Ginny Weasley 


Captain of the Hollyhead Harpies

My girls + colors 

Angelina rocks a soft pink aesthetic. People have made fun of her for it, but she holds her head high and beats their asses at Quidditch. (And, a lesser known but equally badass talent of hers, Astronomy. She would take only astronomy if given the oppurtunity.) 

Luna’s favorite color to wear is yellow - the flowier the clothing item, the better. 

Lavender Brown loves her Gryffindor orange, and it compliments the gold in her hair just right. 

Ginny would wear black every single day if she could, but she’s not terribly opposed to the lime green of the Hollyhead Harpies…if it must come to that. 

Fleur prefers blue. Wearing warm colors reminds her of propensity for bursting into flame like her Veela grandmother, and she’d rather keep that under control, thank you very much. 

Tonks always liked pink, but Remus loved her in brown - it made her seem so much herself. 

Hermione looks her best in dark green, especially dark green sweaters. It was Ginny who figured this out, during the trial and error of telling her mum which color to make Hermione’s sweater each year.

Cho’s Ravenclaw scarf always suited her nicely, reminding her of childhoods spent on the beach, surrounded by crashing waves and absolute roaring silence. 

Pansy always cut rather a dash in bright red - as though she didn’t command enough attention already. 

harrypotterfreak14  asked:

Can you do nr. 20 for hinny please? :)

I sure can!

20. “You look incredible in that.”

Harry hadn’t meant to stare. In fact, he wasn’t supposed to be staring at all. Ginny wasn’t his girlfriend anymore so he didn’t have the right to ogle her. Another reason was he wanted to kill any man who looked her way. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get back together with her after the Battle. It was just that they never found time. Sure, there was that summer before she went back to school when they’d skirted around being something more than friends, but neither of them had taken that leap. Then Harry had started his training and Ginny had gone off to school then to the Hollyhead Harpies. They hadn’t really seen much of each other since.

But now, two years later, her team was in the running for the Quidditch Cup and he somehow found himself invited to a pregame ball. Of course, the night before the game wasn’t exactly pregame, but that was what he and Ron and chosen to call it. 

“I swear to Merlin,” Ron muttered as he tucked at his collar. “If brushes her arse one more time-”

“You touch my arse all the time and no one stops you,” Hermione shot back.

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okay but hear me out, Neville x Ginny x Luna in a polyamorous relationship:

  • Neville and Luna never missing one of Ginny’s games with the Hollyhead Harpies, waving cute, dorky signs they made with Ginny’s face on them
  • Ginny and Neville accompanying Luna on a quest for some elusive magical creature, both of them smiling at her with these dopey, head-over-heels in love smiles as she rambles on about all the unseen creatures of the world, something they could (and have) listen to for hours
  • Luna and Ginny being Neville’s assistants in the greenhouse he keeps in their back garden, except when it’s near one of their birthdays and he bans both of them because he’s usually working on a special surprise (one year for Ginny’s birthday Neville spent months perfecting a special breed of venus flytrap that’s trained to catch snitches instead of flies, Ginny loved it)
  • these three kind, friendly, beautiful-cinnonmon-roll-looking, secret baddasses loving, protecting, and supporting each other

When Harry and Ginny first got engaged, they were 22 and 23. Ginny was still traveling with the Hollyhead Harpys, and Harry was just beginning to get regular partial custody of Teddy. Neither were ready to settle down, and both agreed because they thought the other wanted. The night of their engagement party at the Burrow, they take a walk together and work out - to mutual relief - that neither are ready to settle down. 

They break up for a few years, remaining close but both fucking other people, and try again when they’re 27 and 28. This time, they’re both ready.

Notes from a fanfiction I never got around to writing

*Hermione Granger-Weasley*
- Currently Minister for Magical Law Enforcement.
- President of the Committee for Magical Brethren*
- Becomes Minister for Magic.
-Proud to be a Weasley

*Ron Weasley*
-Co-owns Chuddley Canons
- Tells Rose and Hugo Weasley stories at night like his mother used to
- Head of International Expansion at WWW
- Part time “Consulting” Auror (helps Harry for crazy missions)

*Harry Potter-Weasley*
-Deputy Head Auror, becomes Head Auror in two years
-Took a year off when each child was born
-Loves being a father and a husband
-Proud to be a Weasley

*Ginny Weasley*
-Sports Editor for Daily Prophet
-Retired as Captain for Hollyhead Harpies
-Favourite Aunt of Rose Weasley

