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Cinderella transformation dress for the cosplay contest at G6 where I won 1st place! This was the practise run through about an hour before hand!


I finally got to wear my Belle ball gown that I’ve been working so hard on for months. Saturday of MCM was a dream come true. Belle was my favourite Disney princess growing up and I always wanted this dress.

I was so thrilled to win the masquerade cosplay contest as Belle on Saturday.

I was counting up my cosplays from the very first to the most recent, I have done 22 cosplays of 16 different characters.

Cinderella: ballet, burlesque, slumber party, classic transformation and love action.
Belle: classic and burlesque.
Nightbird - Glee.
Dalton Academy Warbler - Glee.
Quinn Fabray Gaga - Glee.
Sue Sylvester - Glee: tracksuit and wedding.
Chummy - Call The Midwife.
Elizabeth Swann - Pirates of the Caribbean.
Baymax - Big Hero 6.
Elsa - Frozen.
Mary Poppins.
Ariel - The Little Mermaid.
Rapunzel - Tangled.
Bug - Starship, a Starkid Production.