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Datalounge is a complete clusterfuck and a total joke. I used to hang out there many years ago and they literally think everyone in Hollywood is gay/closeted/bearding. I assume some say it jokingly but I swear some of them seriously believe it. They're as cracked as the Sam/Cait ES conspiracy theorist nuts.

Couldn’t agree with you more, Anon! Back in the day, my best friend was a gay man. I hung out with him all the time and was immersed in gay male culture and so, I can say from experience that, yes gay men are convinced all men are secretly gay. That’s the same tone set on DataLounge. And now that many Extreme Shippers are really angry with Sam because it’s clear he isn’t with Cait, they’ve migrated over to DataLounge to troll and jump on the spreading lies bandwagon. If you’re into conspiracy theories, convoluted diatribes and straight out lies, hang out on DataLounge. If you’re into, well, the TRUTH–don’t.

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Hi there! I'm currently writing a paper about how things in hollywood are crafted? I've been struggling to find articles that reflect this. Do you know of any at the top of your head that talks about the construction of closets or boybands or at least a point of direction? Totally fine if you don't! Thank you and have a good day! :)

i have a bunch of links to articles i’ll start with and then i’ll also link you to some relevant tumblr posts that might help you direct your research.


celebrities call the paparazzi on themselves

watch this video from rolling stone where troye sivan talks about coming out and record companies closeting artists

Rowan Blanchard on closeted actors

vanity fair article on hiddleswift and other celebrity ‘conspiracy theories’ (hiddleswift, babygate is fake and larry mentions)

the forced womanizer images for union j’s Jaymi Hensley and Christopher Maloney (who later came out)

Vice: Why celebrities fake relationships to help their careers (with bonus glass closet mention)

union j member says artists are told: “you can’t come out”

tom daley interview with the guardian about coming out

not about closeting but absolutely vital reading - new york times interview with kesha about the dr.luke/court situation called ‘kesha, interrupted’

out magazine - pretty hurts: the joy and heartache of colton haynes (who talks about his coming out experience)

the another man article about the dark side of boy bands

(from the independent) revealed: the formula for a successful boyband

simon cowell’s own book ‘i don’t mean to be rude but’ talks about how important fake/pr relationships are

i want my, i want my, i want my TMZ: lessons for handling a pr crisis

the scandal attention cycle

Former Scientologist Cathy Schenkelberg Opens Up About Unknowingly Auditioning To Be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend

interview with harvey levin about not outing closeted celebrities

Louis Walsh: I planted fake stories to cover up sexuality of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately

here’s an interview with the x-factor’s first winner steve brookstein (contains the infamous ‘that secret should have been ours to sell’ quote)

the art of the staged celebrity photo (text on tumblr but the post is originally from e!)

how to spot fake PR relationships courtesy of the daily mail (the irony isn’t lost on my either)

and of course @aaronbutterfield‘s breatheheavy article we need to talk about one direction

now onto the tumblr posts (most have a direct source link to the articles they discuss [a number are posted above already] but also provide additional commentary)

a bunch of links to articles about hold actors in old hollywood were closeted and/or mistreated by the studio system

more on the three week scandal cycle

colton haynes’ IG post about coming out

the curious case of closeting luke evans

jeremy renner had his own babygate

as did simon cowell

compilation post about tom cruise/katie holmes, leo dicaprio, and elton john

my leo dicaprio tag in general might be helpful but these posts in particular about his set up papped dates with blake lively a few years ago

here’s a crash course on scientology and how they closet the famous people involved in their ‘religion’

how entertainment closeting works

other closeted/formerly closeted celebrities (ranging from rock hudson to sam smith)

in oz, there are no curtains

robsten fake cheating scandal case study

fake and speculated to be fake celebrity baby scandals

Anthony Perkins and Tab Hunter, c.1958

They look so uncomfortable together. They were in love but closeted. They went on double dates or met at a theater, entering at different times and exiting out the fire exit so no one would see them together. It was impossible. They broke up.

