SMALL is the new big

Babies don’t come out of the womb running marathon’s. Babies learn to lift their head, sit up and eventually crawl before they walk.

Every motivational life coach or speaker is always encouraging us to ‘dream big!’ But did you know that almost every average money making person who won the Lottery is now back to where they started or worse? It’s like having a person with zero physical exercise in their health regimen run five miles without training, they will fail.

 When I work with clients on weight loss and quitting smoking there is no magic pill to swallow or long lasting weight loss diet. So, how do you reach your goal?

One step at a time. Don’t expect to reach your goal overnight, your vibration must be in alignment with your goal so you are ready to harness your desires. Dreaming big is great but it can bring on rapid results of failure, unworthiness, depression, despair and more.

The stairway to heaven is just that, a stairway, not a portal. As we set smaller goals, we gain confidence while raising our vibration. For instance, if your goal is to reach your desired weight then you set a goal to lose 5 pounds in three weeks. Did you notice, I didn’t say “lose weight?” That is a negative self-program, people are better off reaching their desired weight. As this process repeats and is obtained, we begin the process of Mastery, not failure. The same goes for cigarettes, changing your diet, organizing and even getting the bigger home, car or promotion. Mastery is harnessing and completing the steps, one by one. As Mastery becomes routine, something inside changes, a new program is being created and this automatically increases your vibration and sets you up for achievement, success and prosperity.

So, the next time you’re told to Dream Big, great! Go for it! Just do it in steps so that dream becomes a beautiful reality and not a regretful nightmare. One last thing, there is no rule stating how fast you can climb the steps!