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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: In Hollywood A.D. movie Mulder and Scully reference the bee incident and real Mulder and Scully look at each other horrified. How did anyone else know about the bee? Were they interviewed for the movie and one of them told? Did they interview neighbors and one saw? Or have Mulder and Scully talked about it and it came up when they were being followed around? How did they know?!

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Thanks so much!! I've been a fangirl for a while... I used to LIVE on livejournal... Anywho my 'prompt' if you will... Post Hollywood A.D. -- Mulder & Scully head out for dinner at a fancy restaurant BUT have no reservations. Mulder (or Scully) has a plan. -- "Borrowed" ring from prop dep. -- little bit of The Petries -- and someone not really pretending in the end "You don't have to hold my hand anymore"-- etc.... IDK (The idea was totally ripped from SSN3 E23 of Brooklyn 99)… THANK-YOU :)

They had a credit card and a rented convertible.  What they didn’t have was a restaurant reservation.  In DC, that wasn’t usually a problem.  In LA, it was turning out to be.  They’d left the first two restaurants, but Scully was hungry now.  Besides, this place only had valet.  They’d already surrendered the keys.

“Mulder, we don’t have a reservation,” she murmured, standing close to him.

“I have a plan,” Mulder whispered back.

“Of course you do,” Scully said, crossing her arms and looking up at him, her eyes heavy-lashed.  There was something open and easy about her posture that he didn’t usually see, and he didn’t think it was just the champagne they’d had before the premiere.  

“It’s going to work,” Mulder insisted.  “But you have to look excited.”

Scully narrowed her eyes at him.  “Mulder.  Why would I need to look excited?”

“It’s all part of the plan,” he said, and dropped to one knee on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

“Mulder,” she said in breathless panic.  “What are you doing?”

“Dana,” he said, exaggerating the consonants and widening his eyes.  “Is anybody listening?”

She glanced around.  “I don’t think so.  The valet isn’t back yet.”

He pulled a small box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal a gleaming ring.  “Then will you do me the honor of wearing this ring and pretending we just got engaged?”

He had never considered her a particularly good actor (then again, they always gave themselves away to each other), but she put her hand to her mouth, blushing and giddy as if he were actually proposing.  

“Oh my god!” she said with breathy delight.  She held out her hand and he slipped the ring on.  She flung her arms around his neck, standing on tiptoe even in her heels.

“This better work,” she whispered in his ear.  “Because if it doesn’t, I will very likely go cannibal and make it into the X-Files for a record-setting third time, and you won’t be around to record it.”

“Message received,” he murmured back, and she turned her face and kissed him.  He kissed her back, too startled to pull away, too filled with a sudden rush of desire.  

“Verisimilitude,” she said against his lips, barely audible, and pulled away.  There was a sparkle in her eyes that he had never known he had always wanted to see.

The valet was back; he smirked and clapped a few times.  The maitre d’ was smiling too; she waved away their lack of foresight and had them seated at a corner table, tucked away.  

“Congratulations,” she said.  The bartender sent over a bottle of champagne.  

Scully held her hand toward the candle to watch the ring sparkle.  “Where did this come from?”

“The props department,” he told her.

She gave him a patented Scully Look.  “And you expect me to believe that you just picked up a ring, just in case.”

“It’s a crazy night, Scully,” he said.  “A Hollywood night.  Anything could happen.  There’s magic in the air.”

“I think that’s the smog,” she said, but he liked the way she was smiling at him.  Verisimilitude, sure, a pretty little play for whoever might have been scammed out of their table, but god, he wanted to believe.

They started with oysters and went from there.  Scully had fish; Mulder had steak; they shared something so chocolatey and intense that it seemed to defy the law of physics, an outsize amount of flavor in a tiny, elaborate sculpture.  They dug into it with the points of their spoons.  He watched Scully lick at a morsel of chocolate, her tongue pink against the bright silver.  Her other hand lay curled on the table.  The ring kept catching the light; he couldn’t keep his eyes off it.  He couldn’t keep his eyes off her, either.  She was in her everyday black, but something was different. Maybe it was the way her hair was pulled back.  Maybe it was the way he could hear the champagne bubbles in her giggle.

“So what are we doing after this?” she asked, giving the spoon one last lingering lick.  “What was it that the undead do?  Dancing?  Making love?”

“Traditional engagement night activities, honeybunch,” he said, reaching for her hand.

“Of course,” she said.  “It does feel a bit like we’ve come back from something.  Maybe not death, but something.”

