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“You fight like a girl”

I saw a very popular post on this, but the list was full of white women and fictional characters from movies mostly. 17/23 were white, and everyone was from a movie or TV show except for the fucking queen of England. So instead of praising animated characters, Hollywood actresses, or the British imperialists, I thought I’d make a much better list of actual women in history that actually did great things for the cause of the liberation of women, the working class, and the struggle against imperialism.

Comrade Kim Jong Suk (DPRK)

Comrade Lyudmila Pavlichenko, most successful female sniper in history (USSR)

Comrade Mariya Oktyabrskaya “Fighting Girlfriend” (USSR)

Camarada Aleida March (Cuban Revolucion)

Kurdish YPJ Fighters

Comrade Roza Shanina, 59 confirmed kills (USSR)

Female NLF (Vietcong) fighters

Soviet 588th Night Bomber Regiment, aka “The Night Witches”

Camarada Marina Ginesta (Spanish Civil War)

Comrade Leila Khaled (Palestine)

Comrade Fusako Shigenobu (Japanese Red Army)

Yugoslav Communist Women Fighters during WW2

Soviet fighter pilot Lydia Litvyak, first female fighter ace in history (USSR)

Camarada Vilma Lucila Espín Guillois (Cuban Revolucion)

KPA and Chinese Volunteer Army Soldiers (Korean War)

and a countless many more female comrades throughout history till now!

Zootopia Awards List

In no particular order:

  • American Film Institute’s “10 Best Movies of 2016″
  • Golden Globe Awards “Best Animated Feature”
  • Golden Tomato Awards:
    • Best Wide Release 2016
    • Best Animated Movie 2016
  • Annie Awards:
    • Best Animated Feature
    • Outstanding Achievement, Character Design
    • Outstanding Achievement, Directing
    • Outstanding Achievement, Storyboarding
    • Outstanding Achievement, Writing
    • Outstanding Achievement, Voice Acting
  • Alliance of Women Film Journalists:
    • Best Animated Film
    • Best Animated Female
  • British Academy Children’s Awards:
    • Feature Film
    • BAFTA Kids’ Vote
  • Critics’ Choice Awards “Best Animated Feature”
  • Hollywood Film Awards “Hollywood Animation Award”
  • Producers Guild of America “Best Animated Motion Picture”
  • And awards from various Film Critics Association:
    • African-American Film Critics Association
    • Dallas–Fort Worth Film Critics Association
    • New York Film Critics Circle
    • St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association
    • Toronto Film Critics Association

      … and of course …

  • Academy Awards “Best Animated Feature”

Congratulations, Zootopia!

You truly deserved all the accolades!