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The Council - Chapter 1

“Hey, wake up.” Not even the strong hand relentlessly tapping on Yoongi’s arm could stir him, lost in the dreams encapsulating his mind. Light snores fell from his lips and the man standing over him rolled his eyes, shaking Yoongi’s form violently after jabbing at him ultimately proved useless. “Wake the fuck up!” he yelled impatiently, watching as Yoongi stirred, groaned and yawned. His eyes slowly fluttered open, vision gradually focusing on the rather irritated gang member glaring at him.

“Jin?” he frowned, sitting up and blinking as he came around. “What time is it?”

“Half. Seven…” his elder replied through gritted teeth, searching around their shared bedroom for Yoongi’s school uniform. “We have to go in twenty minutes for God’s sake! Namjoon already tried to wake you, Hoseok said he has plenty of substances that’ll keep you up for days which Namjoon readily refused and the youngers were too scared to go near you whilst you slept, so.” Seokjin rambled as he threw Yoongi’s shirt at his still half asleep friend, turning and sighing suddenly with a small smile. “But then I offered to shoot you in the foot and they happily agreed to that.”

“You’re all so rude…” Yoongi muttered, pulling his shirt and jumper over his head and getting out of bed. “Oh yeah… I dreamt we finally recruited the boy.” he added nonchalantly, making Seokjin freeze in place.

“Did you? Like, actually? You came back looking bitter and went to bed without talking to us. Taehyung thought it was because he broke your red rifle again but-” he stopped dead in his tracks, eyes widening like a deer caught in headlights when Yoongi whirled on him with narrowed eyes.

“Taehyung did what??”

“Irrelevant… Anyways.” Seokjin snickered and cursed himself mentally, handing Yoongi the rest of his clothes before moving to the mirror on their wardrobe to fix his hair. “I’m guessing he said no?”

“Did Taehyung touch Holly?” Yoongi asked meekly in a low voice, joining Seokjin at the mirror and grimacing at the deep set purple rings under his eyes.

“Yoongs, more important things?” Seokjin deadpanned, pursing his lips at the other. “He daren’t go near your precious Holly.”

“Good,” Yoongi grumbled, headed back for his bed as to do his shoes. Holly, his black sniper rifle, had been the first he’d ever had. He’d bought it as a young child when he became an assassin and had trained with it, and it remained dear to him - and so the rest of the gang (particularly Namjoon and Taehyung) were not permitted to go anywhere near it. Or, as Yoongi prefered, ‘her’.

“What did Jimin say, Yoongi?” Seokjin prompted, unwilling to give up.

“That he works alone.” Yoongi clenched his jaw and grabbed his backpack, Seokjin following him out into the large lounge of Bangtan’s base. “I’m thinking of unleashing the Jungkook.”

“You’re thinking of what now?” A quiet voice, rather deep but not at full maturity, sounded behind them and they turned to find their youngest member raising an inquisitive eyebrow from his seat on the couch. “The Jungkook? What am I, a monster?’

“Ah, kid,” Yoongi smiled at Jungkook and perched on the edge of the cushion next to him. “You know the assassin we’ve been trying to get on with us? So he doesn’t become an enemy, because he’s talented, blah blah blah…” Jungkook’s face fell and turned somewhat sour as he nodded softly.

“Yeah, Park Jimin. What about him?” Yoongi was taken aback by his grave expression but it wasn’t all too surprising; Jungkook had a huge superiority complex and didn’t like the thought of yet another assassin joining and possibly overshadowing him.

“He’s refusing to come to us so I thought maybe you could talk to him…?” Yoongi suggested cautiously, words slow and careful as Jungkook sighed heavily. Seokjin announced that it was time to go and they stood, Jungkook shaking his fringe to fall over his eyebrows and walking ahead.

“I’ll think about it, hyung,” he shouted back, a small smile befalling Yoongi’s lips as he followed the other four members out of the door into the black minivan Seokjin usually drove them all to school in.


