Imagine guardian Dragons that protect towns.

Imagine Dragons with hoards made of homemade trinkets willingly given.

Imagine Dragons that burn the old forests to create new growth.

Imagine peaceful Dragons teaching their hatchlings about how to avoid heroes.

Imagine sleepy Dragons that burrow into the mountains and make labyrinths to rival Dwarven tunnels.

Imagine Dragons whose tunnels are used as guides for those tunnels, knowing that it’s already set up in such a way that it won’t collapse.

Imagine Dragons guarding towers where their pet wizards used to study.

Imagine Dragons adopting damsels in distress and gifting them those towers as places of refuge.

Imagine Dragons absorbing the lava from an eruption to fuel their own fires before it can destroy a nearby town.

Imagine grown Dragons that slept for a thousand years so the mountains grew up around them and people keep them secret from fame-seeking “heroes”.

Imagine Dragons sharing their gold with peasants so they can get through the winter.

Imagine Dragons hunting for entire cities and only wanting to be left alone in return.

Imagine pet Dragons with painted horns and claws and scales, cloth banners flying from their tails, sitting still for hours so children can climb all over them.

Imagine Dragons.


“life is tricky baby, stay in your magic”

….so the watermelon stevens went into the ocean right?

and they haven’t come back right?

and they need to understand sacrifice right???????

who else is currently in the ocean and made a huge sacrifice and maybe needs some help/someone to free her from her responsibility???????????? and who has a strong link to steven so would be moved by help that basically is coming from him?????????

(i’m talking about my fave waterwitch)


Love mixing liquid lippies together! Check out this #kaepop tutorial by @itsbrittxoxoxo 😍 see below for deets! #CocoaSwatches #Repost
Sorry for the KaePop overload but I just wanted to share different ways to wear the lipsticks (especially if Chi didn’t work out for you)

So if Chi from the #KaePop collab is too light on its own for you I reallyyyyy suggest mixing it with a little bit of Kae to darken it up a bit. (Pretty sure you can do it with any @colourpopcosmetics liquid lipstick)

Used the Kae lip pencil to outline!💗 #colourpopcosmetics #colourpop @karrueche #colourpopchi #colourpopkae #chi #kae #liptutorial #makeuptutorial
Song🎧: #hollyn #steadyme

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Photographer: John Soares
Head Jewelry/Model: CASSTRONAUT
Makeup: Lime Crime 

Cassie Meder is a young freelance filmmaker, illustrator, actress and model from Portland, Oregon whose work has ranged from dark and philosophically confronting to quirky and clever. As a conqueror and crusader of many art forms for five plus years, she is now described as possessing a dark and fascinating aesthetic sense and her film direction and illustration work have been called mesmerizing and haunting. Cassie is able to provoke the melancholy and chilling aspects in the underbelly of art, film and fashion, as well as able to make the unnerving undeniably beautiful.

so my little brother got home from school, and then a few minutes later there was a knock on the door

my brother answered it and it was his friend anthony

anthony stared at him for a second before he asked ‘can i come over?’ and that’s literally all you need to know about my brother’s friend anthony