us.” She pulled away knowing if he kept kissing her neck she would give.

Eddie: “So I’ll make myself scarce.”

Loren wanted to tell Mel about her and Eddie’s night she didn’t want to do it while he was there. Mel had a big mouth he would over hear something. And knowing Mel it would be something crude.

Loren: “You are not going to let this go are you?”

Eddie: “Nope! So you better just give in now.” He began kissing her neck again and Loren let out a little moan which turned Eddie on even more.

Loren: “But Eddie…” she moaned.

Eddie: “Fine how about this, stay here tonight and we’ll get up early, so you can go meet Mel for breakfast and get your stuff.” He started nibbling on her ear.

Loren: “I guess I can agree to that.” She laughs.

Eddie: “You guess huh? Well I guess you owe me.”

Loren: “Oh yeah, what’d you have in mind?”

Loren barely got the words out of her mouth and Eddie was on top of her. He nibbled her neck and started to move his way down.


The next morning Loren woke up an hour earlier than usual. She slipped out of Eddie’s arms carefully not wanting to wake him up. Loren went into the bathroom to take a shower, her lower body aching with every step she took. Almost an hour later Loren walked out of the bathroom with just a towel on and her hair and make-up were already done. As the bathroom door shut behind her Eddie began to wake up. Loren walked right past the bed not even realizing Eddie was awake. He didn’t say a word, instead he studied her body closely as she walked across the room to the closet. Eddie held his breath wait for her to drop the towel and get dressed. He sighed when instead Loren just walked further into the closet out of sight. Loren looked in her bag and cringed realizing she only had skinny jeans to wear. It was already hard to walk, she didn’t even want to think about the pain skinny jeans would cause. Loren dropped the skinny jeans and put on a pair of Eddie’s basketball shorts and shirts. As she walked out of the closet Eddie couldn’t help, but to smile.

Eddie: “Wearing my clothes to school, but Loren Tate what will people say?” He laughed.

Loren: “Ha, ha no way. Just to our parent’s place. I’ll change over there.”

Eddie: “Awe to bad, because you look so sexy in my shorts. Not as sexy as you did in that towel though.”

Loren: “How long have you been awake?” She turned red and Eddie laughed.

Eddie: “Long enough to need a cold shower. Why didn’t you wake me anyway?” He got out of bed and walked over towards her.

Loren: “Because I am the one who has to go, not you. So I let you sleep and I was going to leave a note.”

Eddie: “Yeah well I’d rather wake up just so I can do this.” He started kissing Loren’s neck, knowing it was her weak stop.

Loren: “Don’t you start with me I have to meet Mel and I am already running behind.” She pulled away quickly knowing full well that if she didn’t, she would never make it to meet Mel.

Eddie: “Fine, go meet Mel. I’ll see you later at Jakes office for our meeting.” He kissed her good bye. “Bye babe, love you.”

Loren: “Bye, Love you too.” Loren kissed him one more time then headed out.


Loren had the drive race back to Tarzana. She wanted to get there before Mel to change into her clothes. Loren cringed as the car pulled into the driveway and she saw Mel’s car. Loren knew she would never hear the end of this. She held her breath as she walked through the door. Mel’s eyes got wide and a devilish grin appeared on her face.

Mel: “Lo, you dirty, dirty girl.”


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Chapter Twenty-Two: HHS2

Eddie pulled her body down to his, leaving no space in between. With each kiss it became more passionate, full of want and need. With one hand Eddie held Loren tight as the other slowly rubbed up and down her body, sending chills through Loren’s body. Loren slowly started moving her hand down to his belt buckle when she felt something in his pocket. Without breaking away from the kiss, Loren slipped her hand in his pocket and grabbed a flash drive out.

Loren: “Oh my god we forgot to watch the video.” She said realizing what it was. She sat up and plugged it into the computer.

Eddie: “You are going to be the death of me Loren Tate if you keep teasing me like that.” He groaned as he stayed lying on the couch trying to catch his breath.

Loren: “Oh you are fine. Don’t you want to watch this?”

Eddie: “Yeah I do go ahead play it.” He said as he sat up next to her.

Loren: “Here we go.” Eddie grabbed Loren’s hand and she smiled at him as she pressed play.

They watched the video in silence with only the sound of Loren’s voice singing Mars, on the video. Eddie watched in awe as he relived each moment as it played on the screen. He smiled to himself thinking about how fast everything went, but how amazing it was. As the video ended he looked over at Loren who was sitting there with a smile waiting for his reaction. Without saying a word Eddie cupped Loren’s side of her face and guided her up to him until their lips met. The kiss was gentle yet still filled with passion and desire. Eddie let his lips linger as he collected his thoughts for moment.

Loren: “So, I guess that means you liked it?” She asked pulling her lips away from his and laughing softly.

Eddie: “It’s beautiful.” He gazed into her big brown eyes.

Loren: “That is exactly what I said when Mel first showed it to me.” She whispered softly wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing him back down for another kiss.

Eddie: “I didn’t even realize she was recording us half the time.” He said this time being the one who pulled away from her lips.

Loren: “Yeah Mel is good about that.” She laughed.

Eddie: “Go back to the beginning, the clip of my concert at the Avoln.”

Loren: “Okay?” she said in a questioning tone as she fast forward the video until it reached the clip of the Avoln.

As the clip played again Eddie smiled as he watched himself on stage grab Loren’s hand and sing to her. When the video went to another scene Loren hit pause and brought her attention back to Eddie.

Eddie: “Why didn’t you ever tell me about that moment?” He asked curiously.  

Loren: “I don’t know I guess I didn’t really think about.” She replied softly.

Eddie: “Loren–” He said in his all-knowing tone.

Loren: “What? I figured Jake told you about Mel and I trying to break in to see your concert and you never brought it up, so neither did I.” She blushed.

Eddie: “Wait what? Jake never told me anything. You broke into the Avoln?” His curiosity grew more and more.

Loren: “Tried, Jake caught us.” She shook her head laughing, as she remembered that night.

Eddie: “Okay now I have to hear the story spill it Tate.” He laughed.

Loren told him the whole story about how Phil sold them counterfeit tickets and how Mel tried to scale the side of the building. Loren hesitated at first, but then told Eddie about how she poured her heart out to Jake. She blushed fiercely remembering her fangirl moment. When Loren was done telling the story Eddie grabbed her hand and smiled sweetly at her.

Eddie: “Must have been fate.” He said gazing into her eyes.

Loren: “Yeah I guess the universe knew about us, before we even did.” She laughed softly.

Eddie: “Wow, you are probably the first fan ever to win over Jake.”

Loren: “He really never told you?” Loren was truly shocked.

Eddie: “No he didn’t.” He said shaking his head.

Loren: “That’s surprising, I figured he use it to warn you away from me.”

They both laugh knowing that Jake would usually do something like that. When the laughter died down Eddie playfully nudged Loren.

Eddie: “Who knew Loren Tate had such a wild side.” He was surprised when Loren didn’t blush.

Loren: “Oh there are so many things you do not know about me.” She said flirtatiously.

Eddie: “The more I learn the more I love.” He said meeting her flirtatious tone.

Loren: “Is that so?”

Eddie: “Yeah that’s so. What are you going to do about it?” He said moving closer to Loren.

Loren: “This.”

Loren wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Eddie tentatively parted Loren’s lips with his tongue sending chills down her body as she reciprocates every move he makes. Eddie grabbed Loren’s waste, as he slowly got up off the couch. Loren wrapped her legs around his torso which turned Eddie on even more. He slowly made his way to Loren’s bedroom never once breaking away from her lips. As Eddie walked he heard the cracking of glass under his feet. Loren and Eddie both broke away hearing the sound and looked down to see a shattered mirror covering the floor.

Eddie: “Whoa what happen here?” He asked putting Loren down.

Loren: “Uh when I got the text from Trent I threw my phone in anger.” Eddie looked at her surprised. “I guess it hit the mirror.”

