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AU/Crossover: Holly leaves Margate, not allowing Karen to go with her. A year or so later Karen spots ‘Holly’ (Rose) with a man (The Doctor) and sees that 'Holly’ has moved on from her. 

Of course, this is Rose. If we’re saying that she and Holly are the same person, Rose isn’t actually Holly yet. Because this is Rose from 2005-ish. I’m going to say 2007 just to keep the ages about right (Rose is 19/20 here). I don’t know, I have a whole set of headcanons for this storyline so if you want to know just ask. 


Fake AH Crew || Heathens

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i know we’re just maybe

Summary: Jenny is out for a run when she quite literally runs into a pretty brunette artist and is immediately smitten.

Pairing: Jenny x Holly

Characters: Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter (Doctor Who), Holly Shawcross (True Love)

Note: This is for @studio-forty-two who requested Jenny x Holly after donating to @asmilelikestarlight‘s fundraiser. If you’d also like to prompt a ficlet, find more information on donating here!

Rating: all ages // Word Count: 893


“I’m so sorry!” Jenny babbled out, trying to gather the items that had scattered across the pavement when she’d bumped into someone turning the corner. “I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going!.”

“It’s alright,” the other woman assured her, voice soft.

Jenny looked up to take her first look at who she’d run into and promptly froze, the other woman’s collection of colored pencils clenched in her fist.

Oh. Oh. She was in so much trouble. The brunette who was brushing off the cover of a sketchbook and tucking it into her oversized bag was pretty in that delicate kind of way that always drew her in and tied her in knots.

She had big brown eyes and full lips and a button nose and her hair was a bit of a mess and Jenny knew she was about five minutes and a conversation away from being a complete goner.

“Are you sure?” she pressed, finding her words again as they both rose to their feet.

“I’m fine, nothing’s broken,” the brunette answered with a shy smile, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Her eyes met Jenny’s for the briefest moment before skittering away to her bag again.

“Here,” Jenny said, holding out the pencils in her hand. The other woman took them, fingers brushing unnecessarily along Jenny’s as she did so.

“Let me buy you a coffee,” Jenny blurted out. “As an apology.”

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Bruised Part 2 | Kolly Fanfiction

|Part 1|

This is Part 2! Trigger Warning: Rape. Should I write an extremely short epilogue?

Holly was curled up on their loveseat, a small cup of tea in her hands. The warmth of the cup was the only thing that brought her solace in the remains of what had happened to Karen. Her sweet, gentle Karen had been beaten and scarred by a disgusting young man. Holly’s body felt revolted at the thought of seeing Chris on top of Karen. An unmatched anger began to fill Holly’s chest, when suddenly she heard her floor creak.


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