holly morgan


P: “- Wow, your hair… you look beautiful”
M: “- Thanks, I’m not reallly used to it yet…*nervous laugh*  So what are you doing here?”
P: “- Work actually, I’m working on an article for San M’s travel guide, about the town’s festivals? I have to visit them all! *chuckles*
M: “- Sounds fun!”
P: “- …but hey, what about you? You’re the new muse for DiAggro! That’s pretty amazing, Lacey is ecstatic back home!”
M: “- Yeah, I don’t really know how that happend! Hehe”
They all had a great time, but around 1am when the bar closed, they had to rush to jump on the last subway.
Paolo suddenly felt like 13 and quickly said:
P: “- I’ll be here for 2 weeks… would like to hang out one day?”
M: -” I’m free tomorrow?”
P: “- Tomorrow.. Uhm, yeah I can shuffle some stuff around. Can I call you at noon?”
M: “- Sure!”
P: “- I have to go, Erroll is waiting for me, he lives just two blocks from here but he’s an old man, haha”
He kissed Morgan on her forehead and said good night.


Carmilla’s Elise Bauman skates circles around VGTV’s Sachie & @vmorganisdead’s Andy McQueen in this week’s #VGTVHosts!  

The Dean is Laura’s mom theory

Okay so since apparently the numerous logic jumps I made to come to this theory aren’t obvious to everyone I decided to explain myself.

Okay for the first obvious issue of vampires being dead and not able to reproduce, it’s said in the branded videos that vampires still gt their period so logistically at least some of them should be able to get pregnant.

Now as to why The Dean would want to have a child, well consider the two women she has as daughters, Carmilla who has outright moved against her in the past, more than once if you believe Mattie’s opening speech, an Mattie herself who has tried to kill her once and has to be bought off with the life in the Caribbean and position at Silas that The Dean got her. So as far as daughters go, The Dean probably wants one she can be assured that she has complete control of. What better way could she do that then by exploiting the western culture’s obsession with the importance of bio moms and making her own.

So she goes off one, non sacrifice, year with the intent to find a man who can give her a child that will be acceptable to her needs. She finds Mr Hollis and decides to woo him, they fall in love and get married and a couple years afterwards she pops out Laura, and here’s where things get kind of complicated, because The Dean has to raise Laura so that Laura loves her, but she has to keep Laura’s existence secret from her children, cause they probably aren’t going to be to welcoming to the new baby. Anyway so The dean is raising Laura in secret with Mr Hollis while keeping the vampires in the dark so she has to be at Silas so nobody things something is happening. At some point when Laura is a child, probably no older than 5 or 6, Mr Hollis finds out that The Dean is a vampire and a dangerous one at that, so he takes Laura and goes completely off the grid to keep the girl sheltered and safe. It explains the paranoia about tech and social media, plus him not wanting her to go to Silas.

At Silas there is little doubt that The dean eventually figured out who Laura really is, most likely after seeing her videos or seeing her at her room when she was interrogating Carmilla. So she decided to bring her lost child into the fold. Which explains the fear in Carmilla’s voice when Will goes to bite her, I mean yes, Carm did have a crush on her at that point but Laura had kept her tied up for a week and a half, so she probably wouldn’t have been that concerned if The Dean hadn’t told her that under no circumstances was she to fail at bringing the sacrifice to her this time. It also explains The Dean’s willingness to let Carmilla keep Laura alive if she stops the investigation.

So normally I would point out similar physical characteristics between The Dean and Laura to show parentage, but they never show her on screen except for a shadowed frame and the one descriptor  of her being like 6 feet tall, since height isn’t a single genetic trait, it’s incredibly not helpful in this, however in the one frame she’s kind of in The Dean appears to have the same dirty blonde hair that Laura does, and blonde hair is a recessive trait, so it does help the idea that The Dean could be Laura’s mom. 

Now consider Laura’s personality versus that of what we’re told about her dad. Laura is incredibly driven and focused on doing what she perceives as the right thing, cutting loose anyone who isn’t helping her move forward. Which to me sounds like a less murdery version of The Dean. What we’re told of her dad he’s paranoid, overly cautious, so clearly Laura mostly takes after her mom. 

Also one last thing to consider is that in nearly every culture who believes in it says that possession is easier when the person doing the possession takes over a relative, and The Dean walked around in Laura pretty confidently.


H: “- Wasn’t Danny supposed to be here?”
M: “- He’s on his way, he just texted me”
H: “- So you guys are like a couple now? Did you drop that photographer you always talked about?”
M: “- We were never a couple …and think he has a girlfriend now…”
H: “- Look! There is Sean!”
M: “ - The tall dude from the other night?”
S: “- Ladies”
H: “- Hi Sean, I woudn’t take you for a stroll-in-the-park sim?”
M: “- It seems like you really like him?”
H: “- Yeah, he’s funny and sexy.. but you know, old…over thirty. He’s gonna call me after his gig”
H: “- Nope, I have to rush… Say hello to your cute little boooyfriend for me!”

(Park lot: the super pretty Newcrest Park by moony-cat)