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Basic Wicca: An Introduction to Aspects

One topic that often confuses Wicca newbies is what aspects of the deities actually are, and what the term means. 

An Aspect is, in simple terms, a specific part of a deity that reflects certain elements of that deity within itself. Traditionally, Wicca has two deities (the Triple Goddess and the Horned God), who have three and two aspects respectively. 

The Triple Goddess

The Goddess (also known as the Lady), is often known as the triple goddess as a reflection of her aspects, and what they represent. The Goddess is a deity of moon and night, and her aspects are representative of that nature because the represent the phases of the moon. 

As the moon waxes from new to gibbous, the Goddess is in her Maiden aspect. This is also the aspect of late winter and spring. The Maiden represents childhood, innocence, young love, rebirth (especially after death), new fertility, the prospect of growth, and hope for the future. The things of springtime are the things of the Maiden, such as early-blooming flowers like daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses; eggs and milk; new leaves and buds; yearling meat from lambs and calves. 

From gibbous to gibbous, across the full moon, the Goddess is in her Mother aspect. This is also the aspect of summer and early autumn. The Mother represents maternal love, adulthood and growth, childbirth and childcaring, investments realised, care for others, and life flourishing. The things of summertime are the things of the Mother, such as harvested crops; fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers in bloom, fish and meat, leafy green branches, and other things of growth and summer.

As the moon wanes from gibbous to new, the Goddess is in her Crone Aspect until the cycle repeats. This is also the aspect of late autumn and winter. The Crone represents aging and the closing of one’s life, but also represents the past and contemplation, wisdom and knowledge, loss and death, and the chance of rebirth once more come the spring. The things of autumn are the things of the Crone, such as berries and nuts, late-ripening vegetables such as squash and pumpkins, fat and preserved foods, bulbs of flowers, garlic and the like.

Of course, the solar year cycle isn’t exact, and is dependent on what the life is doing at that time too. The Goddess is a deity of life and growth, and so if the summer hangs on late then so will the Mother, for example.

The Horned God

The God is traditionally depicted with two aspects that revolve around the solar cycle. They fight for dominance every 6 months, and create their respective seasons as they rule over the land. These are the Holly and Oaks Kings, who represent winter and summer respectively.

At the autumnal equinox, the Oak king has been banished underground to rejuvenate for his fight next year. The Holly king takes his throne, and rules over a land of cold and dying back for 3 whole months unchallenged. At Yule, the winter solstice, the Oak king’s power begins to wax as the Holly king’s power begins to wane, and by the vernal equinox the Oak king has risen from the ground, fought the Holly king, and banished him to lick his wounds for another 3 months underground. The Oak king rules for 3 months unchallenged, over a land of heat and growth, and at Litha his own power starts to fade. The two fight once more at Mabon, and the cycle starts over again.

The symbols of the Oak king are, of course, oaken branches laden with green leaves, often woven into a crown, but also all the trappings of summertime. The Oak king is sometimes equated with the Green Man of the Forest, with Lugh, and with Herne the Hunter (often thought to be a pagan deity who was “Christianised” into a ghost of Windsor Forest). 

The symbols of the Holly king are branches of fresh holly, often bearing red berries on green leaves, sometimes woven into a crown of their own. He is also represented by evergreen bows, commonly woven into a Yuletide wreath such as the ones we now associate with Christmas. He is sometimes equated to winter figures such as Jack Frost, Morozko, Old Man Winter, and the old Norse god Odin. He is also associated due to similar times with Father Christmas (Santa Claus).

river sweep away my memories of children’s things (a young mother’s love)

[papa hollis on laura & carmilla. loss is transcendent, to receive laura’s love is a beautiful thing. (so many fluffy/angsty feels yay).]


river sweep away my memories of children’s things (a young mother’s love)


broken sundown, fatherless showdown/ gun hip swollen lip bottle sip/ loose grip on reality falls/ sky blinding, crumbling walls
—cocorosie, ‘werewolf’


The only thing that you don’t like about Laura’s sexuality is that the world could want to hurt her more than it already would—than it already has. And Laura, you really think, reminds you so much—sometimes painfully—of her mother: she has her eyes, her laugh, the same scrunch of her nose when she’s frustrated. She’s grown strong and with a sense of humor that even something as gutting as losing her mother couldn’t take away. 

And you’d known she was a lesbian—which is the term she prefers, she told you, and you try hard to remember that—for a while before she told you after you’d helped her unpack her dorm for college. She’d smiled and said it so easily—“Dad, you know I’m gay”—and yeah, you did. 

You could only ever love her more every day. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

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it took me the whole day to draw that, but I did it!

Meet the most epic crossover ever? :D maybe?

So why did I decide to draw Holly and Ross as Mother 3 characters? Well, when I was watching Steam Train’s Undertale let’s play, there was this moment when Barry and Ross were talking about Mother 3. And since Mother 3 is one of my favourite games, I decided to do this art. Originally I wanted to draw Ross and Barry, but then I realized, that Holly would look great as Kumatora and Ross as Duster. So yeah, a little something that I did.

I hope my English is not that bad as I think it is.

P.S. I really think Ross has that face expression that says “can I go home now plz”

  • Laura: *does something cute*
  • Carmilla: *stares at her like she is the sun, the moon, and all the stars*
  • Lexa: *breaks down door* HEART EYES MOTHERFUCKER

These two letters to James in concert with one another are so funny to me.  What kind of game are you playing, Eliza?

May 11, 1827.

My Dear Son:

Your unremitting kindness and attentions, and in this last instance of providing for my comfort, demands my most ardent and affectionate thanks.  As I think my wants will not require your enclosed check until the autumn, let me say to you that when I shall require your goodness to aid me I will call upon you.  As all good acts are recorded in the habitation where your father now is, I have no doubt this one will be proclaimed to him, and have thus given him another motive to implore continued blessings upon you.  Amen, my dear son!

Your affectionate mother.


My Dear Son:

I thank you for your affectionate note of yesterday.  I wish you to Obtain in ___ the Money from your Brother and hand it over to Mr. Holly.

Affectionately your Mother

E. Hamilton

Let Little Eliza cum to my by your Sister.

May 31th, 1827


“I won’t need money from you until the fall.  [two weeks pass] But get that money your brother owes me and send it my way. xoxo mummy.”

baby girl picking thorns through the daffodils (i loved you all my life)

[as i’ve been commissioned by felixdawkins & turnandchasethewindfool’s gold (carmilla hsau) chapter 10 deleted scenes: laura’s, papa hollis’, & carmilla’s povs. canon compliant, guys. /// ao3.]


baby girl picking thorns through the daffodils (i loved you all my life)


i don’t want to go home with you, drive me just a little more/ you don’t have to say anything, just scoot closer to me/ stars light up the sky, telling me everything will be all right/ we move fast & slow
—MADE IN HEIGHTS, ‘viices’


“Did you know how they make corals for fish tanks?”

Carmilla is very adamant that apparently this is really cool knowledge, and you’re kind of confused as to why she knows a lot about fish tanks, but she’s holding your hand and for some reason it makes you feel infinitely better when you walk into the cafeteria, and she’s very into this. “No. How do they make them?”

She grins, and you frown when she drops her hand and gestures for you to stand in front of her in line, and you just grab a random tray from the middle of the selection because you’re paying a lot of attention to Carmilla.

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