hollywood and bollywood

*Me to that Indian friend of mine when she showed me a Bollywood movie for the first time* *Me* “Like, the costumes are nice and the actors are very pretty, but the plot is silly and cheesy and childish and makes no sense. The script is terrible. It’s too censored.” *Her* “How is that different to most Hollywood blockbusters?”

I had to admit, she had me there.

Here’s just a few inspirational women that I love and want to celebrate this international womens day

JK Rowling - Author of one of the most iconic book series of our time. Also Twitter queen of clapbacks 

Priyanka Chopra - Bollywood star paving her way through Hollywood. Is open about sexism within the industry.

Viola Davis - Incredible talent and the first black actress to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony award. 

Ibtihaj Muhammed - A black, Muslim Olympian. Already iconic. First woman in hijab to represent USA.

Monica Singh - Activist who survived an acid attack during her college years. She has found empowerment through her scars and is helping others do the same.