holly shiftwell


aas;lkdas i kno this is rly messy but i wanted to draw some of my lgbt headcanons for the cars characters

some characters arent picutred and thats bc i either ran out of room of dont have a design for em yet lmao


Jackson Storm- Trans guy (hes also gay)

Flo -Trans girl

Luigi- Trans guy


Francesco Bernoulli- Gay (there is no heterosexual explation to this man)

Mrs. Fritter- Lesbian

Holly Shiftwell- Lesbian

Smokey (Not pictured)- Gay


Lightning McQueen- Bisexual

Strip “The King” Weathers- Bisexual

Chick Hicks (not pictured)- Bisexual

yes i know its odd all 3 main cars are bi but nobody tells the president what to do


Cruz Ramirez- Pansexual

Lizzie- Pansexual

Filmore (not pictured)- Pansexual

Doc Hudson (not pictured)- Pansexual

Natalie Certain (not pictured)- Pansexual

and of course…


-Miles Axlerod

-literally that’s it.

-maybe some lemons too.

and the characters i dont have headcanons for are most likely lgbt in my book too. whos gonna stop me.