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Hold onto your butts ladies and gentlemen! If you haven’t heard the news, the ORIGINAL Teen Titans might FINALLY be returning! No faulty sources, straight from the mouths of three people close to the show!

And we have the incredible artwork of @hollylu-ships-it for triggering the reveal of it all! WATCH AND SEE!

Credit to chromaticallychallenged for the idea, hollylu-ships-it for the TTAS picture, and spacedewey for the George Perez version.

“Best Days” : (Pokeshipping; one-shot; for HollyLu)

Heya, everyone, here’s the next one-shot/drabble/request thingy that I’m posting, and this time it’s for the famous hollylu-pokeship-art​! She wanted me to write something including the following quote: “I saw that. You just checked me out.” She also requested that Misty be the one to say it so as to include more insight into Ash’s attraction to her.

So anyway, here we are, sorry it took so long, and I’m even more sorry for how it ends. Truth be told, I was totally vibing on continuing this but… ah… it was definitely heading in a… strong nsfw direction if I kept writing the way I was writing and I’m not comfortable posting my original works like that on my blog. I’m just not that good.

However, maybe, at some point, I’ll write what I wanted to for my own personal benefit…


Title - “Best Days”

Summary -  Jeezus, why does Misty have to be so annoying anyway? What did you ever do to her? Why can’t she just go back to being that scrawny, loud, aggressive water-type trainer you remember from when you both were kids?


You know, it’s been months since you last saw her in person for any extended amount of time so you were originally really looking forward to this.

A week-long vacation with some of your best and oldest friends, including Brock, Tracey, and Misty.

Yep, her. It’s, in fact, that particular her that is making you feel really frustrated right about now as you and your three friends pass the beach ball to one another in the water, currently enjoying a day at the beach in Cerulean City.

And you can’t quite put your finger on what it is about her that’s annoying you. Sure, it could be the way she practically mocks you by referring to you by her classic nickname, Mr. Pokemon Master, though the joke is technically on her at this point since you’ve finally accomplished your childhood goal and are now a minimum of one year into your first term as Kanto’s highest-acclaimed trainer.

It could also be any one of the number of short jokes she’s handed you on a silver platter because, hey, you’re nineteen years old and you’re still an inch shorter than her after all of these years (which is a bigger disappointment than basically anything you’ve ever known in your entire life because you’re quite sure that she’ll never let you live it down). Or maybe it’s about her practically threatening you with the idea of how stupid it is to wear your official Pokemon League cap in the water because all it would take is one well-placed wave or breeze for it to blow right off, and who knows how far it would be carried, and you’d never be able to catch it what with you being stuck wading through the sea.

But oddly enough none of these things seem to upset you in the moment when she says them hoping - forgive the pun - to make a splash and upset the balance between you.

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You’re NUMBER ONE fan-artist has returned…

With the completed look for all characters involved in one of the greatest fics I’ve read (besides my bae’s).

When I began this drawing, I was still reading the sequel to this story and realized this author never completed the sequel. However, should you decide to read it (which I will link the fic at the end) you won’t be too disappointed. The overall story was really good at keeping the characters on point.

Hope you enjoy!

Falling by Lelila
Falling II: The Curse of the Bat

Character design by Lelila
Artwork design by Hollylu

More Than a Hero

ANOTHER new fandom, here we go. xD Yep, time to jump into Teen Titans! I honestly came to this fandom way later than I should have, and now that I found it, I can’t get enough of it…but it took a Valentines Day drawing from my girlfriend to prompt me to write this, so this story is for you @hollylu-ships-it!

Here’s the art!

And I hope the rest of you enjoy it too! I own nothing except the story.

A hero’s work is never done, and no one knows that better than me. It was my duty to make sure Jump City was safe from anyone who might threaten it, hence my current position on the top of Titans Tower, watching over my city to make sure its people could sleep easy tonight. Being trained by Bruce Wayne - otherwise known as Batman - taught me a lot about responsibility and what it means to be a hero…but there have been times where I wish could just unlearn the things that I’d learned.

Oh how I wish I could.

