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It seems like Western film industry is trying to make white-passing Asian celebrities more superior than non-mixed Asian celebrities, which shows a sign of European beauty standards. Also, do you know what "watered down" means? People on Tumblr used that term to describe mixed poc, mainly those who have European blood. Sorry if you don;t understand what I mean, I'm just explain my conclusion about racism in Hollywood.

pt.3 It seems like Western film industry is racist toward Asian people who don’t look like typical Eurasian celebrity. I have felt the same way & I feel like I’m ugly because I feel like Eurasian girls are more superior & prettier than I am.

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2/3. But yeah, I definitely agree with you there. Hollywood is all about whiteness and people who are mixed with white or look white tend to have an edge. As I said in 1/3 of your asks, it’s a safe choice for the white audience while pandering to People of Color. Of course this isn’t to dismiss mixed-white Asian folks but many Asian men don’t identify with Keanu Reeves just as many Asian women don’t identify with Vanessa Hudgens. In fact, many people probably don’t even know that both of them have Asian descent. As for nonbinary, genderfluid, and LGBTQ+ Asian folks, they don’t have any representation to start with, let alone being able to identify with mixed-white Asian cis-actors. And yeah, I know what “watered down” means. It’s an old term lol.

3/3. Like honestly, Hollywood is just racist period. It’s like as if it was built on racism. I mean, look at all the whitewashing and yellowfacing Hollywood has done to Asian folks for the past 100+ years. Hollywood itself isn’t that much older either.

But don’t let Hollywood’s racist ways and European beauty standards bring you down. At the same time, it’s okay to feel that way though, totally valid. Many of us are visual beings and seeing all that crap just gets to us sometimes, including me so you’re not alone. In NO way are Eurasian girls superior to you though! You can look and feel ANY way you want and NO ONE can ever be superior than you. Fuck them. You are a Southeast Asian female (as you said) and revolution is in your blood and everything that you do.

Remember that our Southeast Asian ancestors have been fighting colonizers for a very long time. Hollywood is just another colonizer who’s telling us that we aren’t any good while stealing our cultures and whatnot. They’re nothing new and that’s why I will continue this fight with you and many of our brothers, sisters, and other siblings of color against Hollywood’s whitewashing and whatever shit they pull. I’m here for you all the way!

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This year we have plenty of Black Oscar nominees and they all deserve our attention, however, I want to point one Barry Jenkins, who quietly made history at the 89th Academy Awards. The writer and director of “Moonlight” became the first African-American to get nominated for not only Best Picture and Best Director but Best Screenplay, too. All in all “Moonlight” got 8 nominations.

Congratulations! Black people deserve to win this year for such a brilliant performance. 

But after all these great news, shall we stop in our struggle for diversity and equal opportunities in Hollywood? 

After 80 years of under-representation? YOU WISH.