“What are you thinking of?” Yoongi turned and addressed the boy sat next to him at the window. “Yah, Hoseok-ah,” So called Hoseok jumped when Yoongi nudged him in the ribs, laughing slightly and brushing chocolate brown bangs from his forehead. His smile was wide and bright, which always made Yoongi feel rather warm inside.

“Don’t you think it’s cool when we pull up and everyone gathers to watch us?” he responded in an awestruck voice, gaze rather dreamy as he fixed his eyes once more on the outside. Sometimes he seemed nothing like a gang member. When Yoongi shrugged he mirrored, pouting slightly. “It’s like we’re celebrities.”

“I mean as far as the school is concerned, we are.” Seokjin pointed out, rounding the corner into the car park and sure enough, as with every day, students in the masses had flocked out of the large redbrick building to see them arrive. They didn’t quite understand why it happened but even Yoongi had to admit he enjoyed it, the way the girls (and even some of the guys) swooned over them, the way they clamoured over who was the best, the way they tried to push to the front to see them up close…

“We’re just the school council,” Yoongi murmured, resisting an irrevocable urge to wave at them as if they were adoring fans.

“But, as they say, we’re the pretty boy council,” grinned the boy at Yoongi’s other side, his voice lilting, his fingers gripping the bottom edge of the window and his face in extremely close proximity to the cool glass. “We’re the cute, rich, mysterious ones who have all the power,” he giggled excitedly, putting unnecessary emphasis on his words.

“They say that?” Yoongi hummed, smirking at a group of girls through Hoseok’s window and laughing lowly at their reciprocating squeal. “That’s crazy… interesting, though.”

“Taehyung-ah, Namjoon said he wanted to see you in his office before homeroom today, by the way,” Hoseok mentioned to the guy on Yoongi’s other side softly, Taehyung immediately tearing his attention away from the hilarious reactions of the students to his teasing and looking over at Hoseok.

“Did he say why?”

“Nope. It didn’t sound bad though, if that helps,” Hoseok sent him a sideways smile and adjusted the tie lying over his chest before they left the van and headed past the still excitable others to get to the school. At that moment, he noted, it was like one of those high school films where the popular kids walk and the world seems to move in slow motion with the number of eyes glued to them. Hoseok soaked it in, his smile almost as bright as the sun itself as he passed the last of the crowd and disappeared into the cool halls of the building.


Jungkook was well aware of everybody’s eyes following him as he went to take his usual seat in the back of his classroom near the lockers. He’d been well educated by Namjoon after joining the gang at only eleven and so he had skipped a couple years; he and Taehyung sat at neighboring desks and most of the time he outshined his older friend in their schoolwork.

“Yah,” Taehyung whispered loudly at Jungkook as to get his attention. The younger glanced up from where he scrolled mindlessly through his phone and saw a boy enter alone. He played with the straps of his backpack and surveyed the class, eyes coming into contact with Jungkook’s piercing stare and making him freeze.

“Is that him?” Jungkook mumbled, mouth barely moving as he kept his eyes steady on Jimin. His hair was a stark red, which isn’t how Seokjin had described it at all. It looked recently dyed.

“Yeppp,” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows, popping the ‘p’ and pursing his lips at Jungkook. “How do they expect you to get him on board with us?” Jungkook shrugged, face contorting in thought and concentration.

“He keeps looking over at me,” Jungkook pointed out in a hiss, Taehyung following the finger with which he pointed. Jungkook’s face once again falling stony as the teacher entered and began taking attendance. Every so often he snuck glances at Jimin, each time finding Jimin doing the same at him. His mind wandered, which wasn’t unusual for him, but his lack of focus on his studies was, concerning Taehyung slightly. But Jungkook was intrigued by Park Jimin, who seemed equally as fascinated by him and had been for a while now.


“Heyyyy~!” Hoseok cheered as he and Yoongi joined Jungkook and Taehyung for lunch, Seokjin still poring over his food choices as if it was a life or death situation. He took his food very seriously.

“Jungkook-ah, have you spoken to Jimin yet?” Yoongi asked in a hushed voice, Jungkook looking around before seeing Jimin sat alone in the corner of the cafeteria. He was frantically typing on his phone, steaming coffee, as of yet untouched, was the only form of nourishment near him. He didn’t usually eat at lunchtime.

