holly hatter

I post this slightly different version of the meme because nobody had posted it before. I know the show isn’t about Royals and Rebels anymore but I really wanted to see a chart like this 😝. It is based only on their behaving on the wepisodes, not the bios. Feel free to discuss if you agree or not 😊

EAH: Back To School

This new line announce the new look of Ever After High. Bye-bye the fairytale look which makes dream us and hello to a look more modern! It’s just a bit sadly when you know what Mattel did for Ever After High at the begining but I understand why they did that; this is more adapted at the money they can put on Ever After High now. But this new look can face to the Disney Descendants dolls from Hasbro?

Only bad point; this line is clearly and totally inspired by the movie “Barbie Princess Charm School” (2011). The dolls come with recycled accessories: a computer (from Vanity Couch of Apple White) and a stack of book (from Ginger Breadhouse Book Party)… but without that, this line is royally cool!

Of course, Madeline Hatter is my favorite! She’s super cute! *w* I love her dress and her crown. I don’t know if the boots was used before (by a Briar or Rosabella’s doll)

Holly O’Hair is very cute too! I love her new look! *w* I don’t remember if we had her shoes in an other line before. Check out the new brushes included with the EAH dolls! I just noticed that Holly didn’t have a long hair like her other dolls…

And Meeshell Mermaid… I think she’s pretty… and ugly! I don’t know why. Maybe ‘cause this is her first doll since her Basic doll or ‘cause I think this sporty-uniform style is not her style. Maybe this dress was first to Bunny Blanc, I think this look is more her style: the shoes have an British style with a bunny tail and there is a clock in the shirt’s pocket. =/

And look at, Meeshell wears the first Ever After High’s logo on her shirt! (And the headband is Poppy’s one!)

The signs as Ever After High characters :

Aries: Courtly Jester

Daring Charming

Taurus: Alistair Wonderland

Apple White

Duchess Swan

Meeshell Mermaid

Gemini: Poppy and Holly O'Hair

Kitty Cheshire

Madeline Hatter

Cancer: Cedar Wood

Humphrey Dumpty

Ramona Badwolf

Leo: Melody Piper

Briar Beauty

Virgo: Blondie Lockes

Rosabella Beauty

Libra: Ashlynn Ella

Farrah Goodfairy

Scorpio: Cerise Hood

Crystal Winter

Faybelle Thorn

Sagittarius:  Raven Queen

Jillian Beanstalk

Capricorn: Lizzie Hearts

 Sparrow Hood

Justine Dancer

Aquarius: C.A. Cupid

Darling Charming

Bunny Blanc

Ginger Breadhouse

Dexter Charming

Pisces:Hunter Huntsman

Hopper Croakington

Nina Thumbell