holly sears

lizheda  asked:

Gail and Holly, first vacation.

A big thank you for the prompts, Liz! :D Here’s this one. Hope you enjoy! X

Gail fell to the bed—quite unceremoniously, face-first into the mattress with her arms above her head and feet dangling off the end, effectively planking it—clad in nothing but her softest pair of cotton underwear. She waited for her body to settle, for her small head-rush to ease. Then, with a soft breath and a minimal amount of effort, she groaned painfully into the comforter brushing uncomfortably against her raw cheek.

Her entire body burned, every inch of her skin tight and irritated and unusually warm. Even as she lay still, firmly determined to not fan the fire, it tingled, small flames licking excruciatingly up and down her entire body.

Convinced she’d stumbled into her own personal hell in the middle of paradise, she closed her eyes, willing the pain to go away, for her body to relax enough, to be tired enough to stop hurting.

In the background, the telltale squeak of a turning faucet was followed by a heavy splash of water. A second later—a momentary lull, and then the steady spray of a showerhead against tile and ceramic. Gail listened to the sound of the water, to the way it broke and moved as a body stepped in its path and began the dance of a lazy shower. She tried to focus on the beat as it shifted from dull to sharp and smacking and back again.

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