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Can we just talk about Blue Diamond’s court for a second? Out of the seven blue gems we’ve seen so far in Blue’s court, herself included, three of them have tear-shaped gems. Does anybody else think there’s some kind of symbolism to this or is just me?? I mean just look at it

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バレンタインデイキッス【男女カプ】 By 九らラ

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losers club as things my friend has said
  • Mike: date me instead. i'm clumsy but i have food intentions
  • Eddie: dude I just took my inhaler and I gotta take it again (why) I GOT ASTHMA PUFF PUFF
  • Richie: when i was a baby how did i breathe. my lungs would have been so small
  • Beverly: i just lost my virginity. i woke up and me pants were so far up my arse crack
  • Ben: call me darling again that's my kink
  • Stan: llama means cow in latin
  • Bill: you know what that's inspiring. why write good things all night when i could write bad things in one hour