holly is bored

Hi my name’s Anthony Lockwood and I’ve had more near-death experiences than your grandfather HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s George Cubbins and I tell jokes during cases to cover up the fact that I’m scared as shit HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Lucy Carlyle and I left Lockwood & Co. because I thought it’d be the best way to solve problems but in reality it backfired HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Holly Munro and I’ve cleaned the dishes before you even eaten on them HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Skull and tell death threats to everyone because I’m lonely HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Quill Kipps and I make fun of people because I basically gave up on life HUHHHHHHH

Hi my name’s Penelope Fittes and I like to screw around with the Lockwood & Co. kids because I have nothing better to do HUHHHHHHH

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young money millionaire ;)

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The signs as GailxHolly quotes
  • ARIES: "You know what though, we could go back as the big, gay distraction."
  • TAURUS: "I mean we tell each other stuff right? That's what's so great, us hanging out, and I- I guess that's when I heard what was happening I just thought that I should come down here, and I don't know, just make sure you're okay or something."
  • GEMINI: "It's not gonna kill you to try something new."
  • CANCER: "I miss you." "What about your somebody else?" "We broke up. She said I wasn't over my ex."
  • LEO: "Thanks. That was fun. Plus one forever."
  • VIRGO: "Doesn't the courier usually bring that stuff over?" "Yeah, he was sick, or something."
  • LIBRA: "I don't wanna end up a sad sorry woman who threw away the most wonderful person she's ever met."
  • SCORPIO: "Hey Lunchbox, you're not allowed down there."
  • SAGITTARIUS: "I'm sorry. You just- You just had to stop talking."
  • CAPRICORN: "Holly, I'm like a cat. I'm very good at climbing trees and in the minute I get up there I have no idea what to do, I wanna get down but I don't know how to do that so, I create, an emergency situation, to get out of it."
  • AQUARIUS: "Not exactly a fairy tale. Still kinda beautiful though."
  • PISCES: "You are insane, you know that right?"
Forming Jontron

//Jontron reminds me of Sugilite. So enjoy this thing.//

Amethyst: Sorry, but we need a Holly at least…THIS strong for this job!

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Steven:  It’s all the me I could be!

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Pearl:  Arin, we could be here all day taking out of these pillars individually.

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Amethyst:  Ugh, I hate it when you’re right. You get this look on your face…

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Amethyst: Yeah. That’s the one.

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Pearl: What we need is a well thought out plan-

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Garnet: No. What we need is Jontron. Arin, fuse with me.

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Amethyst & Pearl: WHAAAT?!

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Amethyst: Yeah! Let’s mash it up! Bigger, badder, better! Ohohohohoho!

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Steven: Hold your horses! Are…you guys going to become a gem fusion?!

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Pearl: WAIT! (pauses) Dan, think about this. You and Arin can be a little… eheh…unstable when your personalities combine. We need to be careful! Fuse with me, instead.

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Garnet: We don’t need to be careful. We just need to be huge.

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Amethyst: Oh, yeah! Let’s wreck this joint!

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Sugilite:  Hahahahaha! I forgot how GREAT it feels to be me!

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Steven: That’s Jontron?

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Sugilite: You got it, baby!

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I got bored and I was watching this. Guess what I found.

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