“It does,” he said, still holding her hand, startled by the warmth of her delicate fingers against his.  He’d seen her hands do so many things.  He’d never seen them grasp his gently while wearing an engagement ring.  It looked nice on her, even if if it was just a relic of some writer’s dream.  He wondered if she’d accept a real one one day, when the moment was right.  

The bill came.  He didn’t have to let go of her hand as she worked Skinner’s Bureau card out of her miniature purse.  They left a ridiculous tip and walked out still holding hands, accepting congratulations with gracious nods.

“Do you hear music, Scully?” he asked, looking up at the glow of the sky.

“You know,” she said, “I think I do.”


Mulder/Scully related scenes from all of the episodes of ‘The X Files’ written, directed or co-created by David Duchovny.

1. Colony - 2 x16 - [Story co-written by DD with Chris Carter]

2. Anasazi - 2 x 25 - [Story co-written by DD with Chris Carter]

3. Avatar - 3 x 21 - [Story co-written by DD with Howard Gordon]

4. Talitha Cumi - 3 x 24 - [ Story co-written by DD with Chris Carter]

5. The Unnatural - 6 x 19 - DD - Writer & Director

6. The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - 7 x 2 - [Story co-written by DD with Chris Carter]

7. Hollywood A.D - 7 x 19 - DD - Writer & Director

8. William - 9 x 16 - [Story co-written by DD with Frank Spotnitz & Chris Carter], DD - also Director 


Wayne Federman: “Agents! I’m so glad you could hang.  Come on, I want you to meet the people that are going to play you.  Garry Shandling, Téa Leoni, this is Agents Mulder and Scully.”

Mulder: “Nice to meet you.” Scully: “Hi.” Garry Shandling: “Nice to meet you.” Téa Leoni: “It’s a pleasure.” Mulder: “Big fan. Fox Mulder.“ 7ABX18 Hollywood A.D.


Since I’ve been asked countless times about anything and everything relating to The X-Files, I figured I’d make a masterpost of everything you could possibly need in order to watch the show. Or, if you’re just looking for some conspiracy-laden 90’s nostalgia goodness… It’s all here. Enjoy!


  • a comprehensive, in-depth guide to common fears/triggers in the x-files by episode
  • kristyn’s guide to the x-files outlines the most important episodes/season for people who wish to get into the series quickly and understand the gist of it without having to sift through 202 episodes (thank you humancredentials!)
  • as of october 4, 2015, the x-files is streaming on subscription services hulu plus, amazon prime, and netflix
  • a torrent download of all nine seasons and two films can be found here and here
  • episodes of the x-files can be downloaded in HD by following the instructions here

✘ SEASON ONE, 1993 - 1994

  • pilot || deep throat || squeeze || conduit || the jersey devil || shadows || the ghost in the machine || ice || space || fallen angel || eve || fire || beyond the sea || gender bender || lazarus || young at heart || e.b.e || miracle man || shapes || darkness falls || tooms || born again || roland || the erlenmeyer flask

✘ SEASON TWO, 1994 - 1995

  • little green men || the host || blood || sleepless || duane barry || ascension || trinity || one breath || firewalker || red museum || excelsis dei || aubrey || irresistible || die hand die verletzt || fresh bones || colony || end game || fearful symmetry || dod kalm || humbug || the kalusari || f. emasculata || soft light || our town || anasazi

✘ SEASON THREE, 1995 - 1996

  • the blessing way || paper clip || d.p.o || clyde bruckman’s final repose || the list || 2shy || the walk || oubliette || nisei || 731 || revelations || war of the coprophages || syzygy || grotesque || piper maru || apocrypha || pusher || teso dos bichos || hell money || jose chung’s from outer space || avatar || quagmire || wetwired || talitha cumi

✘ SEASON FOUR, 1996-1997

  • herrenvolk || home || teliko || unruhe || the field where i died || sanguinarium || musings of a cigarette smoking man || tunguska || terma || paper hearts || el mundo gira || never again || leonard betts || memento mori || kaddish || unrequited || tempus fugit || max || synchrony || small potatoes || zero sum || elegy || demons || gethsemane

✘ SEASON FIVE, 1997-1998

  • redux i || redux ii || unusual suspects || detour || the post modern prometheus || christmas carol || emily || kitsunegari || schizogeny || chinga || kill switch || bad blood || patient x || the red and the black || travelers || mind’s eye || all souls || the pine bluff variant || folie a deux || the end

