holly howard


The present representing the past. Black music will always be important. To us and to the world. We shaped the musical landscape, and the legends who paved the way will never be forgotten. 

Gloria Alphabet - Update 50

Gloria cried every waking moment.

Howard decided to learn how to cook!

Gloria headed to the graveyard to manage the dead.

Then, she raked up all the fallen leaves.

Howard called his girlfriend to ask her out on a date.

They headed to the park together, but oh no! She was an adult!

They still had a great conversation, though.

Then, they went to a movie together.

They couldn’t share a goodnight kiss before they parted ways.

It wasn’t a great date, but it wasn’t bad either.

ok but why the fuck, why the actual living fuck would howard make these kinds of inventions

why would he create a gas that makes people brutally murder each other

why would he create a vest-bomb that’s impossible to deactivate

i mean what kind of sick fuck creates these things and why the fuck did he keep them? knowing the full extent of the horror and slaughter that could come about he continues making these hideous inventions and just stores them in a vault for safe keeping????

fuck you, howard. you better fucking own up to everything you’ve done, you better make things right. your son was able to do it, why can’t you?

Please say “Hello!” to Hector, Holly, Howard, and Haymitch. They’re exchange Hyenas. 

They like Batman the Animated Series, swimming pools, and behaving like perfect little boys and girls.