With Batman, I learned how to be a detective, how to search for clues and find connections where other people wouldn’t notice them. I learned how to fight, how to take an opponent’s strength and use it against them, and how to use my own natural abilities and insert them into my fighting style; my acrobatic background had certainly come in handy more than once during my career as Robin.

I learned how to be a leader, how to remain strong in the face of danger, and to never show my opponents any signs of weakness…unfortunately, that particular lesson seemed to need relearning every time I went up against Slade…he always seemed to know just which button needed pressing and when to press it to get me to fall for his tricks.

Batman taught me everything I would need to be a crime fighter, he taught me everything I would ever need to be Robin, and despite our current…shall we say strained relationship, I will always be grateful to him for everything he did - and, admittedly, is still doing - for me.

What Batman did not teach me…is how to be Dick Grayson.

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@hollylu-ships-it found this while browsing and shared it with me, now I’m sharing it with you.


“So, thank you, everyone, for letting that happen. And,  most of all…” With his glass held firmly in one hand, he held out his opposite arm, and winked at his companion.

Pikachu caught on, and climbed onto Ash’s shoulder.

Ash raised his glass. “…thank you, pokemon!”


The last chapter of the Indigo League Arc is complete!

After a laborious, heart-pounding, thrill-bound tournament, Ash and his team have secured victory, for the very first time. Now, they’ll get to bask in the glow of victory.

And, on the horizon, another goal has been set…

See it all, in Chapter 89 - Victory is Sweet!

Fanart drawn by @hollylu-ships-it!

This grew out of chatter on the Pokeshipping Discord. Their personalities and relationship dynamic might not match especially well…but they share hair color (more or less), and it’s cute. Ergo, crossover.

Need to mention @hollylu-ships-it, who was a good sport about being badgered to be the one to draw this, and @echidnapower, who was in on the badgering.

“Mutual” : Pokeshipping, one-shot

Disclaimer - I don’t own anything. It’s a shame that even has to be said at this point.

Author - Warlordess

Notes - I received a request from @hollylu-ships-it via private message and inspiration struck. Thank goodness I’m a shojo manga buff! Lol. Also, might I add… Happy birthday to me!

Prompt - Pokeshipping, #45, pretending to hate each other AU.


Title - “Mutual”

Summary - The first time they meet, things end rather poorly. Two years in and the barbed wire makes it hard for any positive developments to stick. Pokeshipping, high school snippet AU.


… I think… I think he’s waking up!” a familiar voice screeched loudly from somewhere before him, but he was still swimming just below the threshold of consciousness so he could barely understand them.

All he knew was that every part of him ached, including plenty of places he didn’t even know were capable of feeling such pain. The worst part of it by far though was the splitting headache, which was not helped by any of the rustling sounds or voices that happened to invade his subconscious after the first one had made its hopeful statement a little while ago.

Seriously, if he’d had the choice, he’d shrink away back to sleep as long and as fast as he could but alas… it looked like he really was coming to.

Ash, um, that’s his name, right?” a female voice asked, this time much closer than before. Someone confirmed his identity and she went back to calling his name, “Ash, if you can hear me, please just… flex your fist.”

For the first time, he realized someone was holding his hand so, with all the strength he could muster from his state of semi-waking, he did as instructed and increased pressure on the smaller extremity encircling his own for a few seconds before his pains increased and he was forced to release it with a grimace of agony.

Good, that’s good… Looks like it wasn’t as serious an injury as I thought it might be,” the female voice went on with a sigh of utmost relief, and Ash’s eyes finally began to blink and peer open, taking in a minimalist view of the sight before him… but all he saw when the darkness began to clear was a vibrant, fiery sun smiling down at him…

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So many of you that follow me on Twitter now or have been informed by the Teen Titans fandom that I recently was tagged by Greg Cipes due to an art request he asked from me. I wanted to make sure I posted it in other social media/blog sites to say I am rightfully posting my own stuff. Just as I would if I drew something JUST because, no person asked.