✘ FILM # 1, 1998

  • the x-files: fight the future

✘ SEASON SIX, 1998-1999

  • the beginning || drive || triangle || dreamland i || dreamland ii || how the ghosts stole christmas || terms of endearment || the rain king || s.r 819 || tithonus || two fathers || one son || agua mala || monday || arcadia || alpha || trevor || milagro || the unnatural || three of a kind || field trip || biogenesis

✘ SEASON SEVEN, 1999-2000

  • the sixth extinction i || the sixth extinction ii || hungry || millennium || rush || the goldberg variation || orison || the amazing maleeni || signs and wonders || sein und zeit || closure || x-cops || first person shooter || theef || en ami || chimera || all things || brand x || hollywood a.d. || fight club || je souhaite || requiem

✘ SEASON EIGHT, 2000-2001

  • within || without || patience || roadrunners || invocation || redrum || via negativa || surekill || salvage || badlaa || the gift || medusa || per manum || this is not happening || deadalive || three words || empedocles || vienen || alone || essence || existence

✘ SEASON NINE, 2001-2002

  • nothing important happened today i || nothing important happened today ii || daemonicus || 4-D || lord of the flies || trust no 1 || john doe || hellbound || provenance || providence || audrey pauley || underneath || improbable || scary monsters || jump the shark || william || release || sunshine days || the truth

✘ FILM #2, 2008

  • the x-files: i want to believe


  • the x-files revival


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The X-Files

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The X-Files is a science fiction show that ran on Fox from 1993-2002. It chronicles the investigations of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who explore unexplained cases of paranormal and extraterrestrial activity. Mulder is a fervent believer in the paranormal, and is obsessed with finding his sister who had vanished when Mulder was a teenager. Convinced his sister was abducted by aliens and that there is a massive government conspiracy to hide the existence of said aliens, Mulder will stop at nothing to blow the lid off of the government coverup and bring back his sister. Scully is assigned to Mulder as his partner, originally to report back to their superiors about Mulder’s activities, and to debunk his work. She is level-headed and skeptical, and believes that many of these “paranormal” phenomena have scientific explanations.

Overall, X-Files episodes can be divided into two categories: mythology episodes, which are part of the overall arc about aliens and government conspiracies, and “monsters-of-the-week” episodes which are stand-alone episodes. In theory, one could only watch the mythology episodes and still get a killer story, but there are some really great stand-alone episodes that shouldn’t be missed. For categorization purposes, I’ve broken each season down into which episodes to skip, which episodes are part of the mythology, and which episodes are particularly notable. It bears worth mentioning that The X-Files ran 9 season, which was about 2 more than it needed to. Show creator Chris Carter believed the show’s 7th season would be the last, and most fans and critics agree that it could have stopped there. Seasons 2-6 are arguably the strongest.

Episodes skipped: 40 out of 202.

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How the light Gets in? Brief Impressions.

How the Light Gets in
Brief Impressions of the written works of David Duchovny

Written work includes:
The X-Files: The Unnatural
The X-Files: Hollywood A.D.
House of D (Movie)
Holy Cow (Novel))
Bucky Fucking Dent (Novel)
Hell or HighWater (Album))

This is in many ways simply a fan letter musings to the writer, David Duchovny. Most known for his acting in the X-Files and Californication, the quality of his writing in his albums and two novels surprised me. I had been a fan of the X-Files in the day, but had rarely thought about the show or its stars since the 2008 “I Want to Believe.”. I could honestly say in 2015 that I had never watched anything David Duchovny appeared in outside of the X-Files. It was the X-File season ten filming that convinced me to watch the original episodes again. Mostly out of curiosity, I listened to Duchovny’s album. As I am a sucker for break up albums and I found it derivative of my favorite Bob Dylan Album “Blood on the Tracks” I listened to it on repeat in a way I had not listened to an album since college. Much like “Blood on the Tracks” my favorite song off the album changes daily and in each listening I find new interpretations to the lyrics. I read “Holy Cow” only realizing near the conclusion that I had read it too swiftly and had missed its more serious meaning. I returned to the beginning to read it again. By that time, watching the ninth season of the X-Files, I was missing Mr. Duchovny and so watched Aquarius. Then, I was hooked- Californication, Goats, New Year’s Day, The Rapture, Phantom, The Secret, and guest appearances. BFD came out. He went on an European tour and the Duchovniacs posted videos on you tube and a 55 year old fan girl was born. The last time I was a fan girl I was seven and wrote Bobby Sherman a letter. I fought the fandom’s pull, but I am lost to its power now.