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Do you know what a morality clause is? It's about CRIMINAL OFFENSES. Not what it was 100 years ago which is your constant and very "convenient" fallback. Robert Downey Jr had a morality clause related to his drug use. At one point he couldn't even be bonded - do you know about bonding in HW? DO YOU? Mark Salling had to use his insurance to settle with the girl who wanted to sue him - DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ACTOR'S INSURANCE? Cash Carter is likeRobert Downey Jr. There is no hint of no Darren anywhere.

Dear Anon,

In fact, I did invite people to send me asks with rational, intelligent arguments. But sadly for you, you clearly have no idea what a morality clause is and how far it can reach.

Agreed, a morality clause absolutely includes criminal acts but it is much more encompassing than that.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

A morals clause is a provision within instruments of a contract which curtail, or restrain, or proscribe certain behavior of individuals or party(s) to the contract.
A moral clause within contracts used as a means of holding the individual or party(s) to a certain behavioral standard so as not to bring disrepute, contempt or scandal to other individual or party to the contract and their interests. It attempts to preserve a public and private image of such a party to the contract. In essence one party to the contract is purchasing the other party’s good name or reputation. These clauses are most seen in contracts betweenactors and actresses and their studios, athletes and their organization or proprietors of a product that the athlete(s) may endorse or as a part of a marital settlement. Commonly proscribed activity include the use or abuse ofalcohol, the use of illegal drugs or narcotics or illegal or illicit sexual activity

While engaging in homosexual acts are becoming more and more accepted by society, many religious groups and societies still consider this to be an illicit sexual activity (X). 

Here is another definition of a Morals Clause from USLEGAL.Com

A morals clause is a provision in a contract or official document that prohibits certain behavior in a person’s private life. They deal with behavior such as sexual acts and drug use. They were commonly used in the contract between actors/actresses and film studios to uphold the public image sought to be portrayed by the studio. Morals clauses are included today in certain contracts of public figures, such as athletes, actors/actresses, and others.

And here is a sample morality clause that was leaked from an MTV Reality Show personality’s contract and published by TMZ

As you can see,it includes “any public act that brings the Artist into public disrespect, scandal, contempt, or ridicule that shocks, insults, or offends a substantial group or community or reflects unfavorably on the Artist or Producer….”  

Do you live in the same world where i do? The one where one of the most powerful countries just elected a Vice President who believes in conversion therapy? Don’t delude yourself. While there are so many wonderful, accepting people, there are still so many that live in 1950 and are offended by the thought of homosexuality. The Catholic Church still teaches that it is a sin.  Homosexuality is still illegal in 74 countries and punishable by death in 12. (X)

And here is one final article that confirms that Studios do in fact keep actors from revealing their sexuality through the use of morals clauses (X). Specifically the article states:

Hollywood studios can legally keep actors and actresses in the closet. And the very easy answer is: Yes, yes they can.  It’s called a “morals clause,” and most stars of television series and even some movies have them.

Anon, before you crawl into my box and send an anonymous ask. And I know you have done so multiple times before, please do your research. Because what your wrote is completely inaccurate and completely naive.

Please stop denying what has been laid in front of you. And if you do choose to continue to live in denial, please stop reading my blog. You aren’t going to change my mind. You are just proving that you are scared of the truth.

I’m just thinking...