“Not yet, but he keeps looking at me. He’s kept it up a while now, I just never thought much of it.” Seokjin joined them then, tray heaped as he set it carefully on the table and sat next to Yoongi.

“Who’s looking at whom and why…?” he asked slowly, already eating fast. Hoseok snickered and began to explain, not noticing as Jungkook stood and slunk away to loom over Jimin’s table.

As a tall, man shaped shadow stretched over him Park Jimin faltered, fingers stilling over the keyboard on the device in his hands as he raised his head to look at whomever just approached him. It wasn’t often people went near Jimin.

“Can I help you?” he asked before he knew who it was, his breath visibly hitching once his eyes laid upon Jungkook’s flat expression. “Aren’t you Jeon Jungkook?”

“How do you know my name?” Jungkook asked quietly, not quite thinking his words over. He hadn’t rehearsed what he wanted to say yet.

“Um… we’re in the same class?” Jimin raised an eyebrow and locked his phone, setting it on the marbled surface of the table. “The mysterious Jeon Jungkook, who has like. Five friends and speaks to no one, the so called ‘cold prince’ is talking to me. What did I do~?” he cooed somewhat mockingly, folding his hands by his phone.

“You keep staring at me in class,” Jungkook started monotonously, face still stony cold. “Kinda creepy. You look way too smug to have me talking to you, but i just wanted to ask you to cut it out.” Jimin’s face fell and he sighed, picking up his phone again.

“I’m bored of you now.” he mumbled, trying to keep his voice from wavering. He waved his hand at Jungkook who slapped his hand flat down on the table, startling not only Jimin but the other students who sat around. As Jungkook leaned closer he gulped, blinking slowly with his widened eyes and trying to keep strong. His jaw clenched and eyes shook a little but he kept still.

“It’s funny seeing how you react to me,” Jungkook whispered with a small smirk, pulling back and turning around. “Don’t try me.” he added after turning briefly, settling back next to Taehyung after and eating in silence as he often did.

“What the fuck was that??” Yoongi asked after a small while, mild outrage tingeing his voice. Jungkook could feel Jimin’s eyes still burning holes into his skull, although he didn’t realise just how amazed and stunned his expression was.


His heart was still racing, chest heaving and breath stuttering as he kept his eyes trained on Jungkook. “Why am I like this?” he asked himself in a murmur, brows furrowing slightly in his bewilderment. It was an unfamiliar, fluttery feeling, something he wasn’t quite used to. Awe, interest, impression -

Affection. Adoration.

As always, feedback is appreciated!! Ty all for reading and supporting this series~ :“) This and Inked have me really happy and productive these days hehe ;3

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Hey, Stewart - new fic

So I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a Golly HS AU lately and, though I don’t usually like that trope, I did have an idea that might work. I ended up writing it backwards, the ending first and then random scenes and, you know, I kinda like it. I think it turned out pretty okay. So here it goes, guys. Let me know what you think.

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anonymous asked:

You have such a delightful imagination. You always spin something colorful out of the prompts you choose, even if the prompt itself seems totally uninteresting to me. I will always read what you write. :3 Now, I need more wrong dorm AU in my life. A continuation please?

Thank you :) I try very hard to give you guys stuff that is fun to read. I’m glad you are enjoying them. (Part One)

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Gail x Holly prompt: Gail and Holly get caught skinny dipping in the middle of the night by a member of 15 during its shift

“Is this legal?” Holly asked wearily.

Holly gulped and furrowed her brows as she looked towards the empty street behind her. It was a perfect summer’s night; there was a light breeze and an amber glow in the horizon as the sun started to go down. 

Gail turned around, key in hand. “Is this legal? Holly, I’m a police officer! How dare you!” Her hand shot up to her chest in faux shock. Holly rolled her eyes. 

“Answer the question, Gail.” She took a step forward on the porch, watching as Gail worked her key into the old wooden door. 

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