Well, here it is… and I have to call myself out on this, I missed a particular detail on Beast Boy that either you guys caught or didn’t. Either way, LOL I hate when I miss something important! XD

Pokeshipping Week 2016 - Day 4: First Kiss/First Date

Yeah, there’s two themes here. @hollylu-ships-it and I couldn’t decide which one to classify it as so we decided we’d combine the two. Here’s the artwork Holly made and good Lord I love it to bits!

So much emotion, I’m really proud of this one. Anyways, hope you enjoy! I own nothing except the story.

What Really Changes You

It wasn’t that long ago that Ash Ketchum had posed the question of whether or not people change when they get kissed, and Misty - his longtime best friend - had responded by saying that they would have to find out for themselves.

How ironic, he couldn’t help but think to himself.

Now that he was sixteen years old, puberty had taken hold of him and not only begun to change his physical appearance, but he finally came to the realization that girls could hold just as much sway in an aspiring Pokémon Master’s life as Pokémon…he also gave thanks every single day that he hadn’t become quite as obsessed with them as his other longtime traveling companion Brock was.

But it was during this personal revelation that Ash found out that he held certain feelings for a special someone that at the time, he never could’ve imagined he would. How ironic - once again - that the very person he’d come to realize he was in love with just so happened to be the one to tell him that they would have to find out for themselves if kissing would change them.

Misty Waterflower: Gym Leader of the Cerulean City Gym.

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anonymous asked:

I can't remember seeing one from you before so have you ever created/would you be interested in making a Pokeshipping blog recommendation list? Like a top 10 Pokeshipping blogs and why to follow list? (I guess that might be like a follow forever but I don't really know what those are...)

Sure! …Or, well, if you mean general blog specifically about pokeshipping like this one then I’m afraid I can’t list many–I think the only ones I know of that are still active are @ashmistyotp and @allthingsaaml.

(A few others that haven’t been updated in a very long time, but might still be worth looking through for the past content: @fuckyeahpokeshipping, @ash-and-misty-blog, @fuckyeahaaml-blog, @mistyandash @fyeahpokeshipping-blog.)

@asktrainersinlove is also no longer updated, but it’s an ask blog, with really nice and IC art, definitely still worth looking at.

@allthingsmisty is about Misty and posts other Misty ships too, but also posts pokeshipping and is generally a great blog with a lot of great content.

Then of course there’s many fanwriters, artists and other contributors, but I feel a bit weird pointing to random people’s personal blogs so I’m gonna stick to ones I personally follow ^^; (and sorry if I forget someone, I always seem to when I do this sort of thing…)

Art: @miyatoriaka, @hollylu-ships-it, @waterrflower, @mailmandragonite, @warlordess, @zdbztumble, @suki90, @aaml-anidala

Fic: @warlordess, @zdbztumble, @meztliel

Analysis: @taillow-suift

Not specifically pokeshipping related, but a couple blogs with lots of interesting content that sometimes relates to Ash and Misty as well: @pokescans, @0chazuke.

So… yeah, not really a top 10 or anything but here’s some recommendations nonetheless.

anonymous asked:

Hello do you know of any ash and misty fan comic ?

Quite a few!

@miyatoriaka is currently working on German and English versions of her comic, which she’s begun posting to @rescue-revenge-on-ash.

@hollylu-ships-it has an in-progress Christmas comic, and an older work called “Bravery at the Ballet.”

Back in the early 2000s, Japanese fans, working under the title Vivid Kids, produced seven projects. Two of them, “Pure” and “Manaspure,” were primarily written stories, but the comics are “Orange Mail,” “Chocolate Panic,” Ready Go!,” “Yumeiro Kibun,” and “Marine Girl.” So far as I know, only two of those, “Chocolate Panic” and “Yumeiro Kibun,” were translated into English, by @brandylog; I used her text translation to prepare English versions of the comic. But even the untranslated comics are available online, thanks to scans by @taillow-suift.

Another Japanese fan, Seiyjun, is working on a comic called “Festival of Champions.” It isn’t primarily about Ash and Misty, and “Ash” goes by Red in the story (it’s a fusion of different elements from the games, anime, and Pokemon Adventures manga), but it’s really great. You can find an English translation of the story up to now here, and the original work on Seiyjun’s Pixiv.