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Honestly if someone ever loves me this much that they fix their lipstick, countdown the minutes til I come, their world stops, look & smile at me like this. JEZUS id be the happiest/luckiest girl in the world 😭

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
- Romans 8:1

One more-Allison smut


Request :  Allison is talking to reader about her break up with Scott and things get hot, they have sex and then they get caught by someone.

A/N : hello. it is my first time writing gril x girl so please be tolerant. 

Warning : smut.

‘’ I just…it feels like I just need a break…’’ Allison mumbled bringing the cup close to her lips again.

‘’ that’s okay. Understandable’’ you smiled at her drinking some more yourself.

‘’do you think he’ll ever be able to forgive me ?’’ She then looked at you.

‘’ I think he already has..’’ you whispered smiling again, readjusting yourself on the couch.

Allison’s eyes focused on yours, a tiny sparkle in them.

‘’maybe you should stop drinking Al.’’ you said kindly trying to remove the cup from her hands. She protested with a few whines, and you got closer in an attempt to get hold of it. You both soon started giggling as the whole thing turned into a fight of who will eventually get hold of the cup.

Allison, wasn’t feeling well, She felt guilty. For ending things like that with Scott. And even the tiniest victory could mean so much to her, which is why she desperately needed to beat you at that game. Snatch the cup out of your hands and be announced a winner. She thought it would be nice, winning at something. For once.

To take you by surprise she smiled a devilish smile and squeezed your boob, causing you to jump up in surprise and let go of the cup. She raised it up in the air laughing.

‘’HEY ! Not fair !’’ you cried getting closer to her, stretching your hands up to reach the cup. Allison looked down at you while laughing.

She looked at you and then she all of a sudden stop laughing. Your smile faded as well. You stared back at her trying to figure out what was happening until you noticed she was focused on your lips.  Realizing that, and becoming conscious of them, you licked them once thinking something might be onto them. As soon as you wetted them with your tongue, Allison’s eyes looked up to yours. Her own lips parted.

You were always close to Allison. She’d always been there for you, but this was the first time you’d ever sensed your breath being caught in your lungs while looking at her.

Your bodies were impossibly close due to the cup fight, so when her chest rose as she took in a deep breath you felt your own body shivering.  

‘I..um..’’ your eyes looked to her lips then her eyes then her lips again.

‘’ I think I am a bit tipsy..’’ you admitted with a short giggle at the end of the phrase.

Allison was still looking at you , her expression being hard to read. Then you felt some part of your body vibrating and it took you more than a few seconds to realize it was your knee, where Allison’s hand was placed. It felt as if your knee was burning. As if you wanted to shake your leg, cause her hand to move rather than just staying there. The longer it stayed stable, the more you pressed your legs to the floor trying not to move them. She realized you were staring at her hand and her fingers fidgeted against your skin. Then very slowly, as if not certain of what she was doing she started brushing them against you. Moving her hand further up until it reached your thigh.

‘’ Allison..i ..i’ve never done anything like that.’’ You whispered looking at her eyes terrified. Terrified of the fact that even though you were saying something like that you wanted her to continue.

She chuckled , dimples forming on her cheeks.

‘’ neither have I’’she whispered and her hand moved further up, beneath your dress, and above the fabric of your panties.

You both took in a deep breath at the contact, parting your lips while staring at each other, Both amazed at how wet you were.

She softly moved her fingers against your core, rubbing you through the fabric. You squeezed your thighs trapping her hand in between them. And then she found enough confidence, to use her other hand, place it on your cheek as you both leaned it. Your lips brushing, feeling the soft skin of her mouth that tasted like watermelon. She licked on your lower lip which caused shivers down your spine as her tongue found yours. The kiss intensified, while you moved in sync, almost swallowing each other not wanting your lips to be alone.

Her hand moved again and you leaned backwards, lying on the couch. Allison smiled against the kiss and pulled away to look into your eyes.

‘’ this is so incredibly awesome’’ she exclaimed at what she was feeling as she was touching you. Allison knew how to touch you, where you wanted her hands , and how you needed them to move. She lowered her head giggling above your dress as your stomach vibrated. Then she lowered herself even more, placing a soft kiss on your inner thigh. A tingling sensation building up inside of you in anticipation.

You felt her nose brusing against your panties as she slowly dragged them down and you lifted your legs for them to be disposed.

She looked up at you and very quickly gave a lick on you core. Then she pulled away. Getting rid of her shirt. You felt yourself needed more ofher tongue as your hands made their way to her hair, pushing her down on you.

She sucked on your clit and kissed your wet centre before forcing her tongue in you.

‘OH GOD !’’ you let out arching your back. All of your dress had gathered on your stomach, as Allison had lifted it enough to expose your pussy and you had lowered it enough to expose your bare chest., You massaged your tits, adding to the pleasure Allison was giving you. You rolled your hips against her face as she kept on sucking, occasionalymoaning so that the sound of her voice would vibrate through you.

She brought her thin hands to your thighs pushing you down as she sucked you.

