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So, a while ago, the Wiki community has conducted several blogs to vote for favorite female characters, male characters and ships. Here are the results. 

It’s always interesting how different sites for the same shows favor different things. The top ten are:


1. Liberty Van Zandt (Winner, Queen of Degrassi)

2. Bianca De Sousa

3. Zoe Rivas

4. Manny Santos

5. Anya MacPherson

6. Fiona Coyne

7. Holly J. Sinclair

8. Paige Michalchuck

9. Shay Powers

10. Maya Matlin


1. Miles Hollingsworth (Winner, King of Degrassi)

2. Adam Torres

3. Marco Del Rossi

4. Campbell Saunders

5. Jimmy Brooks

6. Sean Cameron

7. J.T. Yorke

8. Spinner Mason

9. Tiny Bell

10. Mike Dallas


1. J.T. and Liberty (Winners)

2. Sean and Emma

3. Miles and Maya

4. Jay and Manny

5. Campbell and Maya

6. Tiny and Shay

7. Zoe and Rasha

8. Peter and Darcy

9. Paige and Alex

10. Fiona and Imogen