Eddie: “You okay?” He pulled Loren close and kissed the top of her head.

Loren: “Yeah I’m fine. I should clean this up.” She tried to change the subject.

Eddie: “Let me go grab the garbage can.”

She bent down and unknowingly picked up a piece with a ridged edge causing herself to cut the palm of her hand. Loren jumped up dropping and shattering the already broken piece. She realized blood was dripping on the floor and went to the bathroom to grab a towel. Eddie walked back in with the garbage can and saw a trail of blood. He saw Loren walk out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her hand as she fought back the tears.

Eddie: “What happened?” He asked concerned.

Loren: “I cut the palm of my hand picking up the glass.” She sat on the bed.

Eddie: “I left you for less than a minute and you end up cutting yourself.” He joked sitting next to her.  

Loren: “It’s not funny Eddie.” She hissed catching Eddie off guard.

Eddie: “I’m sorry. I know it’s not funny.” He said calmly.

Loren looked up at Eddie with apologetic eyes. She felt awful for yelling at him.

Loren: “No I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you, I just don’t handle blood very well. The sight of it freaks me out.”

Eddie: “It’s okay. Here let’s go to the bathroom and I’ll take care of it. You can keep your eyes close the entire time. Okay?” He smiled at her.

Loren nodded as a tear escaped. Eddie ran cold water on her cut making her wince a little. He had Loren sit on the edge of the bathtub as he held pressure to the cut and cleaned it up.  Loren kept her eyes closed the entire time. Eddie smiled, he loved that he could take care of Loren.

Eddie: “It’s not that deep, so you won’t need stiches which is good news. It’s just bleeding a lot, because of where you cut it.” He said trying to reassure her.

Loren: “Okay, hearing about blood freaks me out to. No more descriptions please.” She closed her eyes tighter trying to get the images out of her head.

Eddie: “Ha, ha okay no more descriptions. Besides the cut is cleaned and bandaged you can now open your eyes Miss. Loren Tate.”                          

Loren: “Thank you Eddie.” She said softly and sweetly.

Eddie: “No problem babe, it’s what I’m here for.” He said sincerely as he pulled her up and walked back into her bedroom.

Loren: “I love you.” She said gazing into his eyes.

Eddie: “I love you too.”

Loren started kissing him. Eddie tilted her head deepening the kiss. Loren started walking backwards towards the bed pulling Eddie along with her. Eddie reluctantly pulled away.

Eddie: “Are you sure? We don’t have to.” He tried to catch his breath.      

Loren: “Do you not want me or something?” You hear the hurt and confusion in her voice as she backed away from Eddie.

Eddie: “No Loren of course I want you.” He grabbed her hands. “I’ve wanted you all night. I just know you’ve had a crazy night is all.”

Loren looked at Eddie and saw the warmth and compassion in his eyes. She couldn’t help but to smile. Loren wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply before pulling away.

Loren: “You know my mom told me earlier tonight not to let anything stop me from enjoying the good in life, and I think she is right.” She says seductively.

Eddie: “Oh yeah?” He gave her a look.

Loren: “Yeah.” She pushed Eddie down on her bed and climbed on top of him.


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Chapter Seven: Three Years Later

Loren and Eddie finished the song a week ago. Kelly and Jake loved and set up for them to meet with a choreographer for their performance in a couple weeks today at MK. Needless to say it was a tad awkward between them dancing together again. Loren shivered at his touch and blushed throughout the entire routine. Eddie loved and hated being this close to Loren again. He loved that he could hold her this close again, but hated the fact that it was just business to her. At least that’s what he thought. They had just finished going through the routine for the third time, when the choreographer called it a day. Kelly quickly made her way over to Loren as she hopped of the stage.

Kelly: “That was great you guys. We will rehearse one more time the day before most likely a dress rehearsal. Sound good?” She asks barely looking away from her phone.

Loren: “Yeah sound great.”  

Eddie mumbled okay as he walked to the bar and got some water and plopped down on a nearby stool.  

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Chapter Six: HH Three Years Later

Eddie: “Bye Loren Tate.” He flashed a smile as he said her last name like he always had causing her to blush.

Loren: “Bye Eddie.” She gave him a shy smile as he turned away and headed for the elevator.

Loren shut the door and leaned her back against it. As she replayed the events of the day in her head she shook her head as she became overwhelmed with emotions. Loren collapsed on the floor as tears began flooding. Mel made her way downstairs about to snap at Loren for saying those things in front of Eddie. 

Mel: “Loren I cannot believe you did that–” Mel stopped in midsentence as she saw her friend sitting on the floor crying. “Oh Lo.” She whispered.

Mel’s anger faded and now all she felt was concern for her friend. Mel sat down beside her and wrapped her arms around Loren in an attempt to comfort her. Loren leaned her head on Mel’s shoulder as she began to sob uncontrollably. Loren tried to say something, but the words were choking her as she wept. She knew there was nothing she could say to comfort Loren. Right now Loren needed to cry. So, Mel just held her tighter as they sat there; the only sound was the sound of Loren sobbing. After a few minutes Loren’s sobbing calmed down and they both just sat there with Loren’s head on Mel’s shoulder. When Loren’s breathing return to normal Mel decided to break the silence.

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Chapter Twenty-Six: HHS2

Loren and Eddie hadn’t seen each other most of the week, so they decided to stay in for the night. Eddie wanted to hear Loren sing the song she had been hiding from him as soon as they got home, but she insisted on making dinner first. He decided to let it go for now, knowing that he had to wait for the right moment to convince her. They were in the kitchen as Loren began cooking. Eddie leaned against the counter as he watched her go back and forth form the refrigerator to the counter, and other various places around the kitchen. His eyes were glued to her body the entire time. When Loren finally settled in one spot, Eddie quickly made his way over to her.

Eddie: “Remember the last time we cooked together?” He whispered in her ear sending shivers down her spine as he wrapped his arms around her waist and began kissing her neck sweet and slowly.

Loren: “Mmm, I don’t know if that actually qualified as cooking.” She giggled as she blushed at the memory.

Eddie: “Yeah, but we had a lot of fun.” He stated in between kisses.

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Chapter Eighteen: HH

Loren took a deep breath. After the way her mother broke down crying over the tour Loren wasn’t sure how her mother would react to this. She took another long deep breath. It’s now or never, she thought.

Loren: “Well Eddie and I… we are moving in together.”

Mel: “Say what now?” Mel was truly stunned and she was hardly ever caught off guard. Loren hesitated to continue, but it was too late to back out now, so she swallowed her fear as she went on.

Loren: “Eddie asked me to move in and I said yes, I’m going to move in after graduation.”

Loren held her breath as she waited for her mother and best friend to react. Nora was staring into space with a blank look on her face as she processed what her daughter just told her. The look on Mel’s face was still complete and utter shock. You could see her mind clicking when all of the sudden her surprised look turned into excitement.

Mel: “Oh my god my best friend will be living with a rock star in his penthouse! This is so cool. Imagine the people that stop by to see him. Oh my god Adele could just stop by one day to say hey.”

Loren: “Okay first off I don’t think Adele just drops by. Secondly I am moving in with Eddie my boyfriend not Eddie the rock star Mel.”

Mel: “Can’t it be both please. It can be your boyfriend Eddie and the super star that has Adele stopping by to visit. Lo, let me have my fantasy.” She began to pout.

Loren ignored Mel as she looked over at her mother. Nora hadn’t said a word. She was staring at the ground trying to wrap her mind around the idea of her daughter moving in with her boyfriend. Nora was just getting use to the idea of Max moving in. Now she has to come to terms with her only daughter moving out as well. Loren couldn’t take her mother’s silence any longer.

Loren: “Mom?”

Nora: “Huh, what?” She snapped back to reality.

Loren: “You haven’t said anything in a while. You are starting to scare.” Loren was waiting for her mom to blow. She was surprised it had not already happened.

