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Can we just talk about Blue Diamond’s court for a second? Out of the seven blue gems we’ve seen so far in Blue’s court, herself included, three of them have tear-shaped gems. Does anybody else think there’s some kind of symbolism to this or is just me?? I mean just look at it

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バレンタインデイキッス【男女カプ】 By 九らラ

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All I can imagine is Richie, laying in his bed, his face bright red with a pillow over it as Buddy Holly croons in his ear through the cheap radio he turned down low so his parents cant hear about how it’s Raining In His Heart and whether Richie’s Ever Been Lonely as he thinks about the curve of Buddy’s jaw and his voice and glasses and sharp suits and how remarkably HANDSOME he thinks the rockstar is and in that moment, him realizing just how much he ACTUALLY likes boys.