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Hollywood Stars | Johnny Depp

Tomorrow is Johnny’s birthday so everyone make sure to give him lots of love. Its gonna be hard for him to enjoy it with all this stupid bullshit going on but maybe receiving letters and stuff will make him feel better. (-: If I have time Im gonna make a photo collage eep

Happy birthday my love, Johnny Depp

With lots of love always, happy birthday, each year is full of surprises from you and amazing stuff. Please don’t ever let anyone take that from you, no woman or man should. You bring joy to us and happiness but most especially you are the most caring man in this planet and so passionate on what you do, helping people and kids around the globe. Doing the things you love with the people that love and support you. 53 years of a wonderful man, with everything that you come with deffects and all, how wonderful to live in this world with you too. And tho someday i hope to finally meet you, you will ALWAYS HAVE MY SUPPORT AND LOVE.

To the love of my life. One special and unique person and actor… John Christopher Depp (Johnny Depp) i love you.