I don’t really like to speculate things, especially sexuality, and I’m not too deep of a 5H fan so I don’t know much except for what I’ve seen on here and other places.  I don’t really ship Camren, but there’s a high possibility of it being real.  From all the posts I’ve seen w/evidence and recent interviews from Camila, everything is just in front of us.  But that isn’t what this is going to be about, I’m just thinking about how hard it is for people to still be in the closet in Hollywood.  You’d think with all the progress the LGBT community has made it wouldn’t be that much of an issue still, but it is.  I wouldn’t be able to put on a fake persona because I’m way too open about myself once you get past my shyness.  The idea of falling for a band member and not being able to express it freely would destroy me.  I mean, that’s someone you practically live with so it’s not like you can really hide from them.  Not to mention you have tons of fans speculating what you already know, so it gets harder and harder to deny it, yet you still have to lie to yourself and others about your feelings.  I was wondering what the big deal would be if Camila did come out, because Lauren’s openly Bisexual and the label didn’t drop her, then I read a good point that Cam’s solo career is just kicking off.  Therefore if she is bi/lesbian/whatever, she won’t be coming out anytime soon.  Maybe her family doesn’t know either and it would create family drama, there’s so many aspects to why faking a persona is better, but I just couldn’t do it.  ;-;

I am looking forward to the day that gay and straight are terms from the past, that falling in love has nothing to do with gender. 

That someone turns you down for a date based purely on not being compatible and maybe gender is a factor, but it’s not a spoken one cause any sexuality is just accepted.

That celebrities are asked what they look for in a partner.

That you can love whoever the fuck you want.

We moved past interracial marriages, most people do not care what race their friends’ partners are. So we know it’s possible. 

I just really hope it happens sooner rather than later.

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Hi love! I was wondering if you have recommendations for lgbt history books. Like books that deal with our histories and society and all these things. I feel so uneducated on certain things and I would love to read up on and educate myself more on my community and our histories as a community. Thank you!

Hi sweetie!!! I’ve been meaning to do this since @gaysilk  and I discussed history one time, so thanks for the ask! I’m happy to help. Here are some of my favorite books and resources on the topic. First off, for lesbian history there’s the  The Lesbian Herstory Archives is amazing! It’s a real place but the website has a virtual tour and a bunch of documented audio/visual links to documents you can view online. Also the women who run it are super interactive and helpful so if you have questions about specific things you can always send an email! 

Here are some of my fave books. These are very America Centric and also very 20th century centric. Lemme know if there’s any particular era in history you’re more drawn to…I know some niche stuff too!!! Enjoy!

Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community 
- Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America- Lillian Faderman 

The Gay Revolution:Lilian Faderman

Stonebutch Blues- Leslie Feinberg 

The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader- Joan Nestle

Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War II by Allan Bérubé 

Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution- David Carter

Zami: An Alternate Spelling of my Name- Audre Lorde

Sister Outsider- Audre Lorde

Transgender History: Susan Stryker

Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade- Justin Spring

Aaaannnddd this is specifically about closeting in Hollywood and the Haye’s Code, which is historical and history, but I love it and it’s relevant to our fandom, so The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies by Vito Russo is amazing, and there’s also a documentary by the same name! 

Also, it should be noted that these are all interesting in depth books that are mostly just historical fact, but some of them (speficially Lorde and faderman) definitely also have queer theory in them, and get very meta about history. I don’t always agree with everything Faderman says in tat regard, but mostly they’re good reads! 

The feeling when straight people:

- can’t acknowledge even so-called liberal allies are still low-key homophobic

- can’t trust or believe in the idea of “gaydar” or “pinging” because they, as straight people, don’t have it and only understand it as “stereotyping”

- don’t know the history of the Sewing Circle, lavender marriages, the Hayes Code, and Hollywood closeting

- broadcast loud and clear that “anyone can be gay … but my fave isn’t”

- truly believe that a marriage or an engagement in Hollywood is undeniable proof of straightness, “because no-one would go that far for a lie”

- demonstrate selective amnesia about all the times an out celebrity actively misled them before coming out, in interviews or by bearding in a pap shot / social media post (heeeyyyy, remember how Holland Roland was her gay co-star’s “girlfriend”? Remember Ellen Page cuddling up with Skarsgard in the park? Nope? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I guess!)

