holly village

A few days after Christmas, Clarice and Rudolph took their daughter out to explore the North Pole village.

Holly took in everything around her with wide eyed wonder, bounding alongside her parents as they showed her different places and explained what they were.

Holly came to a sudden halt when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. 
Another fawn was staring at her with curious blue eyes.
“Hi,” the other fawn said when Holly stopped to look at her. 
Holly blinked, “Hi.”
“Who are you?”
“Holly. Who are you?”
“I’m Ash… do you wanna be friends?”

Ever seen the movie The Quiet Man? Well, here’s an idea for a hollstein AU based off of it.

–Carmilla Karnstein, a former boxer who quit the sport after tragically killing someone in the ring

–Born in Austria but raised in America, Carmilla decides to return to the village of her birth to reclaim the land that is her family’s after the death of a relative. It’s a chance to start over after what happened

–She gets there and meets Laura Hollis, one of the villagers, and they fall in love. 

–Only one problem: Mr. Hollis does not approve of some outsider swooping in and stealing her daughter away. 

–The rest of the townspeople (who are totally rooting for hollstein at this point) pressure Mr. Hollis into agreeing to the marriage

–But Mr. Hollis refuses to pay Laura’s dowry. 

–Carmilla doesn’t care, she and Laura marry, she tells Laura that she doesn’t care

–Laura is FURIOUS

–Carmilla doesn’t get it. She’s not familiar with the local customs. It’s not that Laura cares about the money and furniture–it’s the principle of the thing. A dowry represents Laura’s independence. Papa Hollis keeping it is basically saying he still owns her. 

–Laura wants Carmilla to confront Papa Hollis, but after what happened while boxing, Carmilla is super afraid of letting her anger get the best of her and accidentally hurting anyone. Papa Hollis just thinks she’s a coward

–Their marriage is super tense for a few days and Laura finall decides she’s going to leave. Carmilla is like ‘THAT’S IT’ 

–Catches Laura, dragging her back to town, with all of the townspeople following because they know shit about to go down

–Stuff happens, but more importantly, as soon as they get the dowry Laura and Carmilla throw it in a furnace, because it was never about the money. 

–And that’s The Quiet Man AU