holly's shitty cosplay


rrrrEALLY rough wip shots of meulin still. update though, i dyed the shirt and socks yesterday! they came out a couple shades lighter than i was hoping, but my main concern was making sure they were the same colour. There isn’t much i can do about that now (seeing as how i have no money do redo it)

Things i still need to do; give the wig a good wash and trim the bangs! Also, do a makeup test.


a really really really really really REALLY rough test for th rose wig i got earlier this month! An actual rose cosplay isnt scheduled until….like next year or something but im hoping to go to barstuck in a casual soft grunge rose diddly later this month. I havent actually tried the wig on until just this very moment so! 

Haha its a good thing im getting my hair cut because it is way too long for this