Mel: “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.” Mel laughed and Loren shot her a look.

Loren: “Mel enough.” She bit her lip, afraid Mel was right.

Mel: “What,” she asked knowing exactly what Loren meant?

Nora: “Is this really what you want to do? You are not just doing this, because Max is moving in are you,” she asked in her concerning mom voice. Nora was afraid she was pushing Loren out moving Max in.

Loren: “What? No mom I am not doing this, because of Max. I am doing this, because I want to.” she replied even though it was not completely true. One of the reasons she was moving out was because of Max.

Loren truly wanted to move in with Eddie with all her heart, but she also knew the practical thing to do was to move out. There was barely room for them this way they wouldn’t be on top of each other. Loren knew that she couldn’t tell her mother that though, because then she would tell Max he couldn’t move in and she didn’t want to be responsible for them not taking the next step in their relationship. Nora sighed knowing there was no arguing with Loren. This was going to happen whether she liked it or not.

Nora: “Okay, well if this is what you want, then I am happy for you.” She had a blank look on her face and head to the kitchen, trying to hide her concern.

Loren and Mel glanced at each other knowing Nora was not okay with it just by the look on her face. Nora was not the kind of mom to not voice her opinions, or concern on a matter. In fact she is the complete opposite of that. Loren knew she should just let it be, but she knew it would nag at her unless she knew for certain that Nora was okay with her decision.

Loren: “Really, because you don’t look like it?” She followed Nora into the kitchen. Mel was right on her heels. 

Mel: “Yeah you are looking a little pale over there.” Mel was trying to lighten the tense situation by joking, but she wasn’t truly kidding Nora was pretty pale and she was concerned.

Nora: “Well, between the news of the tour and now this it’s a lot of information to take in is all, but like I said if this is what you want then I am happy for you.”

Loren: “Really? I was excepting you to go into panic lecture mode. At least that is what the Nora Tate I know would do. ”

Nora: “To be honest I did panic a little in my head, but I calmed down reminding myself of what a smart girl you are. And how can I go into lecture mode when I am doing the same thing?”

Loren: “Because you are Nora Tate it is what you do. I figured you would say it’s too soon in our relationship. I’m too young. That I am making a mistake–” Loren was about to continue giving examples when her mother put her hand up to Loren, signaling for her to stop.

Nora: “Okay slow down Loren. First off, yes it is early in your relationship and if this was a normal relationship I would be saying it is way too soon. But you guys do not have a normal relationship, I know that. I know you two have been through more than most people go through their entire life which has brought you guys very close very fast. Just like Max and myself. Secondly, yes you are young, but you are very mature and have an old soul. So I know age is not a factor when it comes to the maturity level in your decision making skills. Thirdly, the only way to know if it is a mistake is if you try. It is your mistake to make.”

Loren: “So you do think it’s a mistake?” Loren felt a little offended. She thought to herself that mother didn’t believe in her and Eddie’s decision at all. Her mother just wanted her to learn the hard way.

Nora: “That’s not what I meant Loren,” she exclaimed trying to quickly defend her words.

Loren: “Then what?” She could hear the hint of anger in her voice.

Nora: “What I meant that I have spent most of your life, especially the past few months making sure you didn’t make the same mistakes that I did when I was your age. I’ve realized though that I need to stop and let you live your life, and make your own mistakes along the way. Not to say that you moving in with Eddie is a mistake. I know I have raised a smart girl and if you think this is a good idea, well then I support you and give you my blessing.”

Loren: “Thank you. It wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t approve. And thank you for believing in me.” She started crying again as Nora hugged her tight.

Nora: “I know that my mistakes brought both of us pain at times, but Loren I wouldn’t change a thing.” Loren looked up at her mother confused.

Loren: “You wouldn’t?”

Nora: “No I wouldn’t, because despite all the pain we endured and challenges we had and still have to face it is those mistakes that got us where we are today. That made us who we are.”

Loren: “Oh yeah, and who are,” she asked jokingly knowing her mom was famous for her Tate women rant.

Nora: “The delightful Tate women that’s who! We are strong, loving, beautiful, caring, brilliant and of course oh so talented.”

Mel: “Who, have the Duran boys wrapped around their finger.”

Loren: “I don’t know about that, but we did finally find some good guys.” They all laughed. A serious look on Nora’s face appeared as she thought about what Loren said. The laughter died down quickly.

Nora: “Loren you listen to me. I let the fear of getting hurt again run my life for so many years. I would never allow myself to get too close to the guys I dated and I let many good things slip through my fingers because of that fear. It wasn’t until Max that I finally let my guard down and I have never been more happy. I think over the years I passed that fear onto you. Looking back I see how you pushed people away, especially boys that liked you. I just never realized until I saw how you were with Eddie. How happy you are with him. I see the love you too have for each other. Don’t let it slip through your fingers, because of him. Don’t let Trent stop you from enjoying your life do you hear me?” Loren nodded as tears ran down her face.  

Nora wiped the tears away from Loren’s face gently. They engulfed each other in a hug. For so many years they only had each other to depend on. Even though they were both happy to have Max and Eddie, a part of them were sad knowing it will never be the same once Loren moved out and Max moved in. They both held on tight neither one not wanting to let go quite yet.

 Mel: “I know I am ruining a mother, daughter moment, but that was so beautiful,” Mel screeched in her fake crying voice as she ran up and wrapped her arms around the both of them making them all laugh again.

Loren: “You’re not ruining anything Mel, but you are hurting me!” Mel was squeezing Loren’s side really hard.

Mel: “I’m sorry I just love you guys so much,” she muttered in her fake crying voice, which made them laugh even more.

Nora: “Okay, before we even attempt to move on with our night is there anymore news you need to share with us sweetheart,” she asked as she pulled away from the girls?

Mel: “Yeah Lo, anything else happen that we should know about?” Mel went from fake crying to her dirty voice without missing a beat.

Loren: “Nope, none,” Loren practically shrieked! She shot Mel a dirty look. Loren knew Melissa was hinting to what Loren told her this morning and there was no way Loren was going to tell her mom about it. At least not now, not with Mel around to make crude comments the entire time.

Nora: “Okay good, because I love you Lor and I am so happy for you, but I don’t know if I can handle any more news for today. Now if we are going to have this celebration dinner–”

Mel: “And celebration pie?” Mel cut her off.

Nora: “And celebration pie, you two better go call Adam and Eddie. It’ll be ready in a couple hours, so tell them to be here around 7:30.”

Mel: “A couple hours, but, but, but I am so hungry now.”

Nora: “Is my pie not worth the wait?”

Mel: “…… Fine I’ll wait. But if I get cranky because I am hungry you both get to deal with cranky hungry Mel. Fair warning!”

Loren: “Consider us warn, now go distract yourself from the hunger and call Adam.”

Mel: “Fine,” mumbled Mel as she grabbed her phone.

Loren grabbed hers and head to her bedroom to make the call. It rang twice before he picked up.


Eddie: “Hey beautiful! Missin me already?” Loren could hear an echo in the background.

Loren: “Well yes, but that’s not why I am calling. Where are you?”

Eddie: “MK, decided to come check in on Pop and catch up with him.”

Loren: “Did you tell him?” She sat down on the bed.

Eddie: “About us moving in together and the tour or us having-”

Loren: “Moving in and the tour,” she cut him off. She could hear Eddie laughing. “You better not have told him anything else.”

Eddie: “Yes I told him we were moving in and about the tour, nothing else I promise.” He was still laughing at Loren knowing she was probably turning red right now. (Which she was.)

Loren: “How’d he take it?” She bit her lip, wanting for the answer.

Eddie: “Fine, only a minor lecture he can’t say too much considering he is doing the same thing. Beside it was manly about how I better treat you right. You’d think he was your dad and not mine the way he went into protective mode about you.”

Loren: “Aw that’s sweet though.”

Eddie: “Yeah I guess, did you tell Nora?”

Loren: “Yeah and Mel.”