- assume you’re only calling out a fakelationship to criticize the people involved

- look at you in a way that makes it insultingly obvious they think you’re crazy

- talk about “conspiracy theories”, when they have zero idea what it’s like to navigate the closet. the white lies and degree of performance involved, and the way it escalates to a point where you feel you’ve come too far to take any of it back

- “devil’s advocate” or “what if they’re just bisexual” a situation they didn’t even bother to look into

- and yet … .

- cannot leave you alone about it

- actually cannot

- keep bringing it up, over and over again


That feeling.

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Some people believe what they want to believe. The fact that you actually think they are bearding, is an insult in itself towards Jared and Jensen. Both of them are very helpful and always tolerative. NONE of them has ever shown any hate or homophobia. They would be man enough to admit and stand for each other IF that'd be the case. Which, obviously now, it is not. You should be ashamed of yourself for not even cutting them enough slack in that regard. Seriously. What is wrong with people...

Well, that is true for some people. You’re incorrect to ascribe it to me. My opinions come from my analysis of what is presented to me. Sometimes I wish I didn’t believe they were bearding because that would be easier. Not only for them but for me. The hatred I get for just believing something different is unbelievable. It’s difficult to be attacked & thought as less than.

I’m not insulting anyone. I just don’t think the image they’re presenting to me is the truth. You don’t have to be homophobic to others, to be closeted yourself. It’s about how you view yourself & the homophobic people you love. They don’t want to let anyone down.


If very few can admit it, then why do you think it would be so simple & easy for the Js? Their industry is homophobic. People in their lives, that they love & adore, are homophobic.

It took Jared close to a decade to even tell the world about his mental illness & that is something that doesn’t draw hatred like homosexuality does.

After so many years of lying, they’re stuck. They can’t come clean without losing many fans & being known as liars. It’s quite sad.

I don’t have anything to be ashamed about. What do you mean “cutting them slack in that regard”? I’m not hating on them or giving them a hard time. I’m not demanding anything from them. I’m not telling them how to live their lives. 

I just have a little blog on a small part of the internet where I write down my opinions about celebrities & converse with others of a similar mind. I have the right to do so, just like everyone else does.

Some links





“Chris and Seb fake their chemistry to attract Stucky fans for the movies”

Okay, listen. I got some stupid messages where some people tried to tell me that whatever I (and others) see between Chris and Seb is basically just Marvel telling them to act like they are attracted to each other to please Stucky fans, so they support the movies. 

Needless to say, I have never heard bigger bullshit in my life. These people are either THAT stupid and ignorant, or just plain homophobic. Nevertheless, here are my arguments to prove how dumb these accusations are:

Keep reading

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Hi anon from Feburary again, thanks for answering my question! When I say I don't like that she's lied I don't mean that she's in the closet, I understand why she doesn't want to come out my problem is with her fake relationships. I know everyone in hollywood does it but it's really messed up the way Taylor does it. She dates guys when they're at their most famous then accuses them of cheating like Joe and Harry or Jake of taking her virginity then dumping her but it's all a lie (1)

(2) And I know her songs are about her girlfriends but she sells the albums by promising songs about all these famous guys, it’s kind of fraud really. And if you look up her interviews from 2014 she talks about being single and learning to be alone when i’m 100% sure she was with Karlie that whole year (not sure who she’s with now) She lies so easily and has never apologized to anyone she’s lied about like Harry who never said anything about her. So that’s why I can’t like her anymore.

Hi anon! I don’t mean this in a rude way, but you are kind of coming at this in a childish point of vue.. You have to understand that the fake relationships go hand in hand with her being in the closet. If she had remained closeted, but had never had beards, while writing these epic love songs, there would have been some serious questions directed towards her.. So while you find it dishonest, it really is just a fact of life for closeted celebrities. In Hollywood, to remain closeted, you have to beard. Taylor didn’t invent any of this. 

