holly shit wow


ok ok ok WOW HOLLY SHIT JUST TOO MUCH! HEEL TRUNS after cap just what the shit is going on here

……………………….my god no no nooooooooo!…….one is safe run just RUUUUUUUUN!


I finally did it I got all the poses from this meme sketched out for Vol’jin and my fav relationships WOW.

These ones are maybe obviously my favorite OC ladies x Vol’jin (of which I’ve seen him shipped with… two female OCs not including my own LMAO. DON’T SEE A LOT OF OC X VOL’JIN STUFF NGL).

Armadda (the lovely human chika with the fab af hair) belongs to @bristlefurr! Nadia (in the middle dere with the fab hair / “I’ve-wanted-to-draw-this-for-a-while-kiss”) belongs to @madmadameem! Annnd lastly, Amita, who is mine.

Now I can start outlining everything…. soon, hopefully. I have nothing to babble about, all ya’ll need 2 kno is that I ship these.