Eddie: “How’d Nora take it?”

Loren: “She didn’t react the way I thought she would, it was strange in away. But in the end she gave us her blessing.”

Eddie: “What do you mean strange?” Eddie sounded concerned it was about him.

Loren: “It had nothing to do with you really, don’t worry.”

Eddie: “Then what?”

Loren: “I don’t want to talk about it Eddie.” She let out a deep sigh and it clicked with Eddie what it was probably about.

Eddie: “Okay, just know I am here for you when you do.” Loren smiled knowing he meant it sincerely.

Loren: “I know, thank you… Oh so the reason why I was calling you, my mom has decided to make a big dinner and your dad was already planning on coming over so she wanted me to invite you as well. Mel is inviting Adam. I honestly think we are crashing a romantic dinner, but my mom insisted she wants it to be a celebration dinner.”

Eddie: “Will there be pie?”

Loren: “Apple.” She pictured the smirk on his face and her heart melted.

Eddie: “Mmm, sounds great what time?”

Loren: “Ha, ha 7:30 sound good?”

Eddie: “Great I’ll be there.”

Loren: “Hey did you ever watch the video?”

Eddie: “No I left you and went straight to MK.” Eddie wasn’t ready to be alone in the penthouse

Loren: “Good, bring it with, we’ll watch in on my laptop. I’m sure Mel would love to see your reaction in person.”

Eddie: “Sounds good, did you tell her about the tour?”

Loren: “Yeah, but don’t bring up her going tonight. She wants to talk with Adam about it first before she makes a decision. Mel is having mixed feelings about leaving him.”

Eddie: “I understand that, it’s hard to be away from the one you love.”

Loren: “Is that so?”

Eddie: “Mhmm.” He smiled knowing she was blushing again. “Don’t you agree?”

Loren: “Maybe,” she teased. “We can talk about it when you get here.”

Eddie: “Uh huh yeah we will. I’m going to go tell Pop his romantic night just turned into a dinner party.”

Loren: “Ha, ha sounds good. See you soon.”

Eddie: “Love you.”

Loren: “Love you two.”


Loren was grinning from ear to ear as she laid back on the bed. She started thinking about what her mother told her. No way am I letting him slip through my fingers, she thought. Her phone went off and she smiled as she picked it up thinking it was Eddie. Realizing who it was really from Loren’s smile quickly faded and her stomach became knotted. Loren threw her phone and calmly walked out of her room.


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Chapter Twenty-One: HH

When Loren and Eddie finally got back to Nora’s dinner was ready. Loren reassured her mother that she was fine and apologized for walking out like that. They decided to put the issue of Trent aside and enjoy the night. Everyone had a great time at dinner. Max and Nora were having fun telling embarrassing story of their children when they were kids. Mel jumped in with a story or two of Loren as well. They were finishing up dessert when Max got a call.

Max: “That was Grace, she needs me to sign off on something at the club. Nora would you like to come with?”

Nora: “I don’t know–” She glanced at Loren.

Loren: “Mom you should go. We’ll finish cleaning up.”

Nora: “Are you sure?” She grabbed her stuff in excitement.

Loren: “Yes, go I’ll be fine.” Loren protested.

Nora: “Oh alright.”

They said their good byes and Loren, Eddie, Mel and Adam finished cleaning up. Afterwards they all sat around and talked for a little while.

Mel: "We’re going to get going.” Mel said after Adam whispered something into her ear.

Eddie: “I thought you two were going to pull an all-nighter to catch up on work?”

Mel: “No way this girl is barely behind.” She pointed towards Loren.

Eddie: “Is that so?” He glared at Loren raising one eyebrow.

Loren: “No that is not so! Mel just wants to abandon me in my time of need now that Adam is here.” She shot Mel a dirty look.

Mel: “Pfft… Well yeah, maybe that’s a little true, but that doesn’t change the fact you are only behind in one class! I am not missing my beauty sleep because of that.”

Loren: “What about finals on Monday?”

Mel: “We will study this weekend at my place okay? Now please can I leave? Pretty, pretty please!”

As the two bickered back in forth some more Eddie and Adam watched on the sidelines. Eddie couldn’t help, but to laugh at them.

Eddie: “Are they always like this?” He whispered to Adam.

Adam: “This is actually pretty mild for them.” Eddie shook his head laughing knowing Adam was probably right.

Loren: “Fine, but I’m holding you to that study session this weekend!”

Mel: “Nerd!”

Loren: “Oh whatever!” She through a pillow at Mel but she dodged it.

Mel: “You know I’m right Loren Tate.” Adam started to pull her to the door. Knowing if he didn’t it would never end.

Loren: “Wrong!”

Mel: “So right!”

Loren: “So wrong!” Adam had Mel almost through the door.

Mel: “Love you!”

Loren: “Love you too.” Loren shouted as the door slammed. Loren looked over at Eddie who had a smirk on his face. “What?” She asked curiously.

Eddie: “Just thinking how cute my nerdy girlfriend is.”

Loren: “I am not a nerd.” Eddie gave her a look and Loren shook her head. “I’m not! I just worked hard for four years. I don’t want it to be for nothing.”

Eddie: “Loren…” He gave her another look with a sly smile which irked Loren a little.

Loren: “What can’t handle dating a girl with brains for once?” She teased.

Eddie: “Oh we got jokes do we?”

Loren: “Who says I’m joking?”

Eddie: “Uh huh, and what kind of guys did you use to date? Let me guess he was the president of the science club?” Eddie saw Loren turn red and he couldn’t help but to laugh. “Oh my god I am right aren’t I?”

Loren: “It was like two dates.” Eddie was dying laughing. “And I will have you know I have dated a variety of different guys. The last guy before you was the captain of the lacrosse team.” She knew they never truly dated, but she was trying to prove her point.

Eddie: “You dated a jock?” He busted out laughing again and Loren through a pillow at him.

Loren: “I never thought of him as a jock, but yeah I guess. Why is that so funny?”

Eddie: “It’s just I cannot picture you with a jock.” He said still laughing.

 Loren: “G thanks. You can picture me with the president of the science club, but me dating a jock seems crazy.”

 Eddie: “That’s not what I meant.” Eddie leaned against the dining room table.

 Loren: “Mhm.” She moved in front of him waiting for his explanation.

 Eddie: “I meant that a jock doesn’t seem like your type. You’re smart so the science guy makes sense. You’re creative and talented so I make sense. You know nothing about sports so you and the lacrosse guy doesn’t make sense.” Loren opened her mouth to argue, but she stopped herself. She knew Eddie was right her and Cameron never did make sense.

Loren: “Smart, creative and talented. Well aren’t you a lucky man Mr. Duran.”

Eddie: “So, lucky.” He pulls her in for a kiss. “Hey do you know what I just realized?”

Loren: “What?” she asked in between kisses.

Eddie: “We are all alone.” He pulled her in tighter.

Loren: “We are aren’t we?” she said playfully.

Eddie: “What should we do now that we are all alone?” he asked raising one eyebrow at her.

Loren: “Well,” she whispered seductively in Eddie’s ear. He smiles thinking things would end up in the bedroom. “I am going to do my pre-calc make up work and you can keep me company.” She reaches past him leaning in close and grabs her textbook of the table.

Eddie: “Loren Tate that’s not fair.” He groaned.

Loren: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She teased.

Eddie: “Mhm, fine but I am going to need your laptop and mp3.”

Loren: “Why?” She asked grabbing them out of her book bag.

Eddie: “Well if I’m keeping you company then I’m making you a playlist.”

Loren: “Oh sorry, but I already have an Eddie Duran playlist,” she teased as she logged into her computer. 

Eddie: “Ha, ha very funny. It’s just some songs I think you’ll like.” Eddie smirked at Loren when he saw her desktop background was the photo of them that he had on his piano. Loren blushed and handed Eddie her mp3.

Loren: “Here rock star, now leave me be to work,” she said jokingly.