*Luna Lovegood*
-Travelled to do research on Magizoology for about 10 years
-Co-Founder of the Magical Brethren Foundation* along with Husband
-Mother to twins
-Fashion Icon

*Neville Longbottom*
-Herbologist with St Mungo’s for four years
-Researched Mental Illness along with the Healers there (as a herbologist)
-Preventative Medicine (Medicinal Herbs) expect
-Professor at Hogwarts
-War Hero
- Makes Muggleborns and Orphans (now there are many) feel accepted at Hogwarts

* *The Magical Brethren Foundation*
-Argues for rights for Magical Beasts, House Elves, Goblins, etc.
-Co Founded by Luna and Rolf Scamander.
-Fully supported by Hermione Granger-Weasley, who presides over its Ministry Wing.
-One of its many departments is SPEW (Called The Granger Squad)

Ginny Weasley and how war and fame have changed her.
By Miranda Stiggleton

This week in Witches Weekly, we would like to introduce Ginny [Ginevra] Weasley. The 19 year old quidditch progeny tells us all about being Hogwarts quidditch captain, what it was like to be the youngest member of the Holyhead Harpies, and most of all, what life is like for the girlfriend of The Chosen One.

Ms. Weasley is in our offices today, so kindly agreeing to give us an interview. She walks in to my office already dressed in her quidditch gear [She has a practice session after this meeting] we sat down over some tea and got right into the thick of it.

MS: How are you finding life these days?

GW: Life could not be better. I can’t find anything to complain about. I’m living the dream, aren’t I?

MS: Yes, I’d say you are. So how are you handling being the youngest member to be signed to the Holyhead Harpies in the past 100 years?

GW: I’ve never been happier. I’ve always loved Quidditch, I guess growing up in a house full of brothers would do that to you. I was always the first one suggest a game with my brothers and the first to catch the snitch as well. It was cause for a lot of sibling squabbles. ( She Laughed at the memory)

MS: I can see why, I’m sure being beaten by your youngest sister would make any young man feel bad. Speaking of those brothers, how are they enjoying having a famous quidditch player for a sister?

GW: (She snorts) I don’t know if I’m famous, but they’d never let me have a big head about it. Although they do enjoy the free tickets and box seats. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

MS: Let’s go back to Hogwarts, What was it like taking over the quidditch team after the savoir of the wizarding world, Harry Potter himself?

GW: Ah, So we’ve finally arrived at the real purpose of this interview? Okay, It was easy. I was already an established quidditch player, the team voted me in as captain unanimously.

MS: Well you had to have known we would ask about Harry, did you not?

GW: I knew, Please continue.

MS: Speaking of Mr. Potter, You two have been together for quite some time. Any wedding bells in the future?

GW: I’ll pass on that question if you don’t mind, If I haven’t even discussed it with him, what makes you think I’ll discuss it with you?

MS: Touchy subject, I see. What about his fame? Is that the reason you fancy him? After all, Can you really turn down The Boy Who Lived?

GW: You better change your line of questioning before you end up on the receiving end of a Bat- Bogey hex.

MS: Okay then, Keeping to the Golden Trio, How did you feel being left out of the plans to bring down He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

GW: I didn’t feel anything, it was war. War forced upon children. We all had roles to play. We were all lucky to survive at all.

MS: Understandable. Speaking of the war, Has it been hard? Adjusting to life post battle, I mean?

GW: It’s been hard on everyone, I’m sure you’d understand if you’d have seen the things we have seen. It’s harder some days then others, but we’re all getting there.

MS: How is Harry dealing with no longer having to look over his shoulder?

GW: I don’t understand, is this interview about me or Harry? Because I can promise you, I’m not Harry.

MS: My apologies, you are correct. I see Harry Potter is off limits in our discussion. It’s a shame, our readers would love to know more about him.

GW: So why don’t you call him instead. I’m sure he’d be happy to tell you to piss off.

At this point she stood up and stormed out of my office. It was a shame, I was so hoping to get some insight into the Famous Harry potter. Perhaps we’ll reach out to him to schedule an interview in the near future. Seeing as how our interview was left unfinished, I would like to personally apologize to our readers. The rudeness of Ms. Weasley is unprecedented. It will not happen again.

As Ginny had predicted, Harry had told her to piss off. Along with a few more colorful word choices. He had compared Miranda Stiggleton to one Rita Skeeter, told her to find a new career, and to keep her crooked nose out of his business. Ginny just smiled.