Side note, never draw Laura’s room again. 

I wanted to try something a little different from the last screenshot redraw I did since I’ve learned new stuff so, I hope it looks good! :D This took me about 13 hours, I’m pretty sure I’m dead.

Carmilla never took her eyes off Laura. Carmilla thought Vordenberg was about to kill her, yet she never took her eyes off Laura. Carmilla wanted Laura to be the last thing she saw.

Anonymous said: What about Laura with Poochyena and Carmilla with Mightyena? I always picture Laura with the first evolution and Carmilla with the second or third c: I’m absolutely loving all your pokemon drawings though!!

Okay, but the thing is, Laura’s Poochyena is such a little shit. Like, it’s always starting fights or getting into as much trouble as possible. So, when Carmilla insists on introducing her Mightyena to the pup, Laura can’t refuse but spends the whole time trying not to die from embarrassment, considering how well-behaved Mightyena is (like most of Carmilla’s pokemon).