holly thursday

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Hi there, love! Santa’s back wishing you a holly jolly Thursday! 🎅🏻 Stay tuned for a 🎁 coming down your chimney (or rather, to your inbox) very soon! 😘

Tell me more….. I’m intrigued…. and a thought has just now occurred to me which is how am I going to get through weeks of anticipation? 


from prom last night! and now you all know where I went to school

it was an incredible night, so happy to have had such a great time with such great people! very surprised to win ‘most likely to have a hit record’! I’ll have a BRIT award one day guys don’t you worry

Jackson hadn’t spoken to Nadine since she exploded on him through text. He hadn’t meant to offend her since it wasn’t about her. He was talking about if she was with other guys he wanted her to be safe and careful especially because if he then gave something like an STD to his wife, she would know he was cheating. He didn’t word it well and he got why she was mad but she was calling the whole thing off now. At the end of the day, Jackson wasn’t going to make the girl no matter how fun it was to fool around with her.

Tonight was Thursday and Holly was out, leaving Jackson to sit on the couch in his police button down open down the middle with his trousers on too eating some pop tarts since he hated to cook as it was. He heard a knock on the door and took the last bite, getting up to answer it. As soon as he saw Nadine in front of him he frowned and looked up and down. “I thought you hated me.”