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the signs as kanye west tweets
  • aries: Sometimes I get emotional over fonts
  • taurus: You basically can say anything to someone on an email or text as long as you put LOL at the end
  • gemini: I love me
  • cancer: I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh
  • leo: I love everybody... only thing I don't like is taxes.. me and taxes gone fight
  • virgo: sometimes I push the door close button on people running towards the elevator. I just need my own elevator sometimes, my 7 floor sanctuary
  • libra: We lookin' crazy fresh where's paparazzi when you need them
  • scorpio: I could never do stand up cause I tell jokes better when I'm sitting
  • sagittarius: I think it’s only ok for a dude to call you baby if they’re a Hollywood agent and you kind of cringe when they say it or if yall hooping
  • capricorn: French fries are the Devil
  • aquarius: So Nirvana can have a naked human being on the cover but I can't have a PAINTING of a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wings
  • pisces: I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle

Theresa Peters is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. In 2008 she joined UTA as a partner, and has since acquired a whopping 59 clients. Peters began her career in the William Morris mailroom, like so many before her, where she told the Hollywood Reporter she, “Learn[ed] more in three months than you would in three years running around this town.”

She was able to see the whole process of selling a show when she was assigned as an agent’s assistant , and then she rapidly moved her way up until becoming a partner and the head of the talent department at UTA. Her most notable clients include Ewan McGregor and Kirsten Dunst.

FYI. This information is two years old, at that time she was considered the 14th most influential agent is Hollywood. From the richest.com

The only thing you can do as a patron, especially if you’re Asian, is to not pay to support something like that. That’s all the power a fan can really have in the end… If you’re frustrated, do something about it.

Shut up Thompson, this is totally how season 2 is gonna start.

(”inspiration”: those damn spoilers)


Rory Calhoun was discovered by the infamous Hollywood agent Henry Willson who became famous for his stable of attractive, beefy young actors. (Willson was gay though most of his actors have identified as straight. His other clients included Rock Hudson, Guy Madison, Robert Wagner, Troy Donahue and Tab Hunter.) Calhoun’s first appearance in the public eye came when he escorted Lana Turner to the premiere of Spellbound in 1945. 

But Calhoun forged his own career, performing in films and television for almost fifty years, from The Bullfighters in 1945 to 1992′s Pure Country. Never a big star, he was a hard-working and respected actor.


Do you know what the beauty of this scene at the beginning of The Muppet Movie is?  It’s that Kermit has just been approached for the first time by a Hollywood talent agent who tells him he’d be a shoe-in, and that he could be rich and famous.  Kermit actually couldn’t care less about that, and he’s pretty happy right where he is.  But then the agent tells Kermit he could make millions of people happy.  That’s when Kermit first feels something stirring inside him.  Kermit is the least egotistical character I’ve ever seen try to pursue fame and entertainment.  He also shows that he’s scared to leave where he’s comfortable, as many very normal people are.  Why leave a place that you’ve known your whole life for the chance at something that seems so far fetched that it can’t ever be real?  And yet, despite that, he feels called to do something bigger.  He hints at it only a minute or two before that in the opening song Rainbow Connection, saying he hears some voice calling to him that he can’t ignore, and that there’s something he’s supposed to be.  Kermit is the ultimate embodiment of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and giving something a chance against all odds, and not even for himself, but because he thinks it would bring happiness to the whole world.

We should all strive to be like the Kermit portrayed in The Muppet Movie.