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“I want to be remembered for the work that I’ve done, rather than the car accidents I’ve gotten into, the men that I’ve not dated or the men that I have…Because I’m so much in the spotlight, people lose sight of why I’m in the industry. In fact, I’m doing all this because I love to act. I love to perform.” -Lindsay Lohan

Confession: I love playing as Mercy. Even though I’m often not appreciated *salt* I love being there for others and helping them push to victory. That, and she’s the cutest thing ever. I mean her wings twitch in her sitting emote for Pete’s sake! <3

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Drunk Confessions Pt. 6

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Your POV

You wake up. Head is throbbing, body weak and shaking. You turn and see Derek next to you. You look down and see both of you only in your under garments. Derek starts to turn and wake up. “What happened last night?” You ask him. He laughs. “We just did a little foreplay.” He responds. Awesome, your first experience and you can’t even remember it. By the feeling of your body you’re guessing you enjoyed it. “Sorry I guess I shouldn’t have given you that many drinks.” He says while stretching. He gives you a kiss on the cheek. “Next time I’ll make sure you remember.” He then gets up walking into the bathroom. You look down and smile. You check your phone for updates. You go onto your twitter and see something strange. You notice you have a couple thousand more followers. You check your mentions and they’re all tagging Derek in as well. You never posted anything so how do they know? You search up the both of your names and a bunch of pictures come up. Pictures of you guys at the island, kissing, hugging, holding hands, everything. That explains it. “Derek have you seen this?” You ask him getting nervous. You don’t know how he’s going to react. He comes over sitting next to you. He starts scrolling through. He shrugs his shoulders. “I wasn’t really trying to keep it a secret.” He says handing your phone back to you then heading back into the bathroom. You smile, happy to know he didn’t want to hide you. You notice you have a DM. How can anyone DM you if you don’t follow them back? You read the message.

That’s really weird. You decide to block them and ignore it. It’s probably just someone trying to scare you. You go to the downstairs bathroom to take a shower. You get out and put some clothes on. You decide not to do your hair or make up. You want to just hang out today. You walk out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. You’re taken away by a delicious smell. “What is this?” You ask Derek. You see him putting two plates filled with food on the table. He turns around. “I just thought I’d make som- Woah.” He says staring at you wide eyed. You get nervous. “Oh god what?” You say. He starts walking over to you. “I’ve never seen you completely natural before. I love it. You look perfect.” He says putting your hair behind your ear. You couldn’t help but blush. “Thank you.” You respond. “Uhm I made breakfast for us.” He says pointing his thumb over his shoulder to the table, not breaking eye contact. “I can tell it smells amazing.” You say walking passed him to the table sitting down. Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. You had no idea he could cook. You enjoyed every second of it. You help clean up by taking his and your plate and washing them off in the sink. You go upstairs to your bag from the trip and pick out an outfit. You take out some black leggings and then decide to take one of Derek’s shirts and put it on. You head back downstairs and meet Derek on the couch. “You look so good in my clothes.” He says picking you up from the waist, you, wrapping your legs around his torso. You guys connect in a kiss. He lays you down on the couch, he on top of you. The kiss turns more passionate. You start to think back to the message you got on twitter. ‘Not as innocent’. You push Derek back. You’re afraid someone is watching you. “What’s wrong?” He asks. You don’t know if you want to tell him. You don’t want to make it seem like you’re going to be threatened by his fans. “I just have to use the bathroom really fast.” You say slipping out from under him. You go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. You start talking to yourself. ‘You’re just over reacting. They took a lucky guess. It’s just a jealous fan.’ You convince yourself and go back out. You sit on Derek’s lap straddling him. You give him a kiss where his jaw meets his neck. Causing him to let out a small moan. “You want me to do something you’ll remember this time?” He asks you. You feel excitement take over. You nod your head yes. He gives you a soft kiss on your nose before laying you down under him. His teeth start tugging at the skin on your neck down to your collar bone. Your breathing gets heavier as your body starts wanting more. You feel cold finger tips on the skin at your waist line. They start tracing your nerve endings above the fabric. His body covers more of you as he leaves his lips on your forehead. You feel the hand tight against you as it travels into your pants. You gasp for air when he finds your heat. You haven’t been touched there before so this is a feeling you’re new to. Well you have been last night but you can’t remember. Circles are made causing your chest to rise and fall. “Relax a little bit.” He whispers in your ear. You make eye contact with him. His eyes sparkling with lust. He connects his lips to yours. Slowly he inserts two digits and your kiss is broken by a moan. He smiles and laughs at you, loving your reaction. He grips your neck with his mouth once again. You call out his name, making him go faster and harder seeing you’re close to your breaking point. You feel tingling in your stomach, sweat rising from your skin. You’re eyes close and your breath sharpen. Finally you release. Your breath racing as your body relaxes. Derek puts his full weight on you. Kissing your lips one more time. “How was that?” he asks smiling, knowing he pleased you. “Perfect” You say closing your eyes. You feel his arms travel around under, holding you tight. You find yourself drifting off to sleep.