‘’ Allison’’ you moaned out and felt her smirking against you. She raised her head and hovered over you, kissing your neck. You managed to unclasp her bra. Her tits against yours felt so good. Her hard nipples caressing your skin giving you goosebumps.

‘’fuck me’’ you whispered against her hair. She pulled away, got up and lowered her jeans, taking off her panties, standing completely naked infront of you. You sucked in your stomach at the sight of hers biting your lip.

She approached you. You lifted your self, supporting your weight on your elbows. Then Allison parted your legs, seeing your pink wet swollen core. She sat next to your legs, parting hers as well. Your left thigh climbed onto her as you tangled your legs bringing your centre closer to hers. And then you felt it.


Wet, against your own. Her bottom lips brushing against yours as you both started rolling your hips. Rubbing yourself against her own core. She held onto your knee, pusing herself harder onto you, rubbing faster. You could feel her clit on your lips and your clit on hers. Moving, rubbing.,

‘’CHRIST’’ Allison let out as she pushed harder. Her hands caressed her own body as she squeezed her tits. Your allowed your head to fall back and moan in pleasure. Your centres were burning up. You picked up the pace, pushing harder and harder, rolling your hips faster and faster needing more

‘’ Fuck’’ you let out in a cry as you felt your climax approaching.

‘’Mhh’’  Allison said in a whine as your bodies were moving too fast  now.

Then the door opened.

‘’ Holly mother fucking Jesus and all Saints !!!’’ Isaac mumbled, frozen at the sight infront of him. You both widened your eyes, unable to move, change position without revealing even more to him. He stared at your tits, then Allison’s. then he brought his lips inbetween his mouth and raised his hands in defense.


‘’ Isaac, I can explain..’’ Allison whispered and he chuckled shaking his head as if not believing.

‘’ who cares ?’’ he asked loudly than he intended to.

‘’ got room for one more ?’’ he questioned and you tossed a pillow at him.


Noir Nocturne ~ Part 1: To Remake Our Lives Chapter 1: Welcome to the 30s

Claire had screamed in the fog because it felt as though someone had grabbed her arm. She felt a moment of panic as she looked around herself and realized there was no one there to do so. “Get a grip, you are tired and not thinking straight!” she surprisingly said out loud. Then she heard the ethereal singing and felt the peculiar sensation of time doubling back on itself. She heard a loud buzzing and felt the sensation of falling, even though she remained upright.

She knew it was happening again, but she was nowhere near the stones. How was it possible? Were there druids nearby? Why were there yellow lights in the forest coming towards her? The thoughts were rushing through her mind. It was true, she wanted to get back to her own time, even though she knew she would miss Jamie. It was still her intention to get to the stones and go. But this wasn’t that. She felt what seemed to be a strong push on her back and screamed again. She just had time to feel regret about not finding a way to let Jamie know she was sorry and then she knew nothing else.

She awoke in the twilight and knew at once that she was not alone. She could hear labored breathing to her right and what sounded like mechanical thumping from an indeterminate distance. There was what felt like sand on her face and hands and she could smell a nearly overwhelming odor of sage. Confused and still not able to draw more than one or two coherent thoughts together, she opened her eyes.

She forced them to stay open when she realized what she was seeing as she could barely believe it. Several hundred feet above her on a steep slope she saw a sight she never expected to see in her lifetime. An enormous flashing sign was spelling out HOLLY…… WOOD…… LAND.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! HOLLYWOODLAND! She was in California. Los Angeles to be exact. She only knew it to be so from motion pictures she had seen and at this moment it seemed as unreal as when she had seen the Redcoats in the woods on her first journey through time. She had come forward and moved thousands of miles as well, but when? Was it her time?

There was coughing and rustling to the left of her now. She would have to address her questions after she found out who was in distress to the right of her and then give aid if needed to whomever was to the left. She turned over and began to crawl into what looked to be a hedge of round sage bushes. A full moon was rising and she had enough light to make out the form of a man lying flat on his back. He was breathing easier, so there wasn’t immediate danger to him that she could tell.

An electric shock passed from her head to her toes when she saw that it was Dougal. She shakily stood and made her way across the sandy ground to see Angus was the one who was coughing, but he too was lying flat and seemed to be alright. Several feet over from him was Murtagh and Great God in heaven next to him was Jamie.

She fell to her knees to check his pulse. It was strong and steady. They all just seemed to be suffering the effects of time travel and were in a deep sleep. Only Dougal’s breathing had troubled her. She kissed Jamie’s forehead and made her way back to Dougal in time to see him cross himself and begin to sit up.

“Dougal, rest now, just lie back for a moment while I see to the others” she whispered.


Ok so today I helped an old lady in the bus since she was having issues getting in it and the guy driving was kind of an animal, when I helped her with the stairs while leaving the bus she smiled at me and told me “you where the angel god send me to help me in this trip” and like? Jesus holly crackers I don’t even believe in a deity and that just made my fucking day.

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Hows about "The books that I keep by my bed are full of your stories" ? Since you left me to write then I thought I should help the cause.

What’s it been - 30 years since I got this prompt? Sorry Luce - I am lazy like that.
Well this was a rather specific prompt wasn’t it.

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