Eddie: “Nerd.” Eddie mumbled as he sat on the couch.

Loren: “Nerd lover.” She retorted as she sat at the table to finish her work up. They both laugh.

A couple hours past and Loren was finishing up her last problem. Eddie was now lying on the couch with headphones listening to the playlist he made Loren, the laptop was sitting on the coffee table. Loren walked over to him and saw that his eyes were closed. She knelt down and kissed his lips softly.

Eddie: “Hey there beautiful, all caught up?” He asked pulling her on top of him.

Loren: “Yeah I am.” She began kissing him.

Eddie pulled her body down to him. With each kiss it became more passionate and full of want and need. Things start to get intense when she felt something in his pocket. Without breaking away from the kiss, Loren slipped her hand in his pocket and grabbed a flash drive out.

Loren: “Oh my god we forgot to watch the video.” She said realizing what it was. She sat up and plugged it into the computer.

Eddie: “You are going to be the death of me Loren Tate if you keep teasing me like that.” He groaned.

Loren: “Oh you are fine. Don’t you want to watch this?”

Eddie: “Yeah I do go ahead play it.” He said as he sat up next to her.

Loren: “Here we go.” Eddie grabbed Loren’s hand and she smiled at him as she pressed play.


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Chapter Eleven: HH

The sun streamed in the window, welcoming a new day. Loren began to wake from the warmth of the sun on her face. Loren felt Eddie’s arms around her and their legs intertwined together. Loren loved the way her bare body felt against his. She thought she would feel exposed, but instead it felt perfect. Loren smiled as she remembered the events of the night before.

*Last Night*

Loren laid on the bed pulling Eddie on top of her. Eddie kissed Loren like he had never kissed anyone. The kiss was full of passion, lust, love and want. It made Loren loose her train of thought and her body took control. He wanted Loren more than he had ever wanted someone before, and with the way Loren was kissing him back he knew she wanted him too. Loren started to undo his pants and Eddie finally pulled away.

Eddie: “Are you sure?”

Loren: “Yes Eddie I am ready— Wait are you sure you’re okay to do this?”

Eddie: “Of course Loren it’s not my first time.” Eddie felt her body tense up as the words hung in the air.  He bit his tongue regretting his words wishing he never said that.

Loren: “I am well aware of your past Eddie,” she tried to hide the annoyance in her voice as she continued, “I meant are you okay to do this, seeing how you are still recovering.”

Eddie: “Loren I’m fine, we will take things slow. I just want to make sure you are ready. I don’t want you to rethink things later and it be too late.”

Loren: “Eddie do you love me?”

Eddie: “Of course I do, you know that.”

Loren: “And I love you too and that’s all I need to know. There is no rethinking, I’m ready.”


Loren thought about how perfect last night was. It was everything she ever dreamed of and more. Loren closed her eyes. She wasn’t ready for it to morning yet. Loren didn’t want the moment to end, not yet anyway. As she did this Eddie began waking up. Eddie was instantly greeted by the smell of Loren’s hair. Like a garden, he thought to himself. As the memory of last night came back to Eddie, he couldn’t help but to grin.

*Last Night*

Loren: “….There is no rethinking, I’m ready.”

That was all Eddie needed to hear. The words barely left Loren’s lips and Eddie was kissing her. He loved the taste of her lips. He was kissing her more intensely than before knowing for sure now that she was ready. Eddie pulled Loren’s shirt off and began kissing her neck. Loren moaned and he became even more turned on. He pulled his shirt off and was about to go back to kissing her when he caught Loren’s eyes staring at his faded bruises and cuts. Loren sat up and Eddie thought for sure the moment was gone. He laid back on the bed wanting for Loren to say something, but instead he found Loren climbing on top him and straddling his waist. Eddie didn’t know what to think this side of Loren was still new to him. Loren softly kissed his torso. With each kiss she moved up his body being gentle not wanting to hurt one of his bruises. When Loren reached his neck her kisses were no longer gentle. She began nibbling his ear and Eddie let out a soft moan. Loren smiled knowing she found his weak spot. Eddie couldn’t take it anymore, he flipped Loren over and got back on top, taking charge.


Eddie became caught up in the memory and started kissing Loren’s neck.

Loren: “Well good morning to you too.” She giggled

Eddie: “Haha morning beautiful. Sorry, did I wake you?”

Loren: “No, not that, that would be a bad way to wake up. But I’ve been up for a few minutes.”

Eddie: “Oh yeah? How’d you sleep?”

Loren: “I slept good, what about you?” She turned over to face Eddie.

Eddie: “Great with you in my arms.”

Loren: “Uh huh, sure.”

Eddie: “I’m serious!— So, last night was….”

Loren: “Amazing!”

Eddie: “Oh yeah, beyond amazing.”

Loren: “Really? It’s okay if you don’t feel the same, I know I’m not experience–” Loren wasn’t able to finish before Eddie interrupted.

Eddie: “Loren stop. Last night was perfect… You are perfect. I love you.”

Loren: “I love you too.”

            Eddie kissed Loren and things quickly became more intense. Eddie climbs on top of Loren eager for round two.

Loren: “OUCH,” she cried. Eddie quickly got off of her. He thought he did something to hurt her but then he snapped to what was going on. It was her first time, of course she was going to be sore afterwards.  

Eddie: “Sorry Loren, I didn’t think. Are you okay?” He reached over to the nightstand pulling out some advil and handed them to Loren.

Loren: “Yeah Eddie, just a little sore.” She sat up a little to take the pills and cringed a little bit. Loren pulled the sheets over as she held her breath hoping Eddie didn’t see her cringe, but he did.

Eddie: “Sorry Loren, I should have been more gentle–” It was her turn to interrupt him.

Loren: “Stop Eddie. I wouldn’t change anything about last night, it was perfect.”

Eddie: “How about this, you stay right here in bed and I’ll go take a quick shower then go pick us up some breakfast. We can eat in bed and just relax today you never have to get out of bed.”

Loren: “That sounds great, but I can get out of bed. I’m not that sore.”

Eddie: “Nope you’re staying put.”

Loren: “Eddie don’t be ridiculous. At least let me get up and get my phone.”

Eddie: “On one condition.” Loren was intrigued as a devilish grin appeared on his face.

Loren: “Oh yeah, and what would that be?”

Eddie: “You drop the sheets when you get up.”

Loren: “Eddie I am naked!” She immediately felt dumb for saying that. Of course she was naked, they had made love.

Eddie: “Exactly!” He tugged on the sheets.

Loren: “Eddie,” she threw a pillow at him and he got up quickly dodging it laughing the entire time. He thought it was cute she was still so shy at times. “Get out of here and go take a shower.”

Eddie: “Fine, fine I’ll give…. for now,” he said walking into the bathroom.

Loren laughed at him. She slowly got up trying to avoid any pain, but it didn’t work. Loren’s whole lower body ached. She went to go get dressed, putting on a pair of Eddie’s sweats and his baggy shirt. Before heading back to the bed she grabbed her phone out of her bag. She wanted to tell Mel what had happen so bad, but not over text. She planned on meeting up with Mel before school tomorrow, so she’ll have to wait until then. The thought of school made her depressed. Last night was so perfect, she didn’t want to go back to reality. She closed her eyes tight just as Eddie walked out of the bathroom.

Eddie: “What are you doing?”

Loren: “Trying to stop time with my mind… Did it work?" 


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Chapter Twenty-Three: HHS2

Eddie and Loren lay in her bed facing the same way, with his arms around her waist, their fingers laced together and legs intertwined. Loren was half a sleep, enjoying the secure feeling that Eddie’s arm wrapped around her brought. She knew Eddie was awake, because his breathing was steady. Loren didn’t say anything though, content with the silence that filled the room. It was peaceful in away. Eddie was about to drift off to sleep when his thoughts started swimming through his head. Eddie knew he wouldn’t sleep unless he got it off his chest.

Eddie: “Loren?” He whispered.

