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Holly and Richard's beginning

Story: Holly and Richard courtship, engagement and his attack

Words: 1289

Holly and Richard go back quite a few years, back to their childhood at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. Holly was a cheerleader and Richard played football. They met during the first pep rally of their sophomore year in High School. She was dancing on the floor with the other cheerleaders as he walked in with the other football players as the band serenaded them with the school song.

Their eyes locked and Holly smiled, blushing lightly; Richard grinned back. She watched him lean over and ask the player next to him a question, his eyes never leaving hers. The other player looked up and nodded, answering his question. Holly blushed again then continued on with the pep rally.

That night after the game, one of the football players held a bon fire at their home in the country. Holly and the other cheerleaders went and hung out with other members of their school. Some former students, now in college, attended the bon fire. A young man approached Holly, offering her a drink. As she was reaching for it, thanking him, Richard appeared by her side and swiped the drink, pouring it into the bon fire. 

“What the fuck man?” the college guy asked Richard.

Richard turns to Holly, “I watched him slip something in the beer. I thought you’d want to know.  I have sisters, I’d want them to know.” Richard glares at him, sizing him up. Richard is easily 5" taller than this guy. 

“Fuck you both,” the guy turns and stomps off. Holly’s eyes meet Richards as she brushes her hair behind her ear and smiles up at him.

“Thank you, very much. I’m pretty sure I could take care of myself, though.” She smiled up at him again. “I’m Holly Cleary.”

Richard smiles and introduces himself. “I’m Richard McAdams, tight end and hopeful to be a doctor one day.” He chuckles as they hear a female yell out, “Hell yeah he’s got a tight end!” They both laugh.

Holly and Richard spent the rest of the evening together, chatting about school, what colleges they want to go to. At the end of the evening, Richard asked Holly out on a date. She anxiously agreed. She really liked Richard; she liked that he was watching out for her earlier in the night. She liked that she’ll be seeing more of this young man.

During their senior year of High School, Holly and Richard have been going steady for two years. They were each others firsts in many categories  first love, first sex partner, first sleep over. Holly’s parents thoroughly enjoyed Richard’s company. Holly’s father, Michael, and Richard have been talking secretly about Richard asking Holly to marry him. Michael completely approved and encouraged Richard to ask his daughter. Michael provided the ring size of Holly’s ring finger and Richard went to work on finding the perfect engagement ring.

After High School graduation, they set out for college at LSU. She wants to major in communications and overseas broadcasting while he wants to major in medicine, hoping to become a pediatric heart surgeon. 

During one of their dinner dates off of LSU campus, Richard takes Holly for a long walk around the area, admiring the architecture of the buildings. She noticed he was somewhat distant. “Richard, what’s bothering you? Are you ok?”

He simply smiled, looking down at the ground. When he looked back at Holly he took her hand and bent down on his left knee. “Holly Cleary, you’ve made me the happiest man in the world. Please, do me the honor of becoming my wife and make me the happiest man in the universe.”

She cried happy tears and nodded, “YES!”

During their junior year in college, Holly accepted an internship at the local Fox news station while Richard began working rounds in the Baton Rouge hospital, earning credits towards his graduation. Things between the two couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Holly found the perfect wedding dress one evening while on her way home from the news station. She stepped inside a bridal store and began looking through dresses that were off the rack. She found the perfect dress and placed a deposit on it that evening.

Holly’s father drove down to the campus and surprised Holly with an early wedding gift; keys to a new home he bought for them. Richard and Holly have been eyeing this house for a few months and kept bargaining with the owner, knowing another prospect continued to outbid them. She had no idea it was her father. 

As Michael and Holly arrived at the new home, he presented her with the keys and the deed. It was solely in Holly’s name. Once Holly and Richard married she had the option of updating it at any time.

So excited about the news, she immediately called Richard to share it with him. “Richard! You must come over to the house we’ve been looking at! I’m here right now with the… umm… owner.” she giggles into the phone. “There’s something you need to know about this house! When can you get here?" 

Richard looks at his watch and speaks into the phone. "I can probably be there in about 45 minutes. I need to wrap up things here and I’ll be on my way. I love you, beautiful." 

"I love you too.” Hanging up her phone she hugs her dad one more time before he leaves.

Richard puts his phone away as he takes a trash bag out behind the hospital, setting it out to be picked up the next day. He notices a man in a cloak down the ally way. Richard nods to the man and turns to head back inside.

A voice sounds behind Richard, “going somewhere?" 

Richard spun on his heal, turning around, eyes going wide. "You were… you were just down there…” Richard looks down the ally as if the man in front of him were not really there. Then he looks back to the stranger.

The man in front of Richard had a withered look to him; dark brown hair with salty whisps through it. His skin looked scarred and really pale. His eyes were a dark brown and looked sunk in. The man’s cloak was a dark brown that looked almost dirty. 

Richard held his breath, not wanting to yell for help quite yet. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, handing it over. “Here, please, take it. I can get you more cash inside if that’s what you need. And food, just please, don’t hurt me.”

The man grinned and Richard and slapped his wallet away, out of his hands. He stepped closer as fangs dropped down from his teeth as he grinned at Richard. “I am hungry,” he licks his top lip, “and you’ll do just fine.” Looking into Richard’s eyes he glamours him, “you will not yell or scream out. You will willingly give yourself to me.” Richard looks on as if his eyes were glazed over. He simply nods and tilts his head to the right. The man grinned and grabbed Richard’s neck, pulling him towards him.

Holly waits almost two hours for Richard then begins calling his cell phone, hoping for an answer. It only goes to voice mail. She calls the hospital administrator and requests him to be paged. No one finds him and all assume he’s left for the night.

Holly’s father drives over and drops off a few items for her for the night. She settles in and assumes Richard has been pulled away for hospital duty or maybe went out with the guys. She tucks herself in bed, closing her eyes and falls asleep in her new bedroom of her new house.

Lauren Bowles 💕

the beautiful actress who portrayed Holly Cleary the Feminist, Wiccian, Mother and Merlotte’s waitress on True Blood!

hope to see her in more projects in the upcoming year!

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