gay otp starter pack: 

  • one’s blond and the other has dark hair.
  • daddy issues.
  • one’s a “tough guy” who becomes a love sick puppy when’s the other is around. 
  • one or both attempted/committed murder.
  • precious cinnamon rolls that needs love.

My reaction when…

Alec Lightwood
Mickey Milkovich
Robert Sugden
Sebastian Chen
Pol Rubio
Craig Dean
Isak Valtersen
Lukas Waldenbeck
Ben Mitchell
Syed Masood…

Are in denial that they are gay or attracted to boys etc…(Past or Present characters)

reblog if you ship this couples

- malec

- arthit x kong (sotus)

- ming x kit (2moons)

- evak

- gallavich

- philkas

- coliver

- zude

- starry

- robron

- larias

- triles

- brunol

- hernando x lito