While I love his acting and he is a gorgeous man, I think I would be over it by now if I was not first and foremost a fan of Duchovny’s written works- eagerly anticipating a second album and a third novel. He is, as he says, a man of words. If I had to choose between further acting projects or more of his words, I would choose his words.

His writing for whatever format-television, movie,novel or lyrics- all seem to me to have a similar quality which is unique and distinct to him. I have been describing it as a sweet quality. Each work seems to me to be almost a fairy tale as I am involved in experiencing it. I am left at the end with an uplifted feeling of hope. I am secured in the knowledge that the world is good.

Then, away from the experience of the work, I think about it dispassionately and realize the sweet, fairy tale fantasy is utterly and completely ridiculous when you look at the themes of his work objectively. BFD is about the death of a father. Holy Cow about a cow learning she is destined to be slaughtered and eaten. House of D involves a women’s correctional facility and a mother’s overdose. The fan favorite X-Files, the Unnatural, has the Klan riding out to kill a black baseball player who dared to play a game against white men- and the alien bounty hunter is among them. Hollywood AD really is the opposite of a fairy tale. It is about complete disillusionment. It is about disillusionment of childhood heroes, of the reality that the sixties didn’t end how we wanted, that the church doesn’t have the answers, that your work could suspend you on a whim for a mistake, and that what we see in Hollywood is ridiculous and sublime- which isn’t a big deal to me- but might be if you had spent 8 years in one part in Hollywood amassing a fortune and now ponder if the work was worthwhile. Just listing the themes is exhausting and depressing. Then, I think David Duchovny must be the world’s most morose and melancholy man to pick these themes. Wonder if he’s a downer at parties.

No, I bet he’s a blast at parties because remember he is sweetness, hope, providing security that the world is good. How can he be both things and do them both simultaneously so well?

It is important to note that he doesn’t pick depressing themes and then sugar coat them in sweetness and nice. I am not saying that at all. He seeks out the darkness. He deals with the darkness head on and serves it up with all the ugliness it contains. He doesn’t hide from it. He stands with his demons on the map of the world wondering if he closed his eyes forever if he could see what he want to see not sure how to get off the goddamned dead end road. He jumps into the primordial ooze with the same determined obsession that causes Mulder to chase aliens.

It is just that, in his case, after the plunge, what bubbles up to the top of the ooze, grows feet to walk and then wings to fly above it all, is this sweetness and lightness which is every bit as truthful as the darkness. So the alien becomes a man, the zombies dance in a graveyard, the child returns to New York from Paris a man, a cow discovers there’s no place like home, the losers are celebrated, we’ll beat the devil and it will always be raining in this song.

He does this in a way that is not Disney, is not saccharine, is not a plot device and is in no way incongruous in the storyline. I know of no other writer who accomplishes this in quite the same way. This is his uniqueness and his gift.

What makes it interesting is that somewhere always is the story of how the sweetness occurs because of, not in despite of, the darkness. How that happens is not always clear, not always defined, but it is always contained in the story or the song. The thing we are left to ponder and the reason we want to return is this question asked and answered time and time again: How does the light get in?

Now, not much criticism in this brief review and I can always find something to criticize. Are the plot devices sometimes not quite believable, does Hollywood AD try to do too much, are saguaro cactus in Roswell, NM the true alien? There is nothing perfect. Those musings will have to come on another day.

Right now I am crossing the Brooklyn Ferry with Walt Whitman on a spliff the side of a canoe, watching zombies dancing in the cemeteries, riding a bicycle with my family, hitting a baseball with a strong man’s arms around me, seeing the light from a star that died long ago, loving the losers, Sugar Magnolia playing in my head.

an amalgamation loosely based on Mulder and Scully

Something that has always bugged me about Hollywood A.D.: How did Federman know about the bees?  That must have been a ridiculous conversation.

Federman: Hey, Skinman, so what’s up with your agents?  Are they totally boning or what?

Skinner: Heh, one time Mulder got p drunk and tried to tell me he and Scully almost kissed but a bee cockblocked him.

Federman: A bee?  WTF.

Skinner: Yeah p sure they’re ripping each other’s clothes off on the regular.  

Federman: K.  They’re gonna make out in the movie but it’ll be so professional.

Skinner: Sounds right, sounds right.

Federman: Also she’ll be in love with you because of your big old flashlight, you stud.

Skinner.  U know it.