Loren: “Hmm?” She said, but her eyes remained closed.

Eddie: “Do you think I should do the interview?” His words struggled to come out.

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Chapter Two: HHS1

Loren was heading to the café to meet up with Cameron to decorate the place for Mel’s birthday party. She knew Cam was mad, but that couldn’t be further from her mind right now. Loren was trying to process the events of the day, it seemed like a dream. Loren walked into the café lost in her thoughts until she say Cam looking up at her annoyed.

Cam: “Finally your here. I already put the decorations up. I was tired of waiting.” He said getting up from his chair.

Loren: “I already said sorry numerous times.” She walked up to him, feeling annoyed that he wouldn’t let this go.

Cam: “It’s just that it seems like I haven’t seen you in forever. I miss you.” The both sat down in the both.

Loren: “Well I am here now aren’t I? Do you really want to waste it fighting?” She tried to hide her annoyance. Loren knew it was her fault for forgetting, but he had done things like that in the past and she let it go.

Cam: “No your right I’m sorry babe.” He leans in and kisses her. Loren pulls away somewhat quickly.

Loren: “So I have some news to tell you.” She took a deep breath.

Cam: “Oh yeah?” He smiled hoping it was about Brown.

Loren: “Yeah, I got my acceptance letter. I got into Brown.”

Cam: “Loren that is so great! Babe we did it. Think about it we will be on the east coast in just a few months.”

Loren’s stomach began to knot at the thought of being on the east coast in few months. The thought of not being here and working on her music just didn’t seem right. She couldn’t believe she was about to tell him this. Loren planned on waiting, but when Cam put that image of them on the east coast it freaked her out. Loren had to tell him now.

Loren: “Cameron we need to talk,” she blurted out in the middle of his celebration.

Cam: “Uh oh this can’t be good.” He sighed as he braced himself for what Loren was about to tell him. Loren took a deep breath and hesitated before continuing.

Loren: “I-I’ve been thinking about postponing going to Brown, so I can pursue my music career further.” She looked down at the table, but Loren could feel Cam’s eyes burning a hole through her. Loren fiddled with the promise ring that Cam gave her on the one year anniversary like she always did when she was nervous. The silenced seem to last hours before Cam finally spoke.

Cam: “Are you serious Loren?” He couldn’t believe what he just heard.

Loren: “Yes I am. I want to do this.” She looked up at him.

Cam: “You wrote one song Loren, that’s it.” His anger started to build.

Loren: “I know, but I’ve been talking with Eddie and–” He stopped her before she could go on.

Cam: “Oh is that what this is about? Is something going on with you and Eddie Duran?” His tone was harsh.

Loren felt the anger flow through her body. She understood that Cameron was hurting, but to accuse her of cheating on him was out of line. They had been together for two years how could he ever think that she could do that to him.

Loren: “No Cameron, how dare you ask me that. He is my friend. I am doing this because it is my dream.” You could hear the anger build in her voice.

Cam: “That’s funny because I remember not too long ago that going to Brown with me was your dream.” His tone was no longer harsh, but hurt instead. All they ever talked about was Brown. Loren looked down at the table again. She sighed before continuing.

Loren: “…Going to Brown isn’t my dream…. It is just the dream that I settled on.” Loren knew these words hurt Cameron and she felt horribly for it, but she had to be honest with him.

Cam: “I got to go.” He said abruptly as he got up.

Loren: “Wait, what about Mel’s party?”

Cam: “Tell her… I don’t care what you tell her I just need to go.” He replied in frustration.

Loren: “Cam we need to talk about this.” She pleaded.

Cam: “Not right now.”                   

Loren: “Why?” She was fighting back the tears.

Cam: “Because if we do, then I am going to say something that I will not be able to take back.” The words hung in the air as Cameron took off before Loren could protest. As he walked out Mel and Adam walked in.

Mel: “What was that about?” She asked curiously.

Adam: “Yeah Cam looked really mad.”

Loren: “Oh its nothing don’t worry about it.”

Mel: “Loren, are you sure everything’s okay?” Her curiosity turning into concern.

Loren: “I don’t want to talk about, because tonight is all about you birthday girl!” She faked a smile.

Mel: “Well I do like the sound of that.”

The rest of the night went great. Mel loved her present from Loren and couldn’t wait to use it. The party was coming to an end when Loren couldn’t find Mel or Adam anywhere. She went to look for them in the back and found them making out. Loren quickly walked away in shock. A few minutes later Mel came out ready to go and Loren couldn’t help but to laugh at her. They were heading home talking about the video shoot tomorrow when a car came out of nowhere.

Mel: “Lo look out!” Mel screamed, but it was too late.


After seeing Don having sex with Ellie in his office she just wanted to have a drink and forget about everything that happened. She decided to go to MK and ran into Max who offered to buy her a drink. They ended up talking for hours and Nora eventually told him how she had caught Don cheating on her.

Max:  “In my opinion Don is an idiot. How he could cheat on an amazing beautiful women like you I will never no.” He grabbed Nora’s hand trying to comfort her.

Nora: “Well thank you, you are to kind.” She whispered as they locked eyes.

Max: “I meant every word of it.”  Nora heard the sincerity in his voice and her heart melted.

He leaned in and kissed her softly. He let his lips linger waiting for Nora to pull away, but she never did. That is until his phone went off. Max reluctantly pulled away which made Nora giggle. Max looked at the screen and saw that it was Eddie.

Max: “I’m sorry it is Eddie, he hasn’t had the best day.”

Nora: “No go answer it, I understand”

Max: “Thank you.” He took a couple steps away and answered the phone.


Max: “Hey son how are you doing?”

Eddie: “I’m okay pop, but I got to tell you something okay?”

Max: “Okay son what is it?” He was holding his breath hoping his son was about to tell him that he was dumping Chloe. He heard Nora’s phone go off as he waited for Eddie to respond.

Eddie: “Now I don’t want to hear from you. It my decision and you can either accept it alright?”

Max: “Okay.”

Eddie: “I am giving Chloe a second chance. She explained things to me and I am willing to work through it.”

Max: “Son–” Eddie didn’t let him go any further.

Eddie: “Pop don’t it’s my choice.”

Max: “Okay son–” He looked a Nora who just hung up the phone. She had a panic look on her face. “Uh listen son we will talk later, I have to go.”

Eddie: “Everything okay?”Max could hear the concern in Eddie’s voice.

Max: “I don’t know, but I really got to go.”

Eddie: “Okay, let me know what’s going on when you do know.”

Max: “I will. Bye son.” He hung up before Eddie could say anything else.


Max: “Nora, are you okay?” He walked towards her.

Nora: “N-no I have to go.” She said coming back to reality.

Max: “Why? What’s wrong?”

Nora: “Loren’s been in an accident, I have to go get her.” All the color in her face drained.

Max: “Is she okay?” He heart ached as the memories of Katy tried to come back but he pushed them aside. He had to Nora needed him.

Nora: “I think so, but I need to get to her now.” She started getting her stuff together.

Max: “Okay, I’ll come with you.” He grabbed his keys.

Nora: “No you don’t have to do that.”

Max: “I know I don’t, but I want to.”

Nora: “Thank you Max.” Tears started to run down her face and Max pulled her in for a hug to comfort her.

Max: “No need to thank me, everything is going to be fine. Let’s go get her.”

Nora nodded in agreement. He grabbed Nora’s hand and gave her a reassuring smile as they locked eyes. Despite the romantic moment that was occurring Nora broke there stare all she could think about was getting to Loren.


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Chapter Twenty-Seven: HHS2

The next day Loren was getting ready to head out to meet with Trent. They were in the living room and Eddie sat on the piano bench and watched Loren gather her things as she became lost in her thoughts. Eddie still had reservations about her going and was worried about her going. Trent always had a way of getting under her skin and he wanted to do whatever he could possibly do to prevent that from happening.

Eddie: “Are you sure you don’t want me to come with? All I have planned today is lunch with pops. I can get out of it and come along for support.” He offered kindly.

