Recent thoughts on hollyoaks:
  1. Mercedes is still a bitch
  2. poor mitzeee and riley
  3. tell me who the bloody murderer is
  4. it clearly isn’t Will so stop dragging that on
  5. Ash is irritating
  6. i literally couldn’t care less about Tilly and Jen, their storyline is so boring
  7. george and ryan are quite cute
  8. maddie - peoples parents divorce; your parents were a horrible couple; they’re better off apart
  9. tilly - don’t ditch your best friend for your girlfriend when she’s clearly upset over something
  10. bart is such a waster, he’s clearly gonna get addicted to the weed
  11. why hasn’t sinead dumped bart by now?
  12. i really hope nothing goes wrong with nancy’s pregnancy
  13. dodger and texas need to become a couple already, they’d be so cute
  14. brendan please just be good so you don’t endanger cheryl
  15. carmel is still beautiful

rant over