Derek’s POV

I enjoy pleasuring her. You can see the stress come out of her one breath at a time. I feel her fall asleep under me. I fall too. Moments later I’m woken up by the sound of the doorbell. I sleepily get up and go to the door. I open it and no one is there. I shrug my shoulders and close it. I look down and see a note on the floor. I pick it up. It has “y/n” on it in big black letters. Who knows that she’s here? Why are they sending her letters to my house? This is weird. I wake her up. “Baby, someone left a note for you here.” I tell her. She groans, rubbing her eyes. She sits up, pulling her knees to her chest, she opens it up. I see her eyes open in fear as she reads it. Her hand comes up and covers her mouth. I see tears form in her eyes as she finishes, crumpling up the note and putting it on the couch next to her. “What does it say?” I ask her. She just shakes her head. I pick up the note and open it.

Dear y/n,

So you think you can block me off of Twitter? Guess again. Enjoy his pleasure while you have it. Because you only have a couple more days with it. Stop acting like you’re so “innocent” and “Perfect” you’re not fooling anyone. You might as well start telling him goodbye. He won’t care, like I said he won’t remember you after I’m done. Just like how you forgot me. You really haven’t figured out who I am yet? Don’t worry, you will soon enough. Have fun you worthless slut.

            -Anonymous –

I don’t even know what to think. If they think for a second I’m leaving her, I would never. I pull her onto my lap, her head on my shoulder. She’s crying due to being so afraid. “No one will ever take you from me. Remember the ring I gave you? I will never let anyone hurt you I promise.” I whisper to her trying to calm her down. “How do they know we’re doing things?” She asks. She pulls out her phone and shows me a Twitter DM from this morning. Who is this? Why would someone threaten our relationship? “Come on lets go upstairs” I carry her bridal style up the stairs. I place her on the bed and put the covers over her. She cuddles the blanket. I feel bad that someone is scaring her this bad and I can’t do anything. I close the blinds and cuddle her from behind. She flips over nuzzling her head into my chest. “Do you have any idea who it could be?” I ask her. “No I haven’t even talked to anyone in the past month. I’ve never had bad blood with anyone. I don’t know what this is.” She explains. “Should we call police?” I say thinking it would be the best. “We can’t, they haven’t physically threatened me yet, just our relationship.” She says. She has a point. “We’ll keep an eye out. For now let’s just relax and watch a movie. They might just be bluffing.” I say. You can feel her calm down. This relationship is finally perfect and I will do anything to keep it this way. “I love you y/n” I tell her but she has already passed out in my chest. I play with her hair. I can’t help but worry that whoever this is, could potentially hurt one of us. I start to think of solutions. Anyone who could message her on Twitter, she has to be following. So it has to be someone she followed that changed their entire twitter so she can’t find out who it was. Next they have to know someone in our circle to have been able to know we we’re dating and where I live. Possibly someone we are both friends with. I don’t know anyone who would go to these extremes though. Also stalking us, watching in through my windows? How are they doing that? I text Skate and see if he knows anything.

