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James Sutton on John Paul future: 'He has to get justice'

Hollyoaks star James Sutton has promised that there is still hope for John Paul McQueen’s future. 

The actor’s tormented character was left devastated in Friday’s episode (March 21) as he was sentenced to six months in prison for his attack on Robbie Roscoe. 

To make matters worse, John Paul was falsely accused of making inappropriate advances towards Robbie (Charlie Wernham).

The surprising plot twist took place after Finn O'Connor wrote a false victim impact statement in Robbie’s name, switching it with the truthful one this his former friend had written in support of John Paul. 

Speaking in a new video Q&A released by Hollyoaks, Sutton hinted that it is only a matter of time before John Paul starts defending himself by revealing that he was raped by Finn (Keith Rice). 

Asked whether John Paul will ever speak out, the actor replied: “I think he has to speak up at some point, to get closure and to move on with his life." 

"And also Finn can’t get away with something like that. Nobody should be able to get away with something like that, so John Paul has to speak up and he has to get justice really." 

Discussing the viewer response to the dark story, Sutton continued: "It’s been fantastic. Our audience are very open to difficult storylines. People are actually having open conversations online about male rape and sexual abuse." 

"The more that we encourage people to have these conversations and open a dialogue with each other, the more that we break the silence and it becomes less of a taboo - so it’s really, really encouraging." 

The 31-year-old also offered his thoughts on why John Paul failed to defend himself in court this week.

The ex-schoolteacher failed to reveal any of the traumatic events which had led to him punching Robbie. 

Sutton said: "I think he feels ashamed, he feels embarrassed, he feels very emasculated. He doesn’t feel like a real man anymore. For him to stand up in court and address that in front of everybody and shed light on that is not an option for him, really. He can’t even tell his Nana, so there was no chance of him standing up in court."