Loren: “No, no go to lunch with your dad I’ll be fine.” She muttered still somewhat lost in her thoughts.

Eddie: “Are you sure? I don’t mind really.” He pleaded hopelessly as he stayed sitting on the piano bench looking up at her.

Loren: “Positive. Eddie, I have to do this on my own.”  She stated firmly.

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Chapter Twenty-Five: HHS2

Kelly and the producer were setting up in the sound booth when Eddie and Loren walked in. Eddie gave Loren a quick kiss before she walked over to the microphone as he settled in the sound booth next to Kelly.

Kelly: “Okay Loren lets record I’m Alive, first then we will work on your new material. Sound good?” She said over the intercom.

Loren: “Sounds great.” She said putting on the headphones.

Kelly: “Alright, whenever you’re ready.”

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Chapter Twenty-Four: HHS2

The rest of the week went by in a blur. Loren was either studying, packing for her move to Eddie’s, or wedding planning.

Eddie was back in the studio recording for his album, so he and Loren had barely seen or talked to each other besides texting and they’re good night phone calls since the morning the got the wakeup call from Mel.  

It was finally Friday and Loren was sitting anxiously in Mel’s car as they drove to the recording studio.

Loren: “I cannot believe you are blowing me off to shop with Lisa and Adriana.”

Mel: “First of all I am not blowing you off, you will be fine. Second of all I am going shopping to get new clothes for Adriana because she is getting too big for the clothes she has now. Do you really want me to miss out on a chance of recording that?” She had a devious grin on her face.

Loren: “Mel she is pregnant that is plain mean of you to be enjoying her gaining weight.”

Mel: “Oh please you know a part of you is to. Plus Lisa put the guilt trip on me to go and I’m meeting up with Adam afterwards.”

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Chapter Nine: Hollywood Heights Three Years Later

The night of the label’s anniversary had finally arrived. MK was packed with artists from the label all celebrating and having a good time. Max was running around making sure everything was in order. Nora was helping out Grace behind the bar. Ian and Mel were cozy in the corner watching one of the newest artist that signed with Leflore perform. Jake and Kelly were running around with their tablets greeting people every so often. Unfortunately Eddie had gotten cornered by Andrew the label’s weasel who was talking nonstop about what the tour means for his and Loren’s career. Eddie tuned him out and just nodded every so often. He scanned the room and that’s when he saw her. Eddie’s heart began pounding as he saw how beautiful she looked. Loren was standing in the entryway looking around the room. She was wearing black sleek dress that hugged her body perfectly. Her hair was slightly curled and her make was lightly done as always. As their eyes met Loren smiled softly and gave him a slight wave. Eddie was about to walk over towards her when a guy walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. Eddie recognized him. He was the guitar player in her band; they met at the photo shoot last week. He whispered something in her air which caused her to giggle. Eddie felt his stomach drop as his heart ached.

Andrew: “—This is going to mean big things, for everyone involved.”

Eddie: “Yeah—yeah I’m sure it does. Will you excuse me please?” He said stopping Andrew from going any further.

Before Andrew could answer Eddie walked over to the bar and ordered top shelf whiskey from Grace. Mel was talking with Ian when she noticed Eddie’s actions and excused herself to check on him.

Mel: “Drinking already rockstar? You usually stay sober until after you perform.” She sat next to him and ordered a cranberry juice.

Eddie: “What do you know about that guy Loren’s with?” He asked ignoring her questioned as he kept his gaze on Loren and Myles who were still talking near the doorway. Mel cleared his throat.

Mel: “Uh that’s Myles, he plays in the band she went out on tour with.”

Eddie: “I know that, Ian and I met him at the photo shoot last week. Do you know anything about him—about them?” He took another swig of his drink trying to get rid of the bitter taste of the idea of Loren with another guy.

Mel: “Don’t do this Eddie.” She muttered shaking her head.

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Chapter Eight: HH Three Years Later

Loren and Eddie were sitting at their spot. The sun was setting and Eddie was sitting against the tree. Loren was sitting in front of him leaning against his chest with his arms wrapped around her waist holding her close. She was rubbing his arms up and down as they watched the sunset. Loren looked up at him and saw that Eddie had his eyes shut tight with a strange expression on his face.

Loren: “What are you doing?”

Eddie: “Trying to stop time with my mind.” He opened his eyes and looked down at Loren with a smirk. “Did it work?”

Loren: “Sorry, still no luck on the super powers.” She giggled.

Eddie: “Damn, guess we’ll have to wait for a shooting star.”

Loren: “You are so corny sometimes.” She laughed at his antics as she stood up and looked out at the city that was beginning to light up.

Eddie: “Yeah, but you love me anyways.” He said sweetly as he got up and wrapped his arms around her waist resting his chin on her shoulder.

Loren: “Mhm, forever and always.”

Eddie: “Forever and always.” He kissed her shoulder blade.



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Chapter Sixteen: HH

Mel and Loren were sitting in the car heading to Nora’s. Mel needed a break from the Sanders household. Even though things were better it was still crowded now that Adriana was living there. Loren was grinning from ear to ear as Mel was talking about what homework they had to get done. Mel looked at Loren and saw that huge smile on her face. When they finally pulled into the driveway Mel had to know what was going on.

Loren: “Mom must be at Max’s.” Loren was a little disappointed. She wanted to tell her mom and Mel about the tour at the same time about the tour. Loren also wanted to tell her about moving in with Eddie.

Mel: “Okay Lo, what gives?”

Loren: “What do you mean?” She asked as she got out of the car. As she headed to the door she could hear Mel close behind her. They were putting their stuff on the kitchen table when Mel finally answered her.

Mel: “I mean you have had that same grin on your face since I picked you up. I know the all-nighter to do homework is not the cause.” She sat down.

Loren: “Okay, I was going to wait to tell my mom and you together, but since she’s not here I do have something to tell you!”

Mel: “Well spill already I am dying over here.”

Loren: “The meeting today was about me going out on tour with Eddie!”

Mel: “What? Are you for real Lo,” she screeched!

Loren: “Yeah they want me to open for Eddie Duran! Oh and sing our duet that we did at MK!” Mel started jumping up and down.

Mel: “That is so amazing Loren and to think you didn’t if I didn’t send in that video!”

Loren: “Well I think I have a way to finally repay you. That is if you’re interested.”

Mel: “Oh is it a car?

Loren: “No, plus you just got a brand new one.”

Mel: “Right, right. Is it something gold?”

Loren: “Nope.”

Mel: “Something shinny that I can wear with pretty, pretty diamonds all over?”

Loren: “Ha, ha no not even close.”

Mel: “Oh wait is it Ryan Gosling? Please let it be Ryan! How I’d love me some Ryan.”

Loren: “Well he hasn’t returned my calls yet, so I had to settle on something else.”

Mel: “Lo tell me now! Please, please, please!”

Loren: “Alright already calm down I will tell you.”

Mel: “Okay, okay I’m calm. I’m listening, tell me… tell me come on tell me!”

Loren: “Well we were discussing how Eddie hired Ian to come on tour and photograph the tour.”

Mel: “Uh huh, yeah get to the point about you repaying me for turning you into a rock star!”

Loren: “I’m getting there. So, Kelly asked me if I wanted Ian to be my photographer as well.”

Mel: “Yeah uh huh…”

Loren: “Then I suggested that it would be cool if we had a videographer for the behind the scenes as well.”

Mel: “Lo are you saying what I think your saying!?!” Mel was practically hyperventilating.

Loren: “I suggested you, and because of that amazing video you made of Eddie and me they agreed that you would be perfect for the job! What do you say Mel, want to come out on tour with me?”

Mel: “Oh my god, yes! Are you crazy of course I will!!! This is so amazing.”

Loren: “Good because I would only want you to film my first tour!”

Mel: “I know that’s right. But Kelly is actually okay with this. I know she is not my number one fan ever since I showed you that whole video of her saying she was going to change you.”