You also have to get that these PR relationships are in fact created by… wait for it… PR TEAMS. Taylor isn’t the creator of these narratives, she pays people good money to do that for her. So while she goes along with it, the whole storylines with these guys are not her dirty work, she shows up for the pap shots, and that’s about it. I will give you that the beard work with Harry was a bit excessive and perhaps not as mutual as her others have been, the narratives are to be agreed upon between teams, so again, she didn’t create this storyline. His team agreed to take on this mutual bearding agreement. AKA, the guys know what they’re getting themselves into. So yes, she lies, but if you’re trying to find a celebrity that is 100% truthful with the general public.. prepare to be disappointed. This is how celebrity culture works. 

In all reality, Taylor has not ruined any of these guys careers (far from it, actually) and as for the “lying” it is all to keep up the closet she is in right now. It all leads back to her being closeted. If you can’t accept the fact that celebrities are images that are exagerated and changed by PR teams, then go ahead and not like her anymore, but you have to understand that that is a very black and white way of thinking about something that in reality is a lot more grey-scaled. Taylor brings a lot more to the table than her relationships.. She is an artist that has done a lot of good for a lot of people. Just because the people she dates aren’t the people you read about in the tabloids, that doesn’t mean she is any different than you originally thought… If you are shallow enough to care about the guys she does or doesn’t date over her music and actual personality, then that is totally fine.. I guess it all goes into the idea that she creates that her fans are her “best friends”, you have to realize that although I am sure she loves her fans very dearly, it is unsafe and uncomfortable for her to share all the details of her personal life with all of you.. The Taylor Swift that you see in the media is still taylor, just an exaggerated and more calculated version, of course she holds things back from the general public.. wouldn’t you?? You can’t expect her to reveal her deepest darkest secrets to the world in an industry that is so critical of image. 

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I have been reading a couple of your messages debunking Larry and saying that is not legal to force someone in the closet but there are many cases of actors and singers who were told to stay quiet about their sexual orientation and even forced to do stunts in order to keep their reputation as straight as possible, Lance Bass was told to be "less gay", Lauren was forced to stay in the closet by her record label and Colton Haynes even suffereed from depression cause he could not come out.

Lance Bass’s real story:


His bandmates didn’t even know he was gay. How could he be told to be less of something he was keeping so private not even his bandmates knew?

Lauren Jauregui was forced to stay in the closet according to her label… according to who? Since when has she said this?

Colton Haynes says he was told he couldn’t be openly gay when he came to Hollywood, that his management team told him he couldn’t be.

Being pressured by teams and by people there telling you that your success hinges on whether you come out or not is absolutely a reality of the industry. There’s still an issue with how being gay will translate into fans and an audience.

What he has never said is that he was contractually forced into being straight. That he signed contracts with beards with his management team that bound him to them and he couldn’t get out. That he had to sue or work around anyone to get out of it.

He’s also spoken about it now. He has not been sued by his old management team for doing so.

I’m struggling to see any connection to Larrie theories here. Teams and people putting pressure on you to be straight because it sells better - a reality. Something Larries never address in fact. Contractually binding your sexuality and forcing you to live a fake life - a Larrie fantasy work.

There’s absolutely no comparison between real LGBT experiences of being in the closet in Hollywood and the Larrie torture oppression fantasy. All these people have also spoken up about it and again, none have been sued for coming out. None have been sued for talking about the pressure they experienced from anyone on their teams/labels etc. 

So why is this only happening to Louis and Harry?

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So your Anon thinks that Darren, who has spent six years painstakingly cultivating a certain image, at the cost of his own mental health and well-being, making up cover stories for his cover stories and smiling through the most awkward photos in the history of Closeted Hollywood would consider spilling the beans at a cocktail party IF any of us were rude or invasive enough to ask? Which we never would because we know what's at stake in the first place. Anons, man...

Well said. Thank you. Exactly.

I was going to go there but they weren’t striking me as being able to comprehend that part. 🤗

Some of these nomiea are making me want to pull out my “alternative facts” jokes