Damn, I didn’t want Skate coming home but he could help us with this. I head outside to see if I can find anything. I don’t want to leave y/n by herself but I have to see if I can find anybody. I look in my front yard. There isn’t much but I check under our cars, in the mailbox, the bushes. I see nothing. The sides of the house I also see nothing. Looking in the backyard I do see our shed open. I look inside and no one is in there, but they were. I walk around the pool and notice something silver behind the palm tree that leads up to my room. I turn around the corner and see a ladder propped up onto the tree. That’s how they were looking in. I kick it over in anger. I continue searching around my backyard and I don’t find more. I head back inside and take y/n’s phone. I find the user she blocked, on my account. I search through followers, following, pictures and tweets. They’ve deleted all of their tweets and pictures. Their picture and banner are both black. I check their followers, the only thing still normal, and I see that both Sam and Skate follow this account too. So they know who they are. I check their following and it only has two. I check the two and its y/n and I. Why are they obsessed with us? I feel y/n wake up next to me.

Skate’s POV

Whoever is threatening my sister will not get away with it. I’m still recovering from the wreck but as soon as I’m done, they’re dead. I tell Sam we have to go and we start packing. I ask him if he knows anything about it and he doesn’t either. I don’t think my sister has fought with anyone in her life. This person must be a jealous fan trying to seem big. We get to the airport and board the plane. I have my phone on airplane mode the whole way but after we land I turn it off. I notice that I’ve received a text from an unfamiliar number.

My jaw drops. This is clearly the person stalking them. But right now I’m more pissed about the fact they’re doing shit. Clearly Derek convinced her to be alone just so they can fuck. I knew them dating wouldn’t be good. I’m furious. This will not go on any longer. He’s turning my little innocent sister into a whore. Maybe this “Secret” person is him just trying to rub it in my face that he slept with my sister. I need to get to his house NOW.

Thank you guys so much for the support and lovely messages. I will be ending this story soon. I am running out of ideas. But fun fact: I’m meeting Skate and Derek in 9 days and I’m so nervous.

Spy AU (spy!Dean, rookie!Cas), in which Cas is Dean’s new partner in fighting crime, and Dean’s unimpressed… for a while

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“No,” growled Dean as soon as he sat down. “No way am I working with him.”

Ellen Harvelle surveyed him calmly, taking a sip of her scotch.

“You don’t even know who your new partner is, Mr Winchester,” she replied, speaking loudly enough to be heard over the buzz of the crowded bar. “You can’t object to him just yet.”

Dean cast her a scornful look.

“Oh, yeah, which person here could possibly be our new agent? It’s so hard to figure out. Maybe it’s one of those college nerds over there? Or that guy on his bachelor party? Or Ash?” As though hearing his name, Ash swung around on his barstool and gave Dean a wave. “Or maybe, just maybe, it’s that guy standing next to the bar. You know, the one in the trenchcoat and the bad suit and cheap shoes. The one who is so obviously the greenest rookie in the history of espionage, I don’t even need to see his face to know he’s gonna be useless. A total liability.”

At that moment, the guy in question finished his conversation with the bartender, and turned to look out over the room.

“Well, at least he’s pretty,” Dean said.

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isn’t it funny? how Hollywood loves our culture but when it comes to US as HUMANS we don’t exist. we become whitewashed.

y'all wanna make a movie about Michael Jackson but use a white guy. an apperantly tone deaf white guy. then there’s some ignorant people who wanna say “ but Michael Jackson was white when he diEd!!!2!21!11!! ” bitch no. he was black when he was born and black when he died. point blank end of sentence.

then y'all wanna steal everything else? space buns? bitch Bantu knots and they poppin not like them ugly ass lil “ space buns ”. boxer braids? bitch they are corn rows!!! I’m over Hollywood and their thievery of our culture.