Loren: “She is fine with it, but Kelly did say you have to turn the camera off when she tells you too. No arguments.”

Mel: “Well we will see about that.” They both laughed.

Loren: I am so glad you are coming. I don’t know what I would do without you for six months.”

Mel: “Be absolutely lost. Sure you’d be a rock star, but still you would be utterly lost without me by your side.”

Loren: “You are probably right about that. This is so great. I can’t wait to see how the video will turn out.”

Mel: “I know right! Oh my goodness I cannot believe I will be the one to capture this generations Max and Katy first tour.” So many thoughts were running through her head, but then she had only one thought on her mind.

Loren: “I don’t know about that–” Loren notice Mel’s excitement quickly die down. Mel slumped down in her seat. “Mel what is it? You were all excited and hyper Mel a second ago.”

Mel: “Loren, I-I can’t believe I am about to say this.”

Loren: “Mel what is it?” She grabbed Mel’s hand afraid of what Mel was going to say.

Mel: “Lo I am sorry, but I-I can’t go.”


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Chapter Fourteen: HH

When Eddie and Loren got to the office they were instantly greeted by Jake and Kelly. They both seemed very eager and acted like they were up to something. Eddie and Loren sat down next to each other and Eddie grabbed her hand reassuring her that he was here for her. They barely sat down before Jake got started.

Jake: “Okay so I know a lot has happened, but you know this business never slows down.”

Eddie: “And neither do you.” Everyone laughed.

Jake: “Exactly, now I gave you the weekend and I even let it go when both of you shut off your phones yesterday,” Loren and Eddie exchanged looks with each other and Jake continued, “but Kelly and I want to get back to work. Can I assume that you guys are up for that as well?”

Eddie looked at Loren. She nodded letting him know she was okay.

Eddie: “Yeah, let’s do it. I have those three songs, plus one I was working on while I was… away.”

Loren: “Yeah I have three new ones to record, plus Mars which I have already recorded.”

Eddie: “You did?”

Loren: “Yeah, I told you I threw myself into my music while you were gone.”

Eddie: “Sorry I missed your first recording for your album. I should have been there for you.”

Loren: “You were there, in a way that is.” Eddie looked at her confused, before Loren could explain herself Jake cleared his throat.

Jake: “Uh let’s hold off on the music we need to take care of the tour dates. That’s why all four of us are having this meeting together.”

Loren: “What does Eddie’s tour have to do with me?”

Kelly:  “Well, how would you like to open for Eddie?”

Loren: “What?”

Eddie: “That’s a great idea.”

Loren: “But how, I have barely started my career. No way is the label okay with me opening for a super star like Eddie.”

Kelly: “Actually they are all for it. Your fan base blew up after the concert in New York. Plus they love the back story with you and Eddie. Not to mention the chemistry you two share on stage.”

Loren: “Wait I’ll be performing with Eddie?”

Kelly: “Yeah, you would end your set with the debut you two sang at MK. Great way to end your set and introduce Eddie on stage.”

Jake: “That is, if Eddie is okay with it.”

Kelly: “Of course.”

Eddie: “I love the idea of performing with my girl every night, but it’s really up to Loren.”

Loren: “Are you kidding? I mean yeah of course that is okay with me. It’s not like it’s my tour.”

Eddie: “It is now.” He squeezed her hand. “It’s our tour.”

Jake: “Great. Now both of your albums are around the same deadline so you two need to get serious about writing. If you guys can finish recording by August then we can drop the album in September, October at the latest. That gives us three to four months to promote the album and tour because your first concert is in January.”

Kelly: “Ideally we want you guys to finish recording around the same time. That way two can promote together which will help sale your story.”

Loren: “And what exactly is our story?” Loren was afraid Kelly would use everything that had happen with Eddie and going into hiding as an angle to get Loren’s name out there.

Kelly: “Eddie adding your song to the contest, helping you overcome your stage fright, the music video, you two becoming friends then falling for each other through the connection of music.”

Eddie: “And that’s it right?” Eddie glared at Kelly still untrusting of her. Before Kelly could reply Jake intervened. 

Jake: “And that’s it. We released a statement stating that we will not be answering any questions about the recent events at this time. But Eddie I think you need to do an interview, with something legitimate like 20/20 or 60 minutes. Get your story out there, so there are no speculations.”

Eddie: “And why would I do that? How will that help promote my album, our albums?” Loren squeezed his hand trying to calm him down.

Jake: “You do it now within the next month and explain your side of what happen. You do it now and it has plenty of time to die down by the time the promotion for the albums.”

Eddie: “And if questions do come up during promotions?”

Jake: “Then you reply by saying that you have already answered all the questions that you are going to on the content of that matter and you move on.”

Kelly: “Actually it would be good if Loren did part of the interview with you. You can start the interview by yourself and half way through Loren can join you.”

Eddie: “What, no! I don’t want to drag Loren into this mess I have already put her through enough.”

Jake: “Eddie, Kelly is right it would be for the best. Loren did an interview where she stated that she knew you were innocent—” Loren cut him off.

Loren: “You do realize I’m in the room right? You can you stop talking about me like I am not here.”

 Jake: “I am sorry Loren, you are right. But that fact of the matter is after the interview you were questioned by the police. You were accused of hiding Eddie who at the time was a fugitive on the run. There were cops all over your first solo concert. Not to mention the fact you Eddie were arrested while the two of you were together. Face it Eddie your girl was dragged into this a long time ago. If Loren does the interview as well then she can get her side of the story out as well and give it time for the media buzz on the subject to calm down before her first album drops.” Eddie sighed knowing that everything that Jake was saying was true.

Eddie: “Fine, but we need to think about it okay? I want to talk to Loren about it more privately before we decide anything.”

Jake: “Alright, but like I said before the sooner the better.

Eddie: “Jake we get it.”

Jake: “Moving on, now Eddie you still want Ian to be the photographer on the tour right?”

Eddie: “Yeah that would be great.”

Kelly: “Loren do you want him to take shots of you as well.”

Loren: “Yeah, I mean that would be amazing.” Loren thought for a second then had a great idea. “Wait, what if we had someone filming behind the scenes of our tour as well?” Kelly knew exactly she was talking about and shook her head disapproving of the idea.

Kelly: “Loren–” Loren cut her off before she went any further.                                        

Loren: “I am not asking, because she is my best friend. You saw that video she made of me and Eddie.”

Eddie: “What video?”

Loren:  “I’ll show you later. Kelly has seen it though. It was amazing and you know it.”

Jake: “It has gotten a lot of hits and great reviews online.”

Kelly: “She does have some great editing skills all give you that.”

Loren: “And that is without any resources. Imagine what she could do.” Kelly sighed and tapped her foot in annoyance. Kelly knew Loren had a good idea, but Mel can be sneaky with the camera.

Kelly: “Fine, but when I say the camera needs to be off it better be off.”

Loren: “Thank you, you won’t regret it.”

Kelly: “Yeah I am not so sure about that.”

They all went over some more details about the tour before ending the meeting. They said their good byes, but before heading out Jake remember something.

Jake: “Eduardo I am meeting with Lea and Jeremy in a few minutes if you want to stick around.” Eddie could feel Loren’s eyes on him.

Eddie: “Nah, I’m good. I want them to have a career if they’re good, not because they helped me out. Let’s just leave it separate. I don’t want any more attention on this matter then needs be.”

Jake: “Whatever you want man.”

Eddie put his arm around Loren’s waist and they started walking out.

Eddie: “So, I want to see this video Mel made of us.”

Loren: “It is so amazing Eddie–”

Eddie stopped dead in his tracks as they reached the door.  Cutting Loren off in mid sentence. Loren Looked up confused and that’s when she saw a guy and girl standing there. Loren’s stomach knotted when she saw how the girl looked at Eddie.

Leah: “Eddie it is so great to see you